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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, November 12, 2009

Take two...I began to write off the cuff just now and got about two paragraphs in and had no idea where I was going - or why I had even started the words I put on the screen.

We are all ready - well almost all ready - for our Yard Sale this Saturday.

Took out a 4-line ad in the local paper for Thursday and Saturday...

Have signs that will go up on the main roads at either end of the road we live off...The garage is set up with shelves containing items of like price... Buckets of sporting equipment all at different price levels...Clothing for sale...Electronics...Furniture...

Now we need some decent weather - i.e. no rain, and people! LOL

Anything that is left at the end of the day will end up on a Salvation Army or Goodwill Truck.

Big doings in the Mayer household...

John Mayer will kick off a North American tour beginning February 8th in Charleston, SC and feature special guest, Michael Franti & Spearhead in support of his about to drop Battle Studies.

Tickets for the majority of dates are planned to go on sale to the general public on Nov. 21.

Something very cool on this day after Veteran's Day, Fuse TV today announced that their “Fuse Presents: John Mayer Live From the Beacon Theatre,” broadcast will now be sent to U.S. troops and their families by AFN, The American Forces Network, to reach those stationed in 175 countries and on 140 U.S. Navy ships at sea.

Mayer’s performance will air live on Fuse, in HD and SD, on November 17th at 9pm ET in the U.S. and will be simulcast live that night via AFN Radio. Additionally, AFN Television’s “Spectrum” channel will air the concert on December 6, 2009 at 8pm and on New Year’s Eve.

I have begun a new project. Mom Joan and Dad Vince sent me over 500 slides that encompasses most of their life together.

I am scanning and creating a slide show that will be burned to DVD for them. This is a massive project that will take a few months to get done and then I can continue on working on the wedding DVD I am scripting.

On top of that, I am still digitizing the music, working on the cassette collection at the moment.

Then I will re-tackle the vinyl...good thing I quit smoking since this all will take me quite a while and eventually I want to be able to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

See y'all tomorrow folks!

17 Of Your Sparks

  1. DrillerAA09 Says:
  2. You're going to enjoy doing that slide show. Last night I sat down with dad and went through some of his WWII memorabilia. There were newspaper articles about his ship that answered a lot of questions that I had about his experiences. I am scanning those and will put the originals in laminate to preserve for the great grandcrew. It is a great experience.

  3. ...we'll just have to call you "The Digitalizanator"....

  4. LAC Says:
  5. Holy smokes... no pun intended. You are going to be a very busy boy. But what better time for great indoor projects like that then the upcoming winter! Can I send you my vinyl collection to digitize? Haha.

  6. DRILLERAA: OH I am enjoying already

    PHFRANKIE: OOO a beans

    SHUTTERBUG: How many pieces of vinyl? Send them on!

  7. Jay Says:
  8. So our brave men and women of the armed forces are stationed in some of the crappy places on Earth. And how do we repay them? By sending them a John Mayer concert. Don't they have it tough enough without being subjected to that? So wrong.

    I would go see Michael Franti and then leave before Mayer came on stage. ;-)

  9. Mama Zen Says:
  10. Good luck with the garage sale!

  11. BeckEye Says:
  12. John Mayer makes me want to punch babies.

  13. JAY: Either love the man or hate the man it seems

    MAMA: Thanks

    BECKEYE: him or hate him...

  14. Anndi Says:
  15. I tried to pronounce Phfrankie's digithingy and my tongue stopped working. Isn't a nickname supposed to be easy?

    That slide project sounds like fun.

  16. ANNDI: repeat after me...


  17. Dianne Says:
  18. I think I'm going to buy me one of those photo to digital thingies for my birthday/Christmas

    I am the keeper of all the photos going back to my Nana

    Have fun creating the DVDs

    and good luck with the yard sale

  19. DIANNE: A good scanner will do slides and photos and also gives you the ability to copy and Fax - I love my HP all in one

  20. Patti Says:
  21. wow, Vinny, are you going to be busy, with all the digitizalization (sp?).

    Did I just make up a word?

    Good luck at the yard sale. People like low prices, just sayin'


  22. Mimi Lenox Says:
  23. I learned once upon a yard sale time to never bring the stuff back in the house. Salvation Army is a perfect plan.
    Good luck.
    Take pictures for us....

  24. Travis Cody Says:
  25. What a cool project to work on for your folks. And you remind me of the massive photo project I have yet to get organized.

    Good luck with the yard sale.

  26. Good luck with the yard/garage sale. They are a lot of work, and I'm too lazy to work that hard, so we just donate everything to our parish for the quarterly rummage sales. We get rid of the stuff, they make money off of it, and everyone's happy. I wish you lots of luck with your sale.

    I think the slide project will be a wonderful experience for you. It's something you can share with Nancy, and then you two can share it with your parents. It's a definite WIN.

  27. amynoroom Says:
  28. I just bought tix today for John Mayer in Charlottsville, VA in March! I cannot wait!!!


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