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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, November 03, 2009


I hope I see y'all out there helping the cause.

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Next year I think we need to put together a web page and as each globe comes in, we mark it on the map with a little globe! HEY COOL!

SO, even if you still question if this has any legs to it - check out the number of Globes posted throughout the WWW and follow along with Queen Mimi.

Have you checked out TRAVIS of “Trav’s Thoughts” site today for your Dancing With The Stars review?

It is crazy right now with DWTS and SYTYCD clashing against each other - but Travis keeps you straight. Who toed the line and who mis-stepped? Let The Dancing Silly Guy tell y'all about it.

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I have been hit and miss with putting up posts specifically for Ruby Tuesday and for that I apologize. Mary/The Teach has really created a phenomenon with this little meme...

This is from Saturday at the Liberty Bowl here in Memphis. The BandMasters Championship was held on that day.

Nancy's son Ernie plays the mellophone and is most excellent at it. There is a solo in the middle of their program for the mellophone and Ernie and another senior swap off playing. Ernie played in the competition where the Lewisburg HS Marching Band won the Mississippi AAAA Championship a few weeks back.

On Saturday the other senior played. The band came in 7th overall, out of 26 bands. They placed 2nd in their grouping and were one of 9 bands to receive a Superior Rating on their performance.

Congrats to all the members of the band.

This was taken with my 500mm lens. It was tough as, by the time they performed, the field was half in shadow and half in glaring sunlight. I need to practice that stuff more! Ernie is in the center (of course!)


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20 Of Your Sparks

  1. DrillerAA09 Says:
  2. Excellent Ruby Tuesday photo. I've been to a couple of these band competitions and they can really be fun. The make for a L O N G day, but some of the bands are outstanding.

  3. It will be better to have them win at home...

  4. Jay Says:
  5. Congrats to Ernie and his band mates!

    I'm ready for the Series to be over now. I'm not rooting for the Yankees, but I was hoping Philly would bring in Lidge in the 9th last night so he could choke it away and finish the thing off.

  6. Travis Cody Says:
  7. Congratulations to Ernie! I remember my coach made us all go to band competitions. He said the band was there every Friday to support us, so we needed to support the band.

    It was so much fun that we started going without being told.

    And my sister marched in the color guard, so I even went to competitions after graduation. It's a long day at a band competition, but it's well worth going.

  8. Miranda Says:
  9. Congrats to Ernie! Nice RT!!

  10. ...I wanna play the mellophone!...

  11. DRILLER: Well, honestly we did not pend the whole day. We went for about 2.5 hours...had things to do and it was real close.

    BUD: Tis true Sir

    JAY: Thanks - well hopefully it will be tomorrow...

    TRAVIS: Smart coach! Nancy was a dancer in HS and College...

    JUST ME: Thanks

    PHFRANKIE: Practice practice practice

  12. Congrats to Ernie and the Band!

    I have to give True Blood another try. That and The Dollhouse. Thank goodness for netflix!

  13. Kudos to Ernie and the band. And I think you did a remarkable job on the photo considering the handicaps of lighting and movement. Keep shooting, and I know you'll nail the perfect photo one day.

    My globe is ready, but as to my post in general? I'm still....wordless. I'm taking a day of rest today; perhaps I'll find inspiration.

  14. katherine. Says:
  15. I missed all of DWTS due to the Series...and MNF and BBT. Next stop is Trav to catch up.

    the stepdad thing seems to be working

  16. Schmoop Says:
  17. Few things in life sound better than a kick ass marching bad. Cheers Vin!!

  18. Patti Says:
  19. Both of our kids were in band in high school, and they marched in Memorial Day parades.

    Now in college they are both in the pep band, which plays at basketball games. No marching; no football team. ;-)

    Ernie looks great in the uniform! I can see you had some tough lighting to contend with.

    Thanks for stopping by my humble blog, Vinny. Happy RT.

  20. 500mm lens, huh? Very nice.

  21. Dianne Says:
  22. that's a great shot Vin!!
    I think the light and shadow adds to its beauty but I can see where it was hard to capture

    Congrats to Ernie, he's a handsome kid - that Nancy has good genes :)

  23. STARR: I loves me True Blood...Dollhouse, nah

    SONGBIRD: Thanks and I will keep trying..I have some words - not sure they are the right words...

    KATHERINE: DWTS is on TiVo, but I went to Travis' and read what not sure I will watch it

    MATT-MAN: Very true...and welcome back to the living

    PATTI: I love coming by your blog and it is no more humble than mine

    SOUTHERN: Yuppers...from the package I bought...tough to work with have to get used to it and the filters it came with

    DIANNE: Thank you ma'am She does have grand genes...

  24. I gave up on Dollhouse after 2 episodes but apparently those two were not the greatest. I am giving it another shot based on friend recommendations. I want to get True Blood and have a day with it. I think I might like it better if I could view it all at once.

  25. Ralph Says:
  26. You captured the band quite well. Any blurriness you see only indicates motion, because as we see, the sky and band move nicely at the same time and in unison. A brilliant ruby capture!

  27. eileeninmd Says:
  28. Fun post and photos, I love the marching band.

  29. Maggie Moo Says:
  30. That's a fantastic shot of the band!! Congrats, too!! :)

  31. Dana Says:
  32. Are the Yankees still playing?? *wink*

    My high school didn't have a marching band. It wasn't until I got to college that I was able to discover how fun that sport it! CONGRATULATIONS Ernie!


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