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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Tomorrow is the day...

The Bloggosphere will BEE buzzzzzzzzzzing...

Facebook will BEE buzzzzzzzzzzing...

I hope to see Peace Globes on many of your blogs...

I hope to see Peace Globes all over the internet...

Tonight is game 6 of the 2009 World Series. The hated NY Yankees v. the beloved Philadelphia Phillies.

Turning back the clock a few years with Andy Pettitte pitching againt Pedro Martinez, he once of the Red Sox, now of the Phillies.

He of the infamous quote after a loss during the 2004 regular season to the New York Yankees, a frustrated Martinez told reporters, "What can I say? I tip my hat and call the Yankees my daddy."

Since then the chant in Yankee Stadium has been "Who's Your Daddy?"

Martinez is also infamous to NY Yankee fans as the player who threw Coach Don Zimmer to the ground during a 2003 bench clearing brawl at Fenway Park. Zimmer was a spry 72 years old when big bad Pedro targeted him out of all the people on the field.

Pedro is also the last surviving human to use Jheri-Curl on his hair...

I find it funny there are so many Phillies fans. They have come out of the woodwork...It is taking on mythical proportion in the same way the Red Sox Nation came into being in 2004.

And why oh why is this occurring? Basically because the team in the other dugout is the New York Yankees. The 'Evil Empire' as Larry Lucchino, one of the owners of the Boston Red Sox dubbed them a few years back.

As a life-long Yankee fan I have dealt with this since I was a kid. Even growing up in the New York area, there were people who loved the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers having followed their teams after they moved across the country.

Then when the Mets came into being, there was the split between Yankee and Met fans. It was a serious Grand Canyon size split.

Since the 70's when free agency came into effect, the Yankees are even more hated. By people all over the country. Why? Because the Yankees have always been the team with the financial ability to add players when they need.

Now, this has not always worked out so well for the team. There have been many free-agent busts over the years. Sometimes it is because the 'management' of the team is so screwed up they could not identify a decent player if it were packaged up and handed to them.

SIDE-NOTE: Look at the two most recent streaks of NY Yankee success. The 1976-1978 Yankees were a collection of players put together during a time when Mr. Steinbrenner was suspended from MLB for 15 months across 1975-76 because of shady donations to the campaign of one straight-arrow politician, Richard Nixon.

The 1996-2001 Yankees...put together when Mr. Steinbrenner was suspended from MLB from 1990-93 for paying small time gambler Howie Spira $40,000.00 on his star Dave Winfield after Winfield sued Steinbrenner for not making a contribution to his foundation which was stipulated in Winfield's contract.

This is not coincidence. Mr. Steinbrenner has always surrounded himself with sycophants who are more concerned with his approval than making sound baseball decisions.

At other times the busts have been because the player in question could not handle the glare of playing in the Big Apple.

Much has been made of the free-agent signing of this year. C.C. Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and A.J. Burnett. People say "OH they have to win this year after spending all that extra money".

Let's put that aside. The Yankee's actually cut over $7-million in salaries from 2008 to 1009 by not resigning Mike Mussina ($11M in '08), Carl Pavano ($10M in '08 - see above player busts), Jason Giambi (21M in '08), and Bobby Abreu (about $16M in '08).

Now, the Yankee's, by spending the money they do pay a "Luxury Tax". This is calculated at 40% of any amount over $155-million. Last year the only other team that had to pay this luxury tax was the Detroit Tigers.

The money from the tax isn't distributed to smaller market teams to promote competitive balance. Instead, it goes into an 'Industry Growth Fund' that MLB uses for player benefits and to promote the growth of baseball around the world. Money is distributed to smaller revenue teams, but that money comes from MLB's revenue sharing program, which is entirely separate and independent of the luxury tax.

But if you look at the historical data from the 'smaller market teams' you will see that these teams do not use the money they receive to try and upgrade their players. Instead the money ends up in the owners pockets.

Go on and hate the Yankees because they use the rules better than most. The old adage of you need to spend money to make money is evident here. In 1972 George Steinbrenner and his collection of minority owners bought the NY Yankees for $10-million from the CBS Corporation.

Forbes now values the team and its assets a $1.5-Billion. How did they do this? They made sure they had the players to stay competitive.

Again, it has not always worked and recently some of those 'small market teams' have gotten to and won the World Series - Tampa Bay, Arizona, Colorado Rockies, Florida Marlins to name a few. The Cleveland Indians tried to tie up a bunch of young talent in the early 90's and had much success, but when the players got to the time of free agency, the Indians began their fire sale.

Look at the two pitchers in game 1 of this year's World Series. Both C.C. and Cliff Lee were both Indians just last year.

And look at what happened in Florida. After they won the Series in 2003 with a collection of great young talent they began a fire sale and those players are now all over the league.

Finally, this team is not a bunch of hired guns as some think. 45% of the team is home-grown. They came through the Yankee farm system. Look at your teams roster and see how well they do with growing their team organically.

I root for my Yankees. I have always tried not to gloat when they are wining. I owned season tickets during the 80's when the team was not very good. I remember those days. The struggles the team went through internally.

It can change in a heartbeat.

When they win, I will celebrate their victory. When they lose I suffer their losses.

I am a fan.

21 Of Your Sparks

  1. DrillerAA09 Says:
  2. I grew up as a Yankee fan. They were the only game in town, even in Oklahoma. "The Mick", Good 'ol Yogi, Whitey, Bill Skowron, Bobby Rihardson, Tony Kubeck, Clete Boyer, Roger Maris, Elson Howard, and Johnny Blancard...what a crew.

  3. ...all well and good, sir. However, one cannot entirely escape the 'David and Goliath' aspect when ANY team plays the Yankees, and therin, perhaps, lies the crux of the bisquit: we love to see the giant fall.

    ...especially Andy Pettitt...

    ...looking foreward to a most enjoyable game!...

  4. Ken Says:
  5. Go Red Sox!

  6. DRILLERAA: In Oklahoma, the Mick was a hero...That was some team of players

    PHFRANKIE: Well, if it is that simple, then so be it. Andy Pettitte however, it confounds me as to your dislike of him

    MICKEY-T: A true fan...

  7. BeckEye Says:
  8. Go Phils!

    Being from Pittsburgh, I never thought I'd say that, but I don't follow baseball anymore anyway. I do still hate the Yankees though, merely because they exist.

  9. Schmoop Says:
  10. Rooting for the Yankees to win the WS is like going to a casino and rooting for the house. Cheers!!

  11. Jay Says:
  12. "Zimmer was a spry 72 years old when big bad Pedro targeted him out of all the people on the field."

    A little historical revisionism?

    That's an interesting way to remember that incident. I mean, Zimmer comes running out of the Yankees dugout on the opposite side of the field, runs around home plate and then charges right at Pedro who was standing between the first base line and the Sox dugout. That isn't exactly Pedro "targeting" Zimmer. Yeah, Pedro could have just grabbed the old man and held on and let others come and get him and not throw him to the ground, but you make it sound like Pedro went running after Zimmer. It was the other way around.

    That reminds me of my favorite Bill Walton moment as an announcer. Back in the day Reggie Miller and Michael Jordon got into on the court. Jordan actually put both hands around Millers neck in an attempt to choke him.

    Walton was doing color commentary on the game and when they showed the replay he says "As you see here, Reggie Miller was impeding Jordan's attempt to run down the court." LOL ;-)

  13. BECKEYE: "because they exist"...I love the reasoning there Beck...

    MATT-MAN: Is it now? really? And how is that? How? Did you read my post? Any team could do what they do...any team.

    JAY: ummm...well...ummm...he did not have to throw him to the ground...
    I do remember the Walton comment!

  14. ...because he wins, dammit...he wins...and I don't like the way he peers ove that black glove, either!..

  15. PHFRANKIE: You know what? That is a good reason (the winning part - not the peering part)

  16. Vinny, I know what you mean about Bloomberg (he scares you). I'm not looking for a King to rule NYC. But the city has been so good and so safe and clean etc. I just thought he could do us some good for another 4 years... He won't get away with another 4 believe me! :)

  17. katherine. Says:
  18. Seriously...whenever the Yankees make a great hit, run, or play I think of you. I have probably never watched a Yankee/Phillie game until the series. And other than your Peace of mind and Nancy's ease of wifedom...I really don't care.

    HOWEVER I honor you being a fan. I feel the same way about my Giants...although maybe not as fiercely as my daughter.

    So for you....Go Yankees.

  19. MARY: yeah...he is just a scary guy and he forces his own moral conscious on the city IMHO

    KATHERINE: LOL I appreciate your thinking of me and for caring about Nancy's wifedom. She is learning a new side of me during this playoff/World Series run...
    Fan does come from fanatic...and we all have our degrees.

  20. I certainly admire your loyalty and dedication to the Yankees, and I have the utmost respect for your opinions - even though I disagree with some of your points.

    For instance, with just 45 percent of the current roster having come up through the Yankees' farm system, that means 55 percent have come either by trade or free agency. In my mind, those are "hired guns."

    I also don't think it's fair to compare C.C. Sabathia and Cliff Lee. Lee was traded; Sabathia left the Indians for the highest bidder.

    But, it is what it is. Until Major League Baseball comes up with a legitimate salary cap and does something to enforce it other than this "luxury tax," this will never change.

    Out of curiosity, how many consecutive years have the Yankees had the highest payroll in the league?

  21. One other thing ... I also have to agree with Jay on the Pedro Martinez - Don Zimmer incident. It certainly was not a case of Martinez hunting down Zimmer among the other participants in the melee.

    I, for one, never understood why a man of Zimmer's age was out there in the middle of that in the first place.

  22. I want the Yankees to win so I can have my freakin shows back :P

    I saw that dudes is indeed juicy.

  23. Travis Cody Says:
  24. Well, yeah...but it's just easier and more fun for people to hate on the Yankees cause they spend all the money. Don't ruin it for some of them with your logic and well researched facts.

    Besides, it's not really about how much you spend but how well you spend it. I'm less bothered by the spending than I am a team like Florida that wins with young talent and then gets rid of it to put a cheaper and sub-standard product on the field for the fans. And that franchise did it twice!

    Good luck tonight!

  25. Mimi Lenox Says:

    Go Yankees!

  27. Daryl Says:
  28. Happy for you ...

  29. I love the idea of the worker bees, each doing their bit!

    Thanks for your visit.

  30. Thank you for your kind wishes Mr Bond, may you have a peaceful day, too bad Ft Hood screwed up my wish.


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