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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, November 02, 2009

The Lewisburg Patriot Marching Band took 2nd in their grouping on Saturday. There were some 10 schools in their group, so they should be very proud.

I have quite a few photos but will share tomorrow, as there was some RUBY to be seen!

Peace Globes are done...well designed. There is still time for you to do one and participate this Thursday. Hope this works today...

As you may - or may not have noticed, we have not been doing music posts on Monday's for the last month or so.

Well, after the week of music when we were away on the honeymoon, and the overall lack of interest, I decided to take a break.

I do have a couple of new CDs I will be reviewing next Monday for y' a Christmas CD, the other and CD by an band many of you will know.

Barbra Streisand’s album Love Is the Answer - hit No.1 on October 12th on both sides of the Atlantic- a first in her career. This is Streisand’s first studio album in four years - a collection of intimate jazz standards produced by Diana Krall.

Motion City Soundtrack are giving fans a holiday season treat this year when they spend three nights at Chicago’s newest venue – Lincoln Hall – in December. The band will be taking a look back at their seven year career when they perform their first three albums in their entirety over three separate nights – I Am the Movie on the 18th, Commit This to Memory on the 19th and Even if it Kills Me on the 20th. Tickets will go on sale on Friday October 23rd at 12pm and fans will be able to buy a three show pass for $49.99 and a single show ticket for $20. For more information you can visit the band’s web site HERE and the venue’s web site HERE

It was only a matter of time before Slayer's lyrics leapt off the printed page and made their wanton way to the visual medium. The band's discography is gorged with tales of mass murderers, serial sadists and drooling deviants of every stripe - vicious mental cases just begging for a cinematic reception.

Enter Metalocalypse director and big-time Slayer fan Mark Brooks who created a 20-minute DVD titled Playing with Dolls, a 12-episode video-graphic novel that will be included exclusively in Slayer's World Painted Blood Deluxe Edition, out November 3 in tandem with the World Painted Blood Standard Edition. Inspired by the songs on World Painted Blood - in particular, Jeff Hanneman's "Playing With Dolls" from which the horror short takes its title - the film blends elements of animation and still-photography into a visual style similar to that of a graphic novel. A trailer for the short has just been posted at
The soundtrack for the Playing With Dolls short features clips from all 11 of the songs on World Painted Blood; in addition, the music bed for Episode #7 is taken from "Atrocity Vendor," a new song that is not on the album.

9 Of Your Sparks

  1. guess is you are particulary proud of your baseball team this morning...hell of a game...looooooves me some Babs!...

  2. Dianne Says:
  3. is the winning marching band your town?

    I love me some Babs too!!

  4. Jay Says:
  5. I actually didn't know that Babs had a new CD out. Or that it was #1. Good for her.

    Produced by Diana Krall? Mmmmm Diana Krall. Me loves her.

    I called the Lidge choke job on twitter last night. All the Philly phans were all fired up and I was like "Yeah, but Lidge is on the mound so you know what that means." And then he choked. (Not to take anything away from A-Rod who delivered AGAIN.) Then? The Philly phans weren't talking anymore. Weird, huh?

  6. PHFRANKIE: feeling good about my team indeed...

    DIANNE: It is Nancy's son's band, yes..and they came in second

    JAY: Yuppers...Babs is hot again
    See real Yankee fans do not gloat, because we know that
    1) winning is done with class and dignity
    2) your gloating can come back and bite you in the ass quickly

  7. katherine. Says:
  8. That is really cool about the band!

    I saw an interview recently with Ms Streisand. Amazing talent.

  9. Slayer RAWKS!!!

  10. Travis Cody Says:
  11. I think I'm finally getting close to my words for Thursday. Still don't have a fully formed idea, but I have the basics.

    I enjoy the music posts. Maybe you can bring back some Tuesday Tunes once in awhile.

  12. KATHERINE: She is indeed

    STARR: You think? really?

    TRAVIS: That might be an idea ...

  13. Dana Says:
  14. I am *not* looking forward to the holidays ... except for Christmas music! I am a huge fan and look forward to your review!


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