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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It is weird for me not to put in a link over to visit TRAVIS at "Trav's Thoughts" on a Tuesday to read his review of Dancing With The Stars...but as anyone who cares knows...Mr. Donny Osmond won the Mirror Ball last week...

Congrats to Mr. Osmond and his fantastic professional partner Kym Johnson for their victory. Ms. Johnson did an excellent job choreographing the routines to play to Mr. Osmond's strong points all season and especially for their last number of the season.

Holiday season is upon us and it is also my busiest time at work as I gear up for 2010 mailings. I will be away days at a time over the next month but will try and continue to post each weekday as has been the norm here on The Couch since March of 2006. Over 950 posts and some 121,000 plus visitors later. We have reupholstered the Couch three times and if I could do one thing over again, it would have been to change the URL with each design change to leave the old designs and their posts in tact.

I realize that if anyone wanted to go back to the beginning, it would be difficult to read some posts. YES! I understand it is because of my incessant need to use various colors to illustrate certain things. Like with this format names are in light red; show titles or song titles are italicized and in lime green; album titles and band names are also in lime green, but ALBUM TITLES are capped and in bold and BAND NAMES are just capped - well, most of the time.

It does bother me that my old formats are lost...but I will learn from that and when/if we reupholster here again, we will change the URL...something simple...add a 1 to the end.

When you are a celebrity and you have been in the news your entire life...can there be certain expectations of privacy? I would certainly like to think so - but it appears that is, once again, not the case.

Now I am not talking about a celebrity (defined as anyone who earns a living by appearing on television, screen, sports and politics) who has been caught having an affair out in public, or has spoken words that offend, or has been found to be intoxicated to the point of making a spectacle of themselves.

Then it is difficult to presume privacy. Now, how about a domestic dispute gone further than it should have? By bringing it onto a public street and by damaging public property, does that give the public a right to know what occurred?

Yesterday, Eldrick Tont Woods withdrew from the golf tournament he should be hosting this week. He and his bride, Elin Nordegren, have also told Florida Highway Patrol a number of times that they did not want to talk and as of my writing this, I have not heard that this item has changed.

OK, you get into it with your wife on Thanksgiving -- she burnt the corn burnt the of you didn't want to deal with the green crap that continually oozes out of your you have an argument. gets a tad heated and she decides to start swinging at you with one of the golf clubs sitting by the door in anticipation of a little round with the boys on Friday morning.

You begin to yell "Hey let's be careful where you swing that thing, it costs $400.00" and this makes her even more upset.

You grab the nearest set of car keys, run out of the house and jump in your car...wife in hot pursuit.

Car goes into drive and you begin to take off down the drive and think " outta that one", when the sound of breaking glass makes you turn your head - which allows you to see the wife making like Albert Pujols and your golf club smashing through another window.

BANG! Your car runs into the fire hydrant across from your drive and the car skids a bit and hit the tree in the neighbors yard.

You stagger from the car and wife takes aim at your head...

Advance to hospital where police come to find you have already left and gone home.

Advance to your house, police asking if they can have a word - and you say "Sorry not available"!!!!

When you get 'star' treatment...and then you put out a lame story that your wife was a 'hero' and broke out the windows to save you, then well kiddies...then you get what you deserve.

I think the story would have held more water if the freaking air bags had gone off!

I love what this man has done for the game of golf. He supports his charity and gives mucho dinero to help kids...he has been squeeky clean for 34 years and now, because of a fight at home, it could all come crashing down.

The reason for the they used to say in da neighborhood 'nonejabiz'

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From our recent Garage Sale...this was very early in the day just as the sun came up around 7:00am

Plenty of hits of red in the stadium chairs on the lower right and the soccer ball and the clothes hanging on the tent in the back...

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  1. leelee Says:
  2. Hi Vinny! I think no one could have narrated teh Tiger Woods Story better than you...and you are right it's nobodies biz...however he IS Tiger Woods....he should have just come clean at teh outset...we'd be on to something else by now...

    Hope your holiday was a delight...


  3. DrillerAA09 Says:
  4. Wow! Sounds like you were there. Was it a driver or a three wood that "saved" Tiger?

  5. Schmoop Says:
  6. I don't give a crap about the smackdown that went on in the Woods' home, however; when one builds a fortune in great part by being in the public eye, one should expect to have to give up a certain degree of privacy. Cheers!!

  7. ...Hey! Tiger might could use a set of your clubs!...

  8. Very nice summary of the Tiger Woods situation.

    What I don't understand is why they kept re-scheduling a meeting with the Florida Highway Patrol (wife said he was napping on Friday and come back Saturday, on Saturday they said come back Sunday) when they clearly never had any intention of speaking with them in the first place.

  9. LEELEE: LOL why thank you my friend...Hoping you are surrounded by family this holiday

    DRILLER: LOL club of choice is stilL unknown

    MATT-MAN: Totally agree Sir

    PHFRANKIE: Hey your name changed again!

    SOUTHERN: Thank you Sir...I think they just could not decide what to do with the FHP...then the lawyers must have said - be berry berry quiet...

  10. LAC Says:
  11. Sure hope Hubs and I don't argue like that when the baby has some green stuff a coming out. LMAO. Though it wouldn't be golf clubs a swinging, more like something from Craftsman, or Snap On. Haha.

    Have a great day!

  12. Patti Says:
  13. I'm sure that's what happened, the lawyers said be QUIET. But I think that's the wrong way to go. He should just call a press conference at the end of his driveway and tell the truth, for gosh sakes. Let's end this.

    On a lighter note, I hope the garage sale (we call them tag sales in Ct.) was profitable. That's a lot of stuff to lug in and out of the garage.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday, Vinny.;-)

  14. Jay Says:
  15. I don't care about the Tiger Woods thing either. I'm just glad to find out that he's a human being. I was pretty sure that he was a robot before this happened.

    I would let Kym Johnson teach me a few dance moves. ;-)

  16. Jay Says:
  17. Did you turn comment moderation back on, or did my comment just disappear into the Blogger Mist?

  18. Hehe. This whole Tiger Woods story has taken on a life of its own. I say, "Who cares?" So his wife got pissed at him - good for her; he probably deserved it. Suck it up, Tiger. Be a man; rub some dirt in it. Take off the skirt and put on some pants. Admit you pissed her off, and you were STUPID to do it!

    As for not talking to the police, that's his right. FL says he doesn't have to make a statement. So I say, let it die a natural death. Quit beating the dead horse; it ain't gonna get up and run again.

  19. SHUTTERBUG: LOL..could be worse with Craftsman or Snap-On!

    PATTI: Never going to happen...nope..never going to know what caused the accident
    made mid 3 we were happy

    JAY:A automatron he is I still think...just the wiring got mixed up - Kym could teach many moves and not just dance
    Your Comment is comment moderation here

  20. I think the fact that so much has been made of the whole "Tiger incident" speaks volumes as to our collective mindset.

  21. Ken Says:

  23. STARR: Can't put yourself out there as 'perfect' and then wonder why people are interested when you fall


  24. I guess I stunned you with my comment, huh? No response; hmmmm......

  25. SONGBIRD: What is it with you and me???? Why do i do that to you????
    What if she was wrong and he called her out and she got pi**ed? Why is it that HE was wrong???

    Well, he probably was...LOL

    But I NOT talking to the FHP, he is not letting the story die...

  26. Mimi Lenox Says:
  27. I don't agree that he "owes" his public an explanation. Maybe a nice little 'we're fine' hiya wave in the yard would have done it (oops. Then we'd see the bandages. Never mind.)

    I don't think the details of the argument or the affair are anybody's business. Seriously.

  28. TopChamp Says:
  29. Hmm... we got a bit about this on the news. Our version was: he'd crashed hard enough to become unconscious bouncing from a fire hydrant into a tree. His wife had to batter a window to get him out. I like your version better.

    How did anyone hear about it? We were played an emergency services phone call from the neighbour. Who released that to the press?

  30. Unfortunately, more info has come out about Tiger and a couple of girls that he's been a-textin' Oh well... Thanks for playing Ruby Tuesday... wish I coulda been at the garage sale! :)

  31. Maggie Moo Says:
  32. It's ALL people are talking about today-Tiger, Tiger Woods Y'all. It's actually quite annoying, but I guess it's par for the course.

    Ha...that's kinda funny. :)

  33. katherine. Says:
  34. sigh

    You pay money to see him play golf.

    You pay money to buy the shoes or car or deodorant he gets paid money to endorse.

    You haven't paid any money to see his martial skirmishes or bandages.

    If you don't like his behavior in his personal life, don't buy the stuff he hawks...don't watch him play golf.

    But it really isn't anyone's business unless he or she says it is. Even if crashes his car in the neighbors' yard.

    I saw The Untouchables.
    I would have used a Louisville Slugger.

    There endeth the lesson


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