Well Wishes - Peace - Buds - Cremations?

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So listen - I wanna take some time out here to send good wishes to Matt-Man...the guy has been ailing and finally went to the hospital and was admitted yesterday.

As of 6:33pm CDT, he is resting and on oxygen and antibiotics with full on pneumonia

Get better soon Matt-Man...

Time is ticking away as we get closer to the third anniversary of BlogBlast For Peace.

I have been asked to help someone else with a globe - this time an old friend from college who is only FB, but does not blog! So that is cool...

Hoping this is going to be the best there has been!

Peace Globes can be found on Facebook and Twitter and Bloggers Unite and iPeace


Model and reality television star Adrianne Curry is now a celebrity blogger for DailyBuds and advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana.

She is widely known as the first winner of the reality television series America’s Next Top Model and for being married to Christopher Knight, who portrayed Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch, after meeting on the show Surreal Life and starring together on My Fair Brady.

Elizabeth Fournier is the the mortician at the funeral home in Boring, Oregon. She may be THE Boring mortician but she is far from being a boring mortician.
She is the author of “All Men Are Cremated Equal – My 77 Blind Dates” and will cremate one luck caller live on the air!


So You’re Cremated . . . Now What?
Would you like to distribute your earthly remains by being packed into fireworks and have them shot into space? How about turning your final remains into a real diamond or cast into a pink flamingo lawn sculpture? By knowing your options, you can be in the director’s chair for your life’s grand finale.
Jesse Kalfel, author of So You’re Cremated – Now What? will introduce his new book and provide insights about a serious topic in a lighthearted manner.

All that, plus:
  • Reality Allie” is this week’s fill in guest host
  • Shawn Amos returns with another GetBack.com Pop Culture IQ
  • and we’ll take your calls at 646-652-4804

Sorry - Leaf Peeping Pictures tomorrow...

9 Of Your Sparks

  1. TopChamp Says:
  2. hmmm... not sure about doin the peace globe this year. Might do. No reason not to I suppose. Ok I'll do it.

    Get well soon, Mat-Man!

    I have NEVER met a blogger in real life, though I hope to meet a very cool Guider who blogs soon.

    Have a good show!

  3. Dana Says:
  4. Is is odd that I've done research on what can be done with cremated remains? I'm going for the living reef!

    Little known fact - the reverend who "married" Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight also "married" my husband and I. So there *wink*

  5. ...you forgot to mention they have him on an IV of Wild irish Rose...

  6. An IV of WIR for Matty might actually do the trick. Or not.

  7. Dianne Says:
  8. LOL at an IV of WIR

    Get well Matty!!
    Cool of you to mention him

    I'm really interested in the after cremation book - thanks for turning me on to it

  9. katherine. Says:
  10. oh that Mateo...

    I had decided about a year ago that my ashes will be incorporated into a limited series of paperweights.

    I even know who will being doing them...well as long as he out lives me...

    medical marijuana...we are pretty big on that here...its be legal for evah

  11. Adrianne Curry? Impressive.

  12. Patti Says:
  13. I love Katherine's plans for her ashes. Too funny.

    All my best to your friend Matt-Man. I hope he gets well soon and gets out of the hospital.

    I'm missing something with the cremation talk. I am late to the party again.

  14. TOPCHAMP: YAY for doing it! thanks

    DANA: I just wanna be put into the Caribbean...OOO so, no longer a little known fact..why not call in and tell her!

    PHFRANKIE: let's hope he just gets better

    SONGBIRD: I think or not!

    DIANNE: Come by tonight and listen

    KATHERINE: That is cool idea...I like where you live!

    SOUTHERN: Yeah...well i don't book em but I get to talk to them!

    PATTI: The cremation talk came from our guests on the Radio happy Hour


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