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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, December 04, 2009

When did this practice of putting loved one's pictures or names on your car window after they pass away?

I do not remember ever seeing this when I lived above the Mason-Dixon line, but it is VERY common down here in the South.

Do people do this where you live?

What is your impression of this practice?

I heard another theory on the “Tiger Incident” today and thought…’how do people come up with this s**t?’

The theory is that Elin found out about the other women and while Tiger was sleeping she began to beat him upside the head.

Tiger woke and fought off her blows and then realized he had to come up with some excuse for the bloodied lip and bruises, so he got in the car and purposely crashed it to account for the wounds…

There are concussions in football. WHAT? You didn’t know that?

You thought that all those men could play a game where you band and crash and knock and tackle and concussions would not exist?

Now there are teammates who complain when players with concussions do not play…

You know if doctors begin making all the decisions on who plays and who does not – the first thing that will happen is players will try and lie and cheat their way around the tests so that they can play.

Secondly, half the league will be on IR if doctors stop all players who have gotten knocked around from playing.

What to do? Better helmets? Well there are bigger helmets, but then the players will begin to look like The great Gazoo and no one wants that…do they?

Change the rules on tackles? You try and hold up on making tackles and there will be more injuries than we have today.

Rule that if a player has more than 3 concussions in a season they are sidelined? This might make sense if you can really determine the concussion occurred.

Congratulations to Mr. Derek Jeter of the NY Yankees for being named Sports Illustrated Sportsman Of The Year. The first NY Yankee to be given that honor in the 55 years of the award (it is as old as I).

Mr. Jeter is one of the good guys in sports. He has never been in trouble…no stories of him drunk in a stories of hookers or drugs…never accused of slapping a woman around...plays every game hard...has respect for his opponents...

The man now owns 5 World Series rings…Off the field he began his TURN 2 FOUNDATION in 1996, whose goal is to “To create and support signature programs and activities that motivate young people to turn away from drugs and alcohol and "TURN 2" healthy lifestyles.”

He had an MVP caliber year, but once again he was not given that honor by MLBWA (the only major honor he has never won). That award went to the well deserving Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins.

BUT, Jeter had one hell of a year:
  • He batted .334, ranking him third in the AL
  • On Sept. 11, he passed Lou Gehrig's franchise mark for base hits, which now stands at 2,747.
  • He led the American League by reaching base 289 times,
  • He finished second in the league in hits (212),
  • He was third in on-base percentage (.406)
  • He was fourth in runs (107)
  • He was eighth in stolen bases (30)
  • He was named an All-Star for the 10th time, including the sixth time as a starter
  • He won his fourth AL Silver Slugger as the best hitting shortstop in the league
  • He earned his fourth Gold Glove as the league's top defensive shortstop.
  • In 15 postseason games he batted .344 with a .432 on-base percentage, three home runs and six RBIs.
  • He batted .407 in the World Series.
Additionally, this year Jeter was named the American League recipient of the Hank Aaron Award, given to the best hitter in each league, and was also the winner of the Roberto Clemente Award, given to the player who best displays skill on the field while giving back to the community off it.

With all of the drama athletes’ display today, Derek Jeter is a true Sportsman. I know many people who despise the Yankees…but to a person they all say “but how can you not admire #2, Derek Jeter”…He is one of the good guys.

Lastly, did you see this play in college football...?

Really, even if you hate football check this out.

Florida State's offensive line has been taught to not move from their stances if the opposing team comes across the line too early. This past weekend, it appears that Zebrie Sanders had been conditioned a little too well.

Now it looks like the ball was hiked too early, but there was never a whistle and the play went on all around the guy and watch!



22 Of Your Sparks

  1. DrillerAA09 Says:
  2. Vince, I have spent my entire life living and traveling the south, and I have never heard of the tradition that you mentioned. Maybe it's a Memphis thing. I have seen road side memorials everywhere. That seems a little awkward to me as well.
    Maybe the player already had three false start penalties on him that day and was not about to get no. 4! Maybe he's suffering from a concussion. Very funny.

  3. Schmoop Says:
  4. The practice you mentioned has sprung up here in Bagwine (Ohio) recently. I don't get it either.

    While I loathe the Yankees, I have always liked Derek Jeter. He just goes out and plays the game with minimum off field drama.

    Recently retired and future Hall of Famer Craig Biggio did the same the thing for years and because of that, Jeter and Biggio are two of my fave ball players. Cheers!!

  5. Travis Cody Says:
  6. Concussions are serious business. I can guarantee that any player who has ever suffered one isn't among those questioning why a player with one isn't back on the field quicker. Medical statistics indicate that once you've had one, you are much more susceptible to another.

    Perhaps retired players who are suffering lingering affects from concussions should make the rounds of pre-season camps so all active players can truly understand what multiple concussive injuries can really do to your future health.

    Remember back in the day when the phrase used to be "he just got his bell rung"? A lot of those guys who got their bells rung are really suffering now.

  7. The car "memorials" has been prevalent here for many years. I can't remember when I first started seeing them. Originally they were used only to honor law enforcement and firefighters who perished in the line of duty, but now every Tom, Dick, and Jake who has been run over, rolled a car, or been the subject of road rage is memorialized on the backs of cars. The roadside memorials are very prevalent here, too. I understand this is Hispanic in origin; hence, the reason for the abundance of them here.

    Concussions in football will be debated for a long time. I think the new guideline for getting outside, independent medical opinion is a good one, but ultimately, the player has to be truthful about the symptoms they are experience. Kurt Warner says it's a lose/lose battle; if he thinks about protecting himself for the sake of his health and family, then his teammates think he's soft and blame him for losses. If he plays with symptoms to look tough and not let down his team, then runs the risk of permanent damage. Ugh.

    As for that offensive lineman, maybe he was afraid of a false start call. Still, that explains a LOT about why the 'Noles are so dismal and why Bobby Bowden has overstayed his usefulness.

  8. Unknown Says:
  9. ...his strategy must have been to just hang out and wait for someone to run into him, you know, like Tiger did to the tree...obviously a confused individual...

  10. DrillerAA09 Says:
  11. On second thought, maybe that FSU lineman is suffering the after affects of a concussion....just sayin'.

  12. DRILLER: It is kind of odd to s4ee those memorials

    MATT-MAN: see , like I said - loathe the Yankees...admire Jeter
    I know people who know Biggio and he is a truly a good guy also

    TRAVIS: Agree they are serious business and if we look at the retired players who are suffering - imagine those playing today where everyone is so much bigger and the hits are so much harder.

    SONGBIRD: Honestly I see them more on Hispanic and African American driven vehicles then on Caucasian.
    The O-lineman took the lesson too far me thinks

    PHFRANKIE: LOLOL yes, you could be correct Sir

    DRILLER: He was suffering from something indeed.

  13. DRILLER: It is kind of odd to s4ee those memorials

    MATT-MAN: see , like I said - loathe the Yankees...admire Jeter
    I know people who know Biggio and he is a truly a good guy also

    TRAVIS: Agree they are serious business and if we look at the retired players who are suffering - imagine those playing today where everyone is so much bigger and the hits are so much harder.

    SONGBIRD: Honestly I see them more on Hispanic and African American driven vehicles then on Caucasian.
    The O-lineman took the lesson too far me thinks

    PHFRANKIE: LOLOL yes, you could be correct Sir

    DRILLER: He was suffering from something indeed.

  14. Anonymous Says:
  15. North of the Mason-Dixon and yes, we have it here too. The memory tribute on your car seems to be an infesting plague that is taking over the nation.

    Makes me depressed while I am driving to work, thinking about all these dead people...

  16. LAC Says:
  17. I have started to see an increase in the auto tributes. I just saw one yesterday in honor of the driver's father who was killed by a drunk driver last year. I think its sweet they want the world to know what they've lost, but I also think its a bit tacky.

    Do you have the roadside memorials in your neck of the woods? You know the crosses, balloons, flowers laid at the exact sight of a fatal accident along the highway? They seem to be just as popular around these parts too.

    have a great weekend!

  18. EMERGING: I understand it is very strange indeed

    SHUTTERBUG: It is just too morbid for me...yes we have the roadside tributes..those I have seen for years and kind of get them more than the car tributes.

  19. Jay Says:
  20. I've never seen these memorial decals on cars around here. But, I will start looking. It's kind of a strange thing.

    I wish I could come up with something bad to say about Jeter, but I can't. The least he could do is get his ass kicked by a girlfriend or maybe a DUI. Come on dude! Give us something! LOL

    As for concussions and other injuries, I've always looked at the NFL differently than college or high school. The NFL is a business and they're getting paid lots and lots. They are going to take more risks because of that. But, in college and high school I think that doctors should have the final say on whether an injured player sits out or not. Not the players or coaches.

  21. Mimi Lenox Says:
  22. I see car memories. Yep I do.
    Tattoos usually match! And they are very colorful. It is common practice in the deep dark south. My opinion? None of my business.

    I love Jeter. A true man. Honorable.

    Never had a concussion myself which is totally surprising since I fall down.


  23. Mimi Lenox Says:
  24. My son has a memorial tattoo that means everything to him. ..but it is not the person's name.....just a symbol. When I first saw my baby with tattoos I said, "I did not birth you this way!!"

    But then I got over it.
    He explained the significance and I cried. That boy is deep in ways I can't even fathom sometimes.

  25. katherine. Says:
  26. ah tattoo is representative of a Tiffany window at the MMofA called Magnolias and Irises. It also has the kanji symbol of "younger brother" in memorial. My own Mama was ticked off when she saw it...until I told her what the symbol meant...then she cried.

    The small altars with flowers, crosses, and other mementos are VERY prevalent in Hispanic culture. Typically located at the location a loved one died. The roadside ones break my heart. I'm guessing if they are starting to appear where people live...the Hispanic demographic is on the rise.

    The stickers on the car have been pretty big here for a long time. It started with a young professional surfer who was killed and it was in the "never forget" theme.

    Sticker businesses are everywhere now. Anything on a computer can be made into a sticker or decal for less than a dollar per inch.

    People mourn and grieve in very different ways. If they want to put a sticker on their window, that is their way. I'm okay with that.

  27. katherine. Says:
  28. oh...and heartfelt congrats to Mr. Jeter...well deserved.

  29. Maggie Moo Says:
  30. I have to say that I've seen names on car windows around here in NE-mainly in inner city areas though. I don't understand it. It's weird.

    While I do not *love* the Yankees (I don't despise them either) I do have to say I admire Jeter. He has, so far, provent to be very respectful and I love players like that. He deserves it!!

  31. JAY: Look and I bet you see them...he has a hot girlfriend..maybe you should consider her! As for the concussions, I like how you think.

    MIMI: Matt always talked about a tattoo and I used to just say 'make sure it means something real special, cause it will always be there'

    KATHERINE: Again..mean something...OK
    We have the roadside memorials and I do get those...

    MAGS: thanks for your point of opinion

  32. Dianne Says:
  33. Jeter is a class act.

    I have started to see the names on car windows, at first I wasn't sure what but then I realized when I saw one inside a heart and under it the words - in my heart forever.

    A variation of this started up here right after 9/11. Could that be where/when it started.

    I guess if it makes a person feel better fine, I don't get it.

    I also don't get the endless offering of flowers and candles at the scene of every car accident around here although I always wonder if seeing it makes people drive safer.

  34. Patti Says:
  35. Never have seen the car memorials.
    We have those roadside memorials all over the place here, at the scene of fatal accidents.

    Actually I had to take a photo of one for the paper, then it didn't get used. II was able to post it with the story on one of our paper's blogs.

    It was a double memorial - at the guardrail then down an incline where the teens smacked into a tree.

  36. Meribah Says:
  37. **Hops onto the couch** I'm baaaack! LOL :P
    I've never even heard about putting pics of dead loved ones on cars. Sounds kinda weird to me, but what do I know? I'm only a crazy puppy lady! :D

  38. Lu' Says:
  39. I haven't seen the pictures on vehicles. I've seen 1 or two cars with names and R.I.P. on them. Mostly folks here get carried away with the roadside memorials at the scene of the accident. I say carried away but then me not being the grieving one, what do I know.


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