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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Sunday, February 28, 2010

10pm Eastern – 9pm Central – 8pm Mountain – 7pm Pacific

This week, we spend an hour and
present two artists for your pleasure.

D.Lilies1 D.Lilies2

Torch song artist Deborah Liles is a rising star in the blues/jazz/torch arena. She has appeared at many of the Jazz Festivals around the country and is especially visible around her hometown of Roanoke, VA. After taking time for her family, she is back out on the road spreading the power of the Torch Song. I will speak with Deborah about her journey and the road she is about to travel down.

SZnTC album SZnTC


Shayna Zaid began her career in her homeland of Malaysia where she was nominated in that country’s 2007 ERA Awards for Best New Artist, Best Female Vocals and Best Pop Song. Shayna Zaid is also a television personality in Malaysia as one of the stars of the talk/variety show Speak Up.

Shayna Zaid & The Catch includes features band mates Joel Dean (guitarist/producer); Christopher Heinz (drums), Danny Stone (bass) and Yan Izquierdo (violin). Before they head down to Austin, TX for SXSW, we will chat with Shayna and delve into her background and find out what is in store for she and her band mates in the year 2010 and beyond.

I will share some music from both of our guests and I will take your calls at 1.347.633.9400.

The live interactive chat room opens 20 minutes before show time. Follow this link HERE and click on the Chat Now icon. Remember, unless you take the two minutes to register, you will not be able to participate in the chat room or send me questions to ask our guests, but you will still hear the show.

So tune in on Monday evening or, you can always listen anytime after the show ends from the player HERE or the one on The Big Leather Couch and you can download to your iTunes, directly from the player.

9 Of Your Sparks

  1. Jay Says:
  2. Will there be refreshments served? I suggest cookies would be a good idea. ;-)

  3. katherine. Says:
  4. I'm with jay....chocolate chip cookies go especially well with Jack.

  5. JAY: How about alcohol and soda?

    KATHERINE: OK Jack and chocolate chip cookies it is

  6. Travis Cody Says:
  7. I have CAKE, but there's probably not enough to share.

  8. ...smoked fish and Kool-Aid?...

  9. TRAVIS: There were not that many people!

    PHFRANKIE: is that what you were drinking when you called in?

  10. Hey, I was there, and I didn't get any chocolate chip cookies!

  11. SONGBIRD: They were gone by the time you got there...Jay ate them all

  12. Dana Says:
  13. need to get my butt on over to BTR on Mondays so that I can leave my buttprint behind!


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