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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, October 05, 2009

It is my one month anniversary and one month before we celebrate the third anniversary of Peace Globes.

Are you working on your Peace Globe yet? Did you mention Peace Globes in a post today?

Y'all have readers who might not know about this campaign. Who may have never read the story about the origins of the BlogBlast For Peace...a simple story about a blue marble sitting in a bowl that inspired the beginning of Peace Globes.

This was my first Peace Globe...very the point

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Last Wednesday, I posted the following on my Facebook status, "Vinny Marini is sure he would not be bored if he hit the Powerball tonight."

Well, I did not win or else y'all would have heard about it.

The responses to that status were pretty similar, most saying something to the effect of "I would be there to help you"...etc etc...

A week or so ago, JAY of "Cynical Bas**ard" talked about Arkansas finally having scratch-off lottery tickets and plans to get involved in one of the multi-state lotteries that are held around the country (Powerball or Megamillions).

Only six states do not participate in one of those two lotteries - they are Nevada (surprising since they are the leader in gambling here in the US), Utah (well I guess Mormons do not gamble), Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama.

If you look at the map, interestingly enough, the six states border each other in groups of three. Is this a coincidence? I don't know...

Do you participate in a 'national lottery'? I do buy a ticket for the two Powerball drawings (Wednesday & Saturday) each week and play two games. One game is a set of numbers that have meaning and the other game, I allow the computer to select via quick-pick.

Now, I have won some money here and there, in fact when I was in MA I won a couple of thousand. Now over the years, I am probably on the negative side of the ledger, but the thought of hitting a jackpot (which starts at $20-million after someone wins),keeps me coming back.

Now, if you do participate, do you have a plan for your winnings (and I am only talking about if you hit a big jackpot of $20-million or more)? Do you select the cash option or the annuity option. For those of you who do not play, with the annuity option you get the entire winning prize, but it is paid out over the course of 20 years or so. If you select the cash option, you end up with one lump sum payment, but you only get about 40% of the entire total.

For me, I take the cash option. I don't need the company/states earning the interest on the money, because I can do that.

I have thought about a plan if/when I do hit the big one. Of course family will be rewarded with mortgages paid off and a nice big family trip. I would also love to throw a big old party for my special friends.

But beyond that for the last 4 years or so, I have thought about a foundation I would love to start. The idea began formulating after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast and Matt was involved in a drive to collect baseball equipment for Little Leagues that had lost everything.

Baseball gloves, bats, catcher's equipment and other basics of the game were put together and through the Little League offices in Williamsport, PA, the material was sent to those leagues that were devastated. The hope was that the kids could fins some sense in normality in a game they loved.

I have also read articles about other leagues in the mid-west who lost their fields to flooding and tornadoes...ESPN did a report months ago about a town that had lost it's fields and were in the midst of rebuilding when the financial crisis hit and their funding dried up. The fields partially built and the kids not having a place to play.

The show Extreme Home Makeover even went into Boynton Beach, FL to rebuild a baseball field after Hurricane Wilma destroyed it. So there is precedence for what I have planned, but never has it been the sole purpose of an organization.

The foundation I someday hope to start would address these tragedies. Yes, I know that if a baseball field is lost, most likely so is a soccer pitch or a football field. And the foundation would address those issues also, but because of my love for baseball, the main thrust would be to help rebuild baseball diamonds in areas affected by storms or those that have been neglected due to financial problems.

I have written down ideas as they have come to me, so if/when I have the financial ability I can hit the ground running. In fact, I already have a name for the foundation and the idea for a logo.

The name came to me immediately after the idea was sparked in my brain. It just seems so logical. My hope is, that by stating it here, I do not lose the name to someone else, but then again, if someone who has the financial ability to begin this foundation happens to read this (like THAT would ever happen), and decides to jump on this idea and even adopts the name, well then I guess my dream would come true - whether I was involved or not.

The foundation would be called the "Diamonds Out Of The Rough Foundation". There are days when I can feel - to the bottom of my core - that this idea will come to fruition someday...I don't see how without the winning of a lottery...I do not have any ultra-rich relatives who would be leaving me an inheritance, I do not have even enough financial stability to quit my job and go on a campaign to find backers to begin the this dream lingers on in my mind.

Do you have a in which you have the ability to change your life and the lives of others?

Do you have ideas for me to help put "Diamonds Out Of The Rough" into existence? If you do, please share with me...remember this is not to find financial success for me...but to assist those in need...CHILDREN in need of a place to be outside and participating in team sports.

How is that for my first true post in almost a month?

17 Of Your Sparks

  1. Ken Says:
  2. Great idea. I don't follow sports as a rule but I couldn't imagine being a kid and NOT having someplace to play baseball. I almost wish you could do something more UNorganised get kids themselves to group together and play. I don't feel that's happening these days as much, it's like parents HAVE to DRIVE their kids everywhere.
    Remember the lots and fields of any neighborhood where all you had to do was show up with a glove and you'd be playing, no matter what your age?

  3. MICKEY-T: Kids would rather stay inside and play video games than go out to the local lot with their gloves and without parents driving them to organized sports, they would never play.

  4. ...phfunny you would mention this...remember the show The Millionaire? where the guy would annonymously give a check for a million bucks to someone different each week? Well, I always wanted to roam from town to town and find a kids ball team and completely outfit them with uniforms and gear, etc. Annonymously. How cool would that be? for your posting? Durn good, sir...

  5. PHFRANKIE: Loved that show and love the idea...See I am just taking it one step further...but maybe starting small is the way to go.

  6. Jay Says:
  7. Arkansas chose to join the Powerball and the lotto part will start at the end of October. I was kind of hoping they would join Mega Millions, that way I could get a Mega ticket here, and drive up to Missouri to get a Powerball ticket. But, they decided that when the Powerball is a bigger payout, people will drive to surrounding states and buy those tickets and not buy Mega tickets. They didn't consider the Mega being much bigger and people driving from surrounding states to buy OUR tickets. Cause they're slow.

    Anyway, I kind of have a rough plan for my winning the Powerball. I too want to start a foundation, but I don't want it to be for anything specific. I want it to be able to step in help out worthy organizations when they need it.

    Like if a local women's abuse shelter is in danger of closing or is in need, I would like for my foundation to step in and make them solvent. Or when a small town is in need of a new fire truck, we could purchase one for them. Or if a small school wants to send their high school band to Washington for the inauguration, we could cover whatever they can't raise on their own. Stuff like that.

    Oh, and I would want to do it anonymously.

  8. JAY: That is a wonderful plan...I absolutely love it...
    The DOOTR Foundation would go in and do the deeds, but I would be totally in the background...I always imagined the opening of the new complex with some 'face' representing the foundation and I could be standing in the crowd just soaking it in...without anyone knowing who I was.

  9. Well my reply to this mornings email should make my dreams clear enough =)

    If I were wealthy I would most likely spend half the year in Africa working with AIDS organizations and the other half in the US in the Dirty South being a sloth. And working for Habitat or something :P

    How bout if I win I help you with your foundation for those 6 months =)

  10. You can't lose if you don't play. :) Happy month!

  11. Travis Cody Says:
  12. I've had a similar thought about contributing money to youth sports. I never considered a foundation, but part of any large sum of money I'd win would go to youth sports organizations.

    You have my promise that should I come into a tremendous sum of money, your DOOTR Foundation would get a chunk of it.

  13. Ralph Says:
  14. I would that the largesse of winning would allow me to do unto others in a big way. Homeless shelters, non-profits (like where I work), winter heating oil giveaways, and so on. I like to think that I would have the the best of intentions with such wealth to be more noble. more giving.

    Yet my concern is that I would lose all the nobility I could have should I actually win. Would the money change me 180 degrees from my intentions - would a humanly selfish wave take over. I would hate to think that mere money would have my personality to give - that i could be compelled to not give?

    Not that I expect to win anytime soon...

  15. STARR: It certainly does...adn your thoughts are wonderful also

    BUD: LOL BUT ya gotta be in it to win it

    TRAVIS: Great thoughts also and I would ask you to be a part of the foundation if you contributed

    RALPH: Well, by putting this out there, I am not compelled to follow through, though I do not think I would change that greatly. Having had money and then losing it in my past - I would hope I learned my lesson.

  16. katherine. Says:
  17. until that big jackpot is won....

    If you could get a couple major league managers/coaches involved...maybe parlay it into one project per major league team. Maybe do a little research find out if one of them grew up or went to college in a devastated area.

    Wouldn't all have to be in natural-disaster-striken areas. Lots of other "rough" areas.

    Might be a good time coming into the off season. Wonder what Ueberroth is up to these days....he may be looking forward to another way to serve?

    If I won millions? The family taken care of for sure. I'd do an anonymous gifting to specific individuals. But for the most part I'd contribute to the aftercare of the victims of human trafficking and the efforts being made by organizations such as "Restore International" "IJM" and "Not for Sale"

  18. Dang, I'm so tired and in pain (don't ask) that I can put together coherent thoughts very well. Suffice it to say, there are lots of uses to which I would put large amounts of cash, one of which should be pretty obvious.

    Regarding your foundation idea, there are endowment programs that are set up to do what Jay has said he'd be interested in doing if he won the big bucks. Some of them contribute to all sorts of non-profits and foundations - arts, sports, social service, etc. There are ways of researching these endowment funds, but for the life of me, I can't think of ways to pass on to you right now without blowing a cranial circuit.

    Oh, and I'd take a cash payout, too, if I won the Lottery (we have Power Ball here). I definitely think hubby and I can take care of our own taxes and finding shrewd ways of investing.

  19. They have brought up the idea of a lottery here in Alabama for a vote on a couple of occasions. Unfortunately, the one time it had a chance to pass, the bill was so poorly organized with little if any accountability for spending the money that it failed.

    I play in Georgia and Tennessee whenever I'm there. I've never won more than $7.

    As for what I would do if I won the big prize, I'd take care of bills, help my family and make some donations to charity.

  20. KATHERINE: Excellent ideas and if I had not made it clear...I have always considered inner-city fields to be a priority

    SONGBIRD: hate to hear you are in pain my friend...thanks for the thoughts

    SOUTHERN: Most states use it for educational purposes...

  21. Tug Says:
  22. Wow, I can't believe it's been a month already!

    I love your idea, but would have no idea how to get it off the ground. I'd love to have a ranch full of horses, cows, etc. and spend part of the time with inner city kids that barely see grass, much less wide open spaces & animals camping there, and part time with kids with cancer and other diseases using the horses for therapy.

  23. Dana Says:
  24. Oh Vinny! What a wonderful dream! Sometimes, those little things - like a place to play ball - can make the greatest impact.

    Mine? To work with "at risk" teens. I have a HUGE soft spot for them - one that comes from being able to look past the facade at the heart underneath. One that knows most kids want to do good - to be good - but don't have anyone who believes in them.

    Yes ... it's a dream ...


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