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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One of The Couch's favorites has a new album out. Josh Charles, has dropped his CD Love, Work & Money and it is H-O-T. I first introduced you to Mr. Charles HERE

As a reminder, Mr. Charles was mentored by the wonderful Dr. John and was moving to New Orleans in August 2005 to begin a recording session. Hurricane Katerina had different ideas and Mr. Charles caught one of the last buses out of town.

Mr. Charles is backed by Dr. John's band on this new full-length CD and I am sure y'all will love the tuneage. I am especially drawn to "I'm Always Here For You", and the lyrics:

Sometimes you have to believe when no one else believes
Sometimes you have to go on when there’s no where to go
And when the day is long and everything has gone wrong
Just remember that I’m always here for you.
Sometimes you carry on when all your hopes are gone
Sometimes you have to fight when you know you’re gonna lose
I know it’s hard to see but I can guarantee that I’m always here for you.

Mr. Charles released a song "Healing Time" in December, 2008 and all proceeds go to the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans to help rebuild, restore, and preserve the architectural history and historic neighborhoods that support the local culture and character of New Orleans.

You can check out samples of Love, Work & Money at JOSH CHARLES MUSIC and can buy this CD at or iTunes...

I have reached out to Mr. Charles to join me on MOTC and we are hopeful he can arrange his schedule to do so.

Singer-songwriter Bonnie Raitt, Chicago bluesman Lonnie Brooks and harmonica player Charlie Musselwhite are among the artists selected to be inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame.

Among the other individuals that are being recognized by the Foundation this year include "The Father of the Blues" W.C. Handy, jug band pioneer Gus Cannon and Cannon's Jug Stompers, and the writer of many great "drinking songs," including "One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer," Amos Milburn.

American roots music writer Peter Guralnick and the legendary host of the King Biscuit Time program on KFFA radio in Helena, Arkansas Sonny Payne, are the non-performers being inducted this year. Sam Charters' groundbreaking research on the blues in the 1950s and '60s resulted in several books including this year's Classics of Blues Literature inductee - The Bluesmen.

The following singles or album tracks will be inducted during the ceremony: "All Your Love (I Miss Loving)" by Otis Rush, "Fever" by Little Willie John, "Key to the Highway' by Big Bill Broonzy, "Match Box Blues" by Blind Lemon Jefferson and "Spoonful" by Howlin' Wolf. These albums are also being honored: Strong Persuader by Robert Cray, Hung Down Head by Lowell Fulson and I Hear Some Blues Downstairs by Fenton Robinson.

The induction ceremony will be May 5 in Memphis, the evening before the Blues Music Awards.

I have seen this before, but my friend STARRLIGHT of "Here Comes A Storm..." reminded me of it today I pass the word.

From the No Performance Tax website- "For more than 80 years, radio and the recording industry have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship: free play for free promotion. And it works. The recording industry now wants to impose a fee – a performance tax – on local radio stations.

There's no question that a performance tax would financially hurt local radio stations, stifle new artists and harm the listening public who rely on free local radio...the money generated from the performance tax would flow out of your community and into the pockets of the major record labels – and three out of the four are foreign-owned.

The record labels would like for you to think this is all about compensating the artists, but in truth the record labels would get at least 50 percent of the proceeds from a tax on local radio."

Go to the website above and join the effort to stop this tax from going through.

10 Of Your Sparks

  1. BeckEye Says:
  2. I'd never heard of Josh Charles until yesterday when I saw his name in Time Out New York. And I immediately thought, "That guy from 'Dead Poets' Society' is a musician too?" And that's what everyone must think because the first line of the blurb was "No, not the actor."

  3. DrillerAA09 Says:
  4. I'm going to have to download me some Josh Charles. I'm previewing some of his stuff on Zune. Really good tunes. Thanks for the info.

  5. Schmoop Says:
  6. I can't stand Bonnie Raitt; she always looks like she needs a bath. Cheers Vin!!

  7. Jay Says:
  8. I LOVE Bonnie Raitt! Matt has questionable tastes in music. ;-)

    That performance tax is the worst idea in a long time.

  9. ...If Strong Persuader isn't one of the best albums of all time, I'll eat my pork-pie hat!...

  10. Travis Cody Says:
  11. Count me as a Bonnie Raitt fan!

  12. katherine. Says:
  13. mateo...a bath?

    Ya know I love Musselwhite...I'd hadn't heard he's gonna be inducted. that is way cool.

    The guitarist Kid Anderson who plays with Rick Estrin cut his american teeth with Charlie Musselwhite.

  14. BECKEYE: This one is an excellent musician

    DRILLER: You will not be disappointed

    MATT-MAN: You are strange dude

    JAY: He is one weird dude indeed..and the performance tax will be the death of small time radio

    PHFRANKIE: No need to get the salt dude....I agree

    TRAVIS:yup that line is longer than the one Matt is on

    KATHERINE: Ignore him lol..I am going to try and attend the ceremony if finances allow

  15. Mimi Lenox Says:
  16. Ahh....Bonnie Raitt. Love her.

  17. Mimi Lenox Says:
  18. P.S. And thanks for keeping us informed.


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