On to the weekend....

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice and snow expected here overnight Thursday into Friday...brought home the power cord for the work laptop...have whiskey in the house and propane for the grill in case we lose electricity and have to cook any meats in the freezer...

This Monday I will bring back music to The Couch,with MUSICAL MONDAYS. Not going to call it New Music Monday any longer as we will be doing a mixture of music news...reviews of music by new artists as well as established acts...stories from our years of concert going and interviews I did during my time doing over the air radio...anything music.

If you have suggestions or requests, let me know and I will try and accommodate y'all

I have established a presence on a new site where I am getting up to three submissions a day from new acts, so there is a lot of music stacking up to share with y'all...and I am going to expand the styles of music we feature here.

And of course, a week from Monday I begin Music On The Couch over on BlogTalk Radio. If you want, you can go over there and if you just register, and favorite MOTC, you will get a notification each week about an hour before show time.

I hope y'all try and come over and check it out on Monday's...but remember you can always download the show from iTunes or listen from the player here on The Couch.

I am real excited by the response I have been getting from many of the artists I have contacted, including a few from here in the Memphis area.

In fact, I just received an email from the leader of a very cool band out of Chicago who do some smokin' hot blues and they have agreed to appear on the show!

I appreciate the comments on yesterday's post and admit that I was taken to task for the mere part of texting while stopped at a light. Today, my phone went off while I was driving home and I did not even reach for it...so even a old dog CAN learn new tricks.

Like I said the other day...these just make me smile...

Have a damn fine weekend all...

17 Of Your Sparks

  1. Schmoop Says:
  2. Hope you're surviving the storm. Cheers!!

  3. Got to work...getting bad out there...probably heading home very shortly

  4. Jay Says:
  5. It started in early last night up here. We're covered in several inches of ice and snow this morning. Everything is shut down. Be careful driving home dude!

  6. ...I'll take that sandwich if you don't want it...

  7. Ken Says:
  8. I'll believe it when I see it, 4 to 8 inches of snow predicted for my neck of the woods.
    I got beer, I'll be alright!

  9. JAY: Covered in ice already this morning...went to office - already home

    PHFRANKIE: num num...too late

    MICKEY: Have 1/4" of ice already and supposed to get the snow soon....in Memphis the snow already started

  10. TopChamp Says:
  11. It's your turn for the cold snap? Enjoy! We managed even without heating for a week of the really frozen bit here and you're far better prepared than we were. You can always walk (trudge... dig...) if you need to.

    Do you have a corner shop?

    Should I be awake at radio time I will surely check in.

  12. Travis Cody Says:
  13. Well hopefully you don't have to go out at all this weekend.

  14. Bar Says:
  15. How sweet!!! I want a husband to write love notes to!

  16. You and your lovely bride stay tucked in nice and safely this weekend, ya hear?

    (Cute note!)

  17. TOPCHAMP: It is cold, but should not last long? Corner Store, meaning a shop to buy food? We stocked up

    TRAVIS: So far so good!

    BARBARA: Hopefully that will happen soon for you

    SONGBIRD: We are doing so indeed!

  18. Patti Says:
  19. It looks like your loving wife toasted the bread ever so lightly..very sweet,

    I hope you guys are surviving the storm OK. Have a good weekend.

  20. Jeff B Says:
  21. Nancy should market these babies and call them "Napkins of Love"

    Hope you fare the storm well.

  22. Hope the weather wasn't too rough up that way. All we got down here was rain and some cold temperatures.

    Looking forward to your show.

  23. Mimi Lenox Says:
  24. "napkins of love"...good one, Jeff.
    I agree!

  25. TopChamp Says:
  26. weird... where are you?

  27. TopChamp Says:
  28. Now I see a whole week of posts when on Friday I couldn't see anything beyond this one. Still weird.


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