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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well, are you watching the Olympics? Personally, I think I enjoy the winter Olympics more than the summer games. I think it is because of the skiing and the bobsledding. Not a huge ice-dancing fan though...

I saw a feature this weekend that talked about the fact that women are not allowed to ski-jump in the Olympics.

It seems that the Olympic committee has decided that there is not enough interest in the sport. The case went to the higher courts in Canada and the women who compete in this sport around the world were denied.

This Olympic committee has some power, don't they. These men and women who sit in judgment of athletes around the world decided on what sport is popular and what sport is not.

This year we get Ski-cross....what? huh? OH it is one of those sports to come out of the X-Games, ESPNs brainchild to get kids to do crap that scares the bejebus out of the rest of us.

OH, but baseball and softball? Those are not real world-wide sports, so we kicked them out of the Olympics. In 2012 we get golf and rugby. I love golf, but during the Olympics??? Is rugby really a more played sport around the world than baseball?

In the meantime, let's not cover those metal beams on the luge course until after someone gets hurt, ok? If that wall had been erected before the games began, Nodar Kumaritashvili might be resting comfortably in a hospital right now with a few broken bones...

I really like the French Onion flavor of Sun Chips...tickles my taste buds they do

Pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training today...yes there is still snow on the ground in most of the USA, but this is a clear sign that SPRING IS COMING!!!!

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14 Of Your Sparks

  1. Jay Says:
  2. "Is rugby really a more played sport around the world than baseball?"

    Yes, very much so. Baseball is popular in America, Latin America and some Asian countries, but that's pretty much it. Rugby is played all over the globe.

    Those sports were dropped because of a "competitive imbalance" as there were only a handful of countries that participate and even fewer who excel. Especially when it comes to women's softball. Other than the US and Australia nobody plays. Not well anyway.

  3. Schmoop Says:
  4. I like rugby, but here's to the warming up of baseball and with it the foreshadowing of Spring it brings. Cheers Vin!!

  5. DrillerAA09 Says:
  6. I guess someone has to put some limits on the sports. Personally, I think the event in which the competitors try to do ice skating tricks on snow skis is just silly. It's about as graceful as a Three Stooges movie. I watch some of the Olympics, but I don't clear my schedule for them. Last night the oldest grand daughter had a basketball game. I was there, and she's not even a starter.

  7. Ken Says:
  8. I like the winter games much more than summer.
    Did you see the Canadian Female Hockey games....holy crap they're getting tough out there. I kept forgetting I was watching the supposedly weaker sex, they were awesome on the ice.

  9. It is really sad how much "power" the International Olympic Committee does hold. What they've done recently is a joke.

    Great show last night. Can't wait to catch the next one.

  10. ...French Onion Sun Chips rule...pitchers and catchers reporting truly does mean Spring is near!...

  11. JAY: Trying to get all intelligent on me, aren't you?

    MATT-MAN: See, you are a smart guy

    DRILLERAA: I prefer sports that are timed or have scores..and not those that some judge tells me how they did.

    MICKEY-T: I only caught part of the hockey so far...they are tough indeed

    SOUTHERN: I do agree with you...their power is absolute. Thanks for coming by last night

    PHFRANKIE: Yup and YUP!

  12. Mimi Lenox Says:
  13. What about blogging? Now there's a sport I could win.

  14. Dianne Says:
  15. I'm not watching much of the Olympics this time around, each time it becomes more and more like one giant commercial or sappy inspirational film

    the judging seems arbitrary
    the host countries act like bigger and bigger a-holes each time

    Canada wouldn't let any athletes but their own test any of the runs, they didn't take proper care of many of the venues, they can't control the crowds, they can't deal with the rain or lack of snow

    and statements made by the head of their Olympic Committee are outrageous, especially since they're not winning many medals

    I wish Canada would check itself, they're startin to sound like the US

  16. Sorry I missed the show last night; I was glued to the telly watching pairs figure skating (ice dancing is not until later in the week *grin*). I'll try to catch the archives at a later date, when I get this............shtuff worked out with my doctors.

    Yeah, sports that are or are not included in the Olympics kinda boggles the mind, doesn't it? But as far as spring training goes, it's beautiful weather here in the land of the Cactus League, so all's good. :)

  17. MIMI: Gold Medal

    DIANNE: Nice rant and then you end it with that slam..always true Dianne..LOL

    SONGBIRD: I understand and know you will listen...WOOOO Spring Training...

  18. Travis Cody Says:
  19. I've been enjoying the competition, whether in events decided by best time or who crosses the line first or who gets judged best. For 16 days I try to suspend my cynicism so I can appreciate the athletes.

    And I have a blast watching snowboard cross and mogul skiing and figure skating and speed skating and Alpine skiing and bobsleds and luge and hockey and curling and just about anything else you want to throw at me.

    To be honest, I didn't even know that women did ski jumping. I guess you have to draw the line somewhere as to what to include.

  20. Dana Says:
  21. I *heart* Sun Chips - ANY flavor - and now thy have a biodegradable bag which make them even better (IMHO)!

  22. katherine. Says:
  23. I love watching the Olympics...not big on figure skating...then again... "the Cutting Edge" is one of my favorite movies.

    I question the Olympic Committee...in a similar fashion to how I question Congress, and the UN, and just about any governing entity. But I think that most of "us" don't view the world sporting situation very clearly. I defer to Jay.

    I love the Olympics. The ceremony...the competition...the flags and the kids. And the sports that I hardly ever watch without it being olympic time.

    And I love that Timmy is locked in and well ensconced in Scottsdale.


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