Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, January 21, 2010


So, it seems it was one of the stat counters that has been on The COuch for over a year...once I removed it everything got better...maybe the company closed their server and that was the hang-up...

Nonetheless, I thank all of my loyal Couch-sitters who wrote telling me of the problem and who helped me get a feel for what happened by answering some questions.

You guys ROCK!

OK, so I am still not sure what happened here yesterday and whether it is going to happen today, so maybe my writing this is a waste of time.

The damn page took up to 5 minutes to load most of yesterday. I have done nothing different to it in the last week.

I did research, as it seemed to be stuck loading and the little message area on the lower left said 'waiting on'.

I did some research on this and it appears to be a google thing ---GEE SHOCK SURPRISE!

Here is what I found out...Seems most people have this problem when they are trying to access their igoogle home page - Guess what? I have one of those, but never even knew it, I have never been there before today!

On all the boards I read, it appears if you disable CHAT, the problem goes away...well...I found chat over there, at that place I have never been and guess what? My chat WAS disabled!

So...I am hopeful this dang thing will fix itself and I will be left alone. It is really scary how many things google is now intertwined with and how they have so much of our information...

And when my spell check tells me that google should be Google, I just ignore it...

So maybe that is why they are giving me crapola and making my life miserable, as only a few people seem to have taken the time to let this joint load (JOINT?...maybe that would help...)

If the problem is still occurring, you are not reading this you can't respond or give a good crapola I guess.

If the problem is gone, my post yesterday addressed a situation I think is important, so y'all might want to scroll down.

14 Of Your Sparks

  1. Jay Says:
  2. It loaded no problem for me today. Maybe *WE* are the ones who need to disable chat on our iGoogle page? Cause I read this in reader and then went and disabled chat and the page loaded real fast like.

    I'll go back and enable chat and see if it still loads. Hold on.

  3. Jay Says:
  4. Works just fine with chat enabled. So, I guess it isn't MEEEEE, it's YOOOOOO. LOL :-)

    Or maybe it's just all fixed now.

  5. Maggie Moo Says:
  6. It worked, it worked!!!!

  7. Schmoop Says:
  8. It popped right up today, Vin. All is well. Cheers!!

  9. ...Bingo!...

  10. JAY: Thanks for helping me to fix this by continuing to come by

    MAGS: THANKS dear


    PHFRANKIE: Thanks dude

  11. Lu' Says:
  12. Piece of cake, mmm, Bond. Works like a charm.

  13. Ken Says:
  14. I'm guilty of coming around, waiting......see ya!

    Just the last couple of days though.

  15. LU': Man I was close to totally losing it

    MICKEY-T: You are guilty of much more than that!

  16. It loaded fine for me Vinny... Thanks for commenting on my Wordless Wednesday post too! :)

  17. MARY: Thanks...appreciate it and I do come visit every day ya know!

  18. Unknown Says:
  19. Working great. Had a slight problem yesterday, but I just kept trying to your page loaded. Not going to let a little thing like that keep me from reading you.

    But it seems my response to your post yesterday is gone. I don't see it. I'll try and re do it if I can remember exactly what I said.

  20. Travis Cody Says:
  21. Just letting you know that the page loaded just fine when I came over through the link on my google reader.

  22. Jeff B Says:
  23. Came by a couple of time yesterday...nothing

    Today, it came right up.


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