Musical Monday & Birthday Wishes

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, February 08, 2010

Music On The Couch is, in some ways the next step in Tuneage Tutelage as it has evolved on The Couch, and in other ways it is the return to my roots in radio.

Each Monday, I will introduce you to a musician or band earning their chops in the music industry. Playing, recording, touring, self-producing, self-promoting - whatever it takes to catch the next wave - these folks are doing it.

There is plenty of seating on The Couch and we hope you find time to join us.


10pm Eastern; 9pm Central; 8pm Mountain; 7pm Pacific

PHIL PUTNAM sits on The Couch

Phil Putnam was featured on The Couch in early 2009. Since then his single “More Than This”, from the 2008 CASUALTIES CD, was the #5 Video of the Year on MTV/Logo Network.

I’ll talk to Phil about the journey from his childhood to the 2001 release of his out-of-print HEALER to today and what he has in the works for 2010 and beyond.

You will get to hear some of Phil’s music and he has also promised a music give-away to the listeners to celebrate the premier broadcast!

The live interactive chat room opens 20 minutes before show time. Follow this link HERE and click on the Chat Now icon.

Remember, unless you take the two minutes to register, you will not be able to participate in the chat room or send me questions to ask Phil, but you will still hear the show.

So tune in on Monday evening or, you can always listen the next day from the player HERE or the one here on The Couch or download from iTunes, directly from the player.

Yesterday was the day of birth for the one and only MATT-MAN of "Bagwine Ruminations", so go over and make sure he is just drunk over there on the couch...

And TODAY...we celebrate the birth of the one and only STARRLIGHT of "Here Comes A Storm In The Form Of A Girl"!!!

GO wish them both some lovin and birthday wishes...

10 Of Your Sparks

  1. Unknown Says:
  2. I wish I was going to be able to listen in tomorrow, but I'll be at work. Just got back from selling Superbowl shirts after the win...Who Dat!

  3. Liz Hill Says:
  4. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. I think I'm still registered over there--I'll check in early to make sure.


  7. Schmoop Says:
  8. Ha. That's pretty close to accurate. Thanks Vin. And like TB I'll be making sure I'm still registered as well. I get off at 7 tonight so I'll be listening. Good Luck. Cheers!!

    Oh and here's to fellow Aquarian, Starr!!

  9. Thanks Vinny =) Enjoy that snow!

  10. Jay Says:
  11. I'll be there! Hope there's a big crowd.

  12. JOHNH: Who Dat indeed!

    TURNBABY: Looking forward to seeing you

    MATT-MAN: I bought that picture from Schmoop!

    STARR: Sweet cherry pie girl!

    JAY: I hope so also..thanks!

  13. Mimi Lenox Says:
  14. Break a leg (do they say that in radio too?). I will try to make the chat room tonight and have a listen. Have birthday-ed both birthday people as well!

  15. Should be home to tune in live tonight; I'll sign in so I can be in the chat room!

    Happy Birthday to all. You DO know that Starrlight and I are sisters from other mothers, right? ;P

  16. Travis Cody Says:
  17. I'm all registered so I think we'll be able to listen and get to chat.


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