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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, January 04, 2010

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Welcome to 2010 and the 956th post on The Couch. Sometime Q1 2010, I will make my 1,000th post here...

I have not been very prolific the last two plus weeks due to business and the holidays, but am hopeful to get back to my 5-day a week schedule.

Though, it appears that some people have been able to read my posts by my only putting one up every 4-5 days. From the 14th of December until the end of the year I only made 6 posts! Maybe some will cheer and say "THANK THE GODS"...

I was interested in that. I have seen a slight decline in comments over the last quarter of 2009. Was it my writing? Was it just a lack of interest in the bloggosphere?

Many people who once blogged have slowed drastically due to their participation in other social medias with Facebook taking the lead and Twitter also becoming more popular.

I have the Facebook account, but am not an active participant. I wonder if I would spend more time there if it were available on my work account. Though I feel I am more Blog-centric then Facebook.

Facebook has opened up new readers to us bloggers, allowing our posts to be linked to our Facebook accounts and I get comments on my blog posts over on my Facebook account.

I also know there are some who read - either there or here - who never ever comment. I might get an email with a response to something I have written...but nothing in the comment area.

I wondered...did my visits decrease over the last three weeks or were people still coming by to check and see if I had posted?...not everyone has Google Reader, which alerts you to when a new entry is posted.

Also, how does my not posting reflect over the course of this year and in relationship to last year? So we went to the numbers to find out...

In December of 2008 I had 21 entries. For those 21 entries, I had a total of 514 comments - an average of 24.47/day.

This year for the month of December, I had 12 entries. For those 12 entries, I had a total of 213 comments - an average of 17.75/day.

Now, there were a few days this year where I did not respond to your comments. I rarely one-to-one respond as many do, so if I say that I respond to 3 comments per answer, you could add 5 comments per day making my average for this year closer to 22/day.

Not far off.

But, as I said...I am not a blogger who gets as many comments as others. I have a large group of non-commenting readers (some call them lurkers...but I do not like that term.

How did my visits differ from quarter to quarter this past year I wondered...First a look back at 2008 by quarter:

And then 2009

In 2008, our visitors were flat during the first two quarters and then again the third and fourth quarters were almost the same.

This is interesting to me. The growth from the first half of the year to the second half is almost 50%.

While in 2009 the 3rd quarter was where we had the most visitors...This does make some sense as the month of September brought in over 5,400 visitors - no doubt to read about and view pictures from our wedding and honeymoon.

Also, people did not return as much this year as they did last year...

The next two graphs show the huge decrease in visitors from December 2009 as it relates to the same time last year...a drop of almost 800 visitors...(the January figures are not relevant as the 2008 graph is for all of January 2009)

In 2009, I really only lost one blogging friend and that was due to their turning into a total a**hole when I inquired why they were continuing to be nasty to a mutual friend.

So...good riddance to losers.

Once again...Happy New Year...thank you for coming to sit on The Couch, whether it be daily...weekly...monthly...and whether you announce yourself through a comment or you just sit and read and then move on with your day.

All are welcome here..any way, shape or manner...tomorrow, my plans for 2010

28 Of Your Sparks

  1. DrillerAA09 Says:
  2. Hmm...I don't think I've ever had more than four or five regular readers, but I'm not exactly a regular poster either. And what I do post often isn't a great read, it fact it's often more photos than words.
    Glad your back, and may 2010 be the best year yet for you and your bride.

  3. Schmoop Says:
  4. I get fewer comments and yet more visitors than ever these days. Go Figure. I try not t analyze the whys and whatfores. Cheers and Happy New Year Vinny!!

  5. Ken Says:
  6. I announce myself!!!!

    I don't look that deep into my blog. I did for a little while when I first got a site meter.

    You know, the first year or so I only blogged with 3 or 4 people and that was the whole shabang of my blogging world.

    Anyway, good to have you back.

  7. ...I don't believe that a lack of comments is a reflection of your writing style..it's hit or miss in this ol' Blogoshere, but The Post Must Go On!...

  8. Ken Says:
  9. I think Phfrankie likes to tell people what to do.

  10. Jay Says:
  11. Weird. In spite of the fact that I only posted a handful of times in December, I'm getting more hits and page views than before.

    A year ago, or a little more than a year ago, I was pushing 70 to 80 comments quite often. Now, if I hit 30 it's a good day. But, like I said, traffic is much higher.

    I have no idea why. Maybe I should look into that and find out why.

    Anyway, normally traffic is tied to how many blogs you visit. If you visit and comment on other blogs, people will comment on yours.

  12. Jay Says:
  13. Okay, that totally didn't make any sense.

    Traffic in the last couple of months for me has been much higher than it was during the summer.

    However, it's still like half what it was back in 2008.

  14. TopChamp Says:
  15. Happy New Year, Bond. Did you get your gift? I forgot to enclose a note but it was in a tube and sent from the UK before xmas (though we have had problems with the mail here - many industrial action strikes etc).

  16. DRILLERAA: I enjoy your posts...just wish I could comment while I am work, but your template does not allow me to

    MATT-MAN: It is weird indeed...but I am not going to worry any further

    MICKEY-T: And your arrival is trumpeted to the world! We all begin slowly and then build

    PHFRANKIE: Thanks for the encouragement

    MICKEY-T: You think or you know??? lol

    JAY: I do agree that, if you do not visit, people do not visit..though I still try and visit those on my blog roll regardless..there are some on there that hardly ever come here, yet I continue to visit them and comment

    TOPCHAMP: We did receive it! It arrived Saturday

    Took us a few minutes to figure out where it came from but it immediately was hung in our kitchen in a place of honor!

  17. TopChamp Says:
  18. yey! Pleased. It's for good luck together - Welsh thing. I have one from my fella's granny after we moved in together and I love what it represents.

  19. LAC Says:
  20. I, too have noticed quite a decline in commentors over the last year. But, I try not to fret because I write for me, more than for them. Though knowing someone out there is reading is nice validation, too.

    I myself have been a bad commentor of late, when it comes down to it, reading is more important than commenting on every post. I try to do summary comments if I am catching up on more than one post sometimes. But its not always easy to find the time.

  21. AtriaBooks Says:
  22. I've always been a fan of your daily minutia. I can't get enough of your thoughts.

  23. For what it's worth, I stopped by from time to time over the holidays.

  24. Maggie Moo Says:
  25. Well, for me, I think you know why I haven't been around a lot. It was a hard year and I didn't really feel like blogging myself, let alone coming over to comment. I did read in reader though. And I also think you know I am DONE. :) So...hopefully you'll see at least one more loyal reader coming to comment.

    Even if it is just a ramble about why I didn't comment.

  26. TOPCHAMP: We thank you greatly

    SHUTTERBUG: I also write for myself, but the validation does help

    DOC: YOU are one funny guy

    SOUTHERN: I appreciate your constant visits Sir

    MAGS: I know your year has had its ups and downs...glad to see you moving forward

  27. Unknown Says:
  28. I seem to have very few that like to leave comments on my blog, even though it looks like I have a good bit of readers, they just don't want to talk.

    Some days I just am too tired to comment, if that makes sense. I like to read what you post, but especially during the last month or so I would just find myself too tired or in a rush to continue to leave a comment. Hopefully with a new year and slower work schedule I'll have the time and energy to leave more comments.

    Glad to see you're back, miss reading daily posts by you.

  29. Travis Cody Says:
  30. Now that's a thorough analysis. I wouldn't even know where to get all that data.

    I think my comments fall off during dancing seasons, and I'm ok with that.

  31. Hi Vinny!!! I got in AND I can comment. A double whammy!

    Happy New Year to you and yours. And Amen to good riddance to losers. Here's wishing you a comment prolific year! ;)

  32. Okay, I'm here, and I'm commenting, but I'll be honest - I just skimmed this post and intend to read it more thoroughly later. I just wanted you to know I was here. *grin*

  33. Mimi Lenox Says:
  34. I think most of us have seen a decline in comments this year for various reasons. Jay is right about the visiting aspect of it, but seriously, we are all busy with real life and keeping up with visiting EVERYone and commenting is just not possible for me on a consistent basis. (although I do for those in my sidebar) It doesn't mean I don't enjoy the blog or the person. And there are sooo many new good blogs to read!

    Facebook: I am beginning to see a steady following of my blogs there, especially Mimi Writes. My posts are imported automatically and folks are reading and commenting there. Who knew?! I could never have guessed that would happen but I like it! Most do not, however,cross over to my actual blog and comment there as well. I wish they would. So I definitely think the social networks are having a tremendous impact on blogging.

    Twitter? Eh. I just don't get it. Nor do I have time.

    I have a LOT Of "lurkers" on my blogs. I've learned to smile and nod and say hello just the same. They don't respond but whatever. Maybe they have good reasons for not being public about it.
    Those who consistently do this usuaully don't even come from Blogger but are direct links from Google most of the time just searching for a skirt or something!
    Weird how people find you.

    I'm making some feature and scheduled posts changes on my blog this year to better accommodate actually having a life outside of blogging.
    Who knew?!
    But I like it. (grin)

  35. Jeff B Says:
  36. The only type of meter I've ever had on my site is the Cluster Maps doodad. Heck, that probably doesn't even really count, but I like to see how many different places on the globe people have come from. I kind of with it wouldn't tell me how many visitors I had in the past 24hrs though. There are times when there are several visitors and few comments. Makes me say WTF sometimes, then I realize I'm just getting hung up on what doesn't matter.

    Dang, I'm rambling today.

  37. katherine. Says:
  38. for a moment I thought...hey I should chart a graph my data...

    but I have thought better of it...


  39. Dana Says:
  40. I love it when you talk numbers *swoon*

    I saw my traffic decrease quite bit at the end of the year as well *shrugs* I don't know ...

    You know me! I'm always sitting on the couch. I think I have a permanent butt print here.

  41. JOHN: It is interesting that so many have the same experience thanks

    TRAVIS: I am there no matter what the season

    RLL: WOOO HOOO good to see you back

    MIMI: Not that is a cohesive, well thought out comment young lady

    JEFF: I had one of those..hummm I still might, but it is buried

    KATHERINE: Funny gal

    DANA: I knew I would get you with the numbers talk
    You have a permanent seat my friend

  42. Okay, I won't get a complex about the fact that you ignored me YET AGAIN. After all, I didn't leave a real comment.

  43. I was waiting for a real comment before responding!

  44. I think you can drive yourself nuts trying to figure out why people do or don't read or why they do or don't comment. If one is trying to make money from a blog, I can see why statistics would be important, but for the average blogger like me, the stats just don't make a difference. In fact, I took off my blog stat analyzer because I didn't want to go insane trying to interpret the numbers and what they meant to me!

    Let me start by saying that I ALWAYS read your blog, and I always will. There are times when the posts do not interest me, or I cannot give them the full reading that they deserve. I try then to leave a "breadcrumb" comment so that you know I came by even if I didn't read the post or read it thoroughly. I always TRY to come back and read again, but it's not always possible.

    I didn't think I would ever get into Facebook, but I found that it fits my "in the moment" way of living and posting for now. When I feel I have something substantial to say, then I write a more thorough blog post. I also nearly abandoned my photoblog, but I did post a few photos there last month. Of course, the ONLY person who visits that blog and comments is Katherine, so I'm wondering how interesting it is since I'm not the world's best photographer.

    Your blog works for you, and it will never please everyone all the time. You have to blog for your own reasons, and those of us who read will come and enjoy whenever and however we can. You can get rid of all of us that easily. *grin*

  45. You know I don't live and die by my stats, but I thought since it was a new year I would look into them and found them interesting to say the least...

    I stop by you every single day looking for a new post and when it is there, I read and enjoy and always comment..

    As far as your photo bog- honestly I did not think you used it much and if it is not in my Favorites list, I forget about them


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