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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It really is a pain when your busiest time of year coincides with the Christmas season. It is official, I will be in Dallas, on press, the week between Christmas and new Years. I should be home sometime New Year's Eve afternoon.

Then I will have two more trips; the first week in February and the first week in March.

It will be a quiet Christmas here in Olive Branch anyway. We thought long and hard about taking a trip to one of my family functions, as the boys are with their dad this year, but financially it did not make sense.

We are getting together with Nancy's family on accommodate everyone being able to do 'both sides' of their respective families.

What are your plans?

New Year's Eve will be quiet after the last two years, 2008/9 here with our dinner party and 2007/8 up with our most wonderful friend Turnbaby.

But that is OK also...We have a few bottles of Champagne left over from the wedding and one very special bottle of the we are all set...

Hope to get around to your sites today...we shall see...

This week on Dr. Blogstein’s
Radio Happy Hour

Sultry and soulful songstress Chevonne is giving us all the gift of new holiday classics.

Her 4-track EP “Unwrap Me,” featuring the tunes “Single Bells“, “Ball Drop“, “I Hung a Mistletoe” and the Hanukkah love song “My Menorah” (below), will turn the world of holiday music upside down and redefine the tired genre.

We’ll play clips of each of Chevonne’s four songs and the audience will decide which they want to hear in its entirety at the end of the program.

Anthony Lucidonio Jr., better known as Tony Luke Jr., is not only a famous Philadelphia restaurateur (with his father, a former chef and lunch truck operator, and brother, Tony and the Lukes sold their first cheesesteak in 1992, and Tony Luke’s has since become one of the nation’s most popular eating destinations) but he is also an actor, appearing in a number of feature films with Dennis Hopper, Mark Wahlberg, Val Kilmer, Brian Dennehy and many others.

For the just released feature “The Nail”, Luke developed the story, co-produced and appears in his first starring role opposite Latina starlet and former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, with a strong supporting cast including Tony Danza, William Forsythe, Leo Rossi and Ray “ Boom-Boom” Mancini.

Musician Dion Roy returns to the program.

His debut album, “Gallery,” has received rave reviews.

Blog Critics gushes that the album is “Expertly crafted, simply constructed, infectiously catchy, and instantly warming, this is a Gallery you would do well to take a gentle stroll through.” And the Rock and Roll Guru says that the album “is a stellar debut by a talented artist that should break into the mainstream sooner rather than later.”

10 Of Your Sparks

  1. Schmoop Says:
  2. That sucks...Try to make the most of it. Cheers!!

  3. LAC Says:
  4. Darn, I'd hate traveling this time of year. Hope you can take Nancy with you at least?!

    Our plans for Christmas are the same each year. Christmas Eve with my Dad's side of the family, Christmas Day with Hubby's family and the day after with my Mom. Best way to keep everyone happy. And I dont' have to cook for three days!! haha.

  5. AtriaBooks Says:
  6. Any of your trips bring you to NY?

  7. Sometimes relaxing and having a quiet, peaceful holiday can be a good thing. Enjoy.

  8. The holidays have always been spent out here, quietly, with just the four of us for so long, that anything different would be strange to us. Christmas is quiet, other than singing at two masses (and now my daughter joins me for Midnight Mass, too), and Christmas Day is very quiet. We sleep in, open presents whenever, take naps, watch television, and eat whenever we feel like it. When I was a kid, Christmas Eve was a much bigger deal than Christmas Day. I think that must be a Central Indiana thing, too, because my Hoosier friends all say the same thing.

    I think as long as you get back to Nancy and spend time alone, enjoying each others company as much as you can (and do!), you'll have a memorable Christmas season. Love, after all, IS the essential reason for the season.

  9. Jay Says:
  10. Having to travel during the holiday season is just brutal. Travel, especially air travel, sucks bad enough. But, between Christmas and New Years? Ugh!

    Things will be pretty quiet here. Mostly just hanging out, cooking and some baking and stuff like that.

  11. ...looooooves me some Brian Dennehy!...

  12. Mimi Lenox Says:
  13. That sounds like a PERFECT New Year's Eve. Enjoy. Sorry about the traveling.

  14. Doing dinner out at a fancy restaurant with the Parentals and the Kidlet on Christmas Eve (which I work) and then going back and opening presents. Taking her to her dad's bright and early Christmas morning and then I think I shall go see Sherlock Holmes. Then home to do a drunken movie review. With homemade Tamales this year!

  15. Patti Says:
  16. Sorry to read that you have so much traveling to do for work during the Yuletide season.

    What does "on press" mean?

    I've been busy with a breaking news story this week, in addition to other feature stories, but thankfully have today off. Yay! Gives me a chance to shop, and visit blog friends.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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