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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Evgeni Plushenko's needs to find a partner and get laid...the guy is so off the wall it is not crazy.

Now, honestly, I did not even see this event - but the internet and sports outlets are churning with this whole story about how poor Evgeni was robbed of his rightful place as the best skater on the planet.

Or atleast Ev-boy thinks so..well he and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin who stated that Ev-boy "performed the most accomplished program on the Vancouver ice."

Folks, get your winter jackets out because the cold war is heating up!

Now, on Ev-boy's web site, he has proclaimed that he won PLATINUM at the Vancouver Olympics!

On the opening page, under the medals it says "What's Next"

But if you look close at the medals, they are the Silver from Salt Lake, Gold from Torino and PLATINUM from Vancouver.

Ev-boy truly needs to find a life somewhere...

Dick Cheney had a mild heart attack...who knew he had one? A heart that is

The doctor in Delaware who has been charged with molesting over 100 children...? If found guilty - OK, enough of the guilty until proven innocent with this guy - HE VIDEO TAPED MOST OF THEM! - then I truly believe this is a perfect example of a man who needs to be tortured.

I know, some will call me crazy or cruel or whatever...but I would have no problem seeing this man tied to the ground, covered in honey, and set upon by fire ants....and I would like to have THAT video taped.

This man is one sick individual. The charges against him include rape, sexual exploitation of a child, unlawful sexual contact, continual sexual abuse of a child, assault and reckless endangering.

And now for the other side. How do the parents of these children think that is right to allow a doctor to see a child alone? We are talking about children as young as TWO YEARS OLD!!!!

Who are these parents? Sorry..this might be where y'all really jump on me, but every single one of these parents should be taken to the woodshed also.

F-a-duck...when I would take Matt to the doctor when he was 12-13 (probably even older), I stayed in the room. he was a minor!

OK, so you want to speak to a child on their own, because they might not tell you things when their parents are in the room...then a NURSE MUST BE PRESENT!!!!

Children need to be their parents first! I do not care that this was a doctor...I am shocked that this was allowed to happen for so long...this case could involved abuse going back to 1998!

Honey and fire ants...and let the sumbi**h scream in agony for as long as it takes for those ants to devour him.

OK, I still contend that I would really like to hear these songs sung by someone else. I am not a fan of Sugar Blue's vocals...but I wanted to share another song by the man.

This song is entitled "Tonight" and I believe it shows more of Mr. Blue's musicianship and writing ability...Let me know what you think

19 Of Your Sparks

  1. katherine. Says:
  2. If one of these children was mine, I'd be blogging from prison.

    These abusers can not be rehabilitated. They can not be cured.

    There is legislation pending now. Encourage your congressman to sponsor the Child Protection Compact Act

  3. Mimi Lenox Says:
  4. Hell is not hot enough for a child molester. It is sickening. This is one of the saddest things I've ever heard.

  5. Ken Says:
  6. Can't stand the guys voice, yikes!!!

  7. DrillerAA09 Says:
  8. Honestly, it's hard to get past the poor vocals and hear the music. However, I'm not sure a decision was ever made as to which instrument was supposed to have the lead during the bridge. It was a little confusing and unorganized. Nope, I'll not be downloading any of this, but thanks for sharing it with us.

  9. DrillerAA09 Says:
  10. On another note, child molestation should carry the death sentence and the death sentence IS NOT cruel and unusual punishment!
    Why do you think this deranged individual is charged with so many different crimes? It's because the laws are so convoluted and filled with loop holes that someone like this could probably get off free if you only charge him with one thing. It shouldn't be that hard. Molest a child, you die. And you die within 90 days. This idea that the death penalty carries an automatic lifetime appeal process is exactly why no one fears this sentence. "Try 'em and fry 'em". How's that for a social conservative stance?

  11. KATHERINE: OH totally agree...I would pull him between two cars and let his body pop

    MIMI: Indeed it is

    MICKEY-T: I know...and he can play the harp

    DRILLER: Thanks for your opinion...
    and the death penalty is to good for him..I want him to suffer!

  12. Travis Cody Says:
  13. Sorry...couldn't get past the vocal. It's just not appealing.

    As to Mr Plushenko's poor sportsmanship, even an untrained eye could see the landing bobbles and odd positions in the air on his jumps. Not to mention the frenetic arm waving that he thought was artistic and the repetitive footwork and spinning elements.

    Maybe Mr Lysacek didn't attempt a quad jump. But he landed two of the most difficult triples and he did so flawlessly. Plus he made a bunch of other triple jumps look effortless. His program was clearly more polished and refined than Mr Plushenko's.

    A complete and landed quad jump is only worth about .5 more in total points than a triple axle, and Mr Lysacek landed two of those. You don't get more credit in scoring for just doing a quad, and you don't get deductions for not doing one. You get points for performing a trick, and then for how well you perform it based on a standard of perfect. The judges get to review replays of the performances, so they can slow everything down to see whether you got full rotations and how you were positioned in the air. Mr Pleshenko may want to read a scoring manual before the world championships.

    Sorry to ramble like that. Guess I got carried away.

  14. What Trav said. That has always been my problem with the Russian singles skaters; they forget that posturing and arm flailing are not considered footwork, and wonky landings on jumps landed mere inches from take off (regardless of the number of rotations in the air) do not qualify as quality jumps when it comes to Grade of Execution. The scoring system is very thorough in the way points are awarded, and each skater receives their scoring sheet immediately after performing. Perhaps Plushenko would be wise to actually read his.

    As to the child-molesting doctor, your form of torture is one to which I could subscribe. But, as you said, where the parents? When my kids are with the doctor, I'm ALWAYS in the room. Once they were old enough to articulate what was wrong with them or answer the doctor's questions, I let them speak, but I never left the room. EVER.

  15. TRAVIS: A great ramble indeed..thanks for the lesson

    SONGBIRD: He did explain it well, and you filled in some blanks.

    Yup..the parents need to look in the mirror

  16. Jay Says:
  17. The honey and fire ants is a pretty decent idea. I kind of like the idea of strapping the guy down and then inflicting little paper cuts on very sensitive parts of his body. Then, taking an eye dropper and dropping little (or big) drops of saltwater or acid on those paper cuts. Every few minutes. For a week.

  18. JAY: OK, paper cuts and acid and honey and fire ants...we have this all worked out. Now we just need the authorities to hand him over to us

  19. eh
    ...ants: yes
    ...and what else can you expect from a commie?...

  20. Phfrankie: perfect

  21. Dana Says:
  22. I watched the men's figure skating (it's one of the few events I have watched) and although Evgeni Plushenko's performance was great, it wasn't the best. He seemed to be under the impression that if he was able to be the only person to pull off a quad he should receive gold. He needs to learn a bit more about his sport - scoring opportunities abound!

    Evgeni Plushenko is, plain and simple, a poor sport and, quite honestly, I've seen more poor sportsmanship in these Olympics that I ever have in the past.

    Forget ugly American's! The Canadians seem to have found a way to be even uglier.

  23. DANA: The Canadians are really showing their true colors indeed. Ev-boy is a turd.

  24. Maggie Moo Says:
  25. So because I went out to dinner I missed the boat on commenting pretty much exactly what Trav was going to say...maybe with a little less technical detail, but still along the same lines...

    I'm so happy he did not win the gold.

  26. BeckEye Says:
  27. I don't know why those skaters get upset when they don't take the gold. The scoring system for skating has always been totally fucked up. The judges already know who they want to win before anyone touches the ice.

  28. Great post, Vinny! Did you see I posted on The Commitments and "Mustang Sally?" :)

  29. MAGS: But dinner was yum I bet

    BECKEYE: Why I am not so enamored with skating competitions

    MARY: Thanks and I just did...I missed it originally


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