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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, January 11, 2010

Today - a new post:
Part 3 "Saturday In The Kitchen" -
Ground Beef & Macaroni Medley
and Stuffed Flank Steak

Come Take A Seat At My Table

This coming Sunday, Jack Bauer returns to our televisions with another season of 24! Looking forward to it with great anticipation. The show shifts to New York City, so that should be fun.

Before the season begins, let's see what Jack has been up to over the last month or so...

So I am back in Dallas on press printing some collateral material. In the past, I have not had to do these press runs, but the CMO has asked I get involved with all of his print now...

Long story, but an honor in the end, so here I am!

Not sure I will be available for the Radio happy Hour tomorrow, but if I have a window of opportunity, I will be calling in from the road.

Been booking guests for Music On The Couch and am beginning to focus on Memphis area guests as well as national artists. I like the idea of featuring artists from the Memphis area and am working on one specific guest that will amaze all y'all.

The cold that has gripped the entire country seems to be pulling back up north. Today - Sunday as I write this - we will even get a tad above freezing for the first time in a week and today - Monday as you read this - it is supposed to be in the mid 40's and mid 50's in Dallas where I am (will be? - LOL)

A shout-out to Mom Joan, who took a spill this past weekend as she was watching her grandson Joe at his swim meet at the University of Scranton. Feel better mom!

Love you!

Spent Saturday with Nancy and I cooking two big pots of gravy and meatballs and sausage in preparation to make Lasagna to be served at her mom's 85th birthday party in two weeks.

Love having all the help in the kitchen and we are a well-oiled macheine when we get going!

10 Of Your Sparks

  1. Schmoop Says:
  2. Hope your mom feels better and I hope I get new speakers prior to your show's kick off. My computer speakers are shot. Cheers Vin!!

  3. Mimi Lenox Says:
  4. Glad life is humming along so beautifully, will send prayers for your mom, yes it's freezing cold in the south but life is good. Enjoy the preparation for your show and be safe in your travels.


  5. LAC Says:
  6. Hope Mom Joan is ok. Funny that she was in my area. University of Scranton is about 30 minutes north of where I live. And its bitterly cold up here, no doubt it was icy.

    Have a great trip in dallas.

  7. ...Ha! at first glance I thought you were making Stuffed Frank Sinatra!...

  8. Travis Cody Says:
  9. Loved the Jack vs Santa video. That was very well edited...and funny!

    Best wishes for your mom!

  10. See, that's what I'm talking about - you and Nancy love cooking together? Don't get me started on hubby's "prowess" in the kitchen. Yeah, you've heard the spoon/fork debate. *sigh*

    I hope your mom feels better soon.

    Don't freeze your buns off!

  11. Dianne Says:
  12. feel better Mom!!

    I love that you call it gravy Vinny, that's such a touch of Brooklyn to me

    It's 23F here right now but it's supposed to be 40 by Wednesday

  13. MATT-MAN: Thanks and I hope you get new speakers too..I need the listeners

    MIMI: Thanks and the weather is warming up

    SHUTTERBUG: Both my niece and nephew go there

    PHFRANKIE: Share what you are smokin dude

    TRAVIS: Wasn't it though I loved it...thanks

    SONGBIRD: Yes, it is grand we do...was not the case with my ex...It is warm here in Dallas

    DIANNE: Thank you..Gravy is Sicilian...never knew it as sauce

  14. Dana Says:
  15. I used to be a big fan of 24 but it got a bit too "out there" for me the last couple of seasons. I may try again.

  16. katherine. Says:
  17. hope your Mom is healing...and all the plans are falling into place for her party!


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