Queen's Meme #23 - His Name wasn't Jack

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Off to Dallas once again this morning...will try and check in with your blogs. Have something to post the next couple of days, so don't forget to stop by and send all your friends to visit...The Couch is getting empty!

From our wonderful friend MIMI of "Mimi Writes"" she puts out a little meme each week and people play along.

Sometimes I do...sometimes I don't...today, I do!

The Blog Blizzard Meme

1. An unexpected blizzard occurs. The power goes out for 10 days. There is no food in the house, no gas in the car, no heat, no TV, no computer, nada! You are snowed in and can't get to the store for supplies. How would you survive? How would you get out of this mess?
No food in the house...bwahahahahahaha never happen, I have a freezer full of prepared meals. And there is always whiskey! Wanna come over?

2. Tell us about your last snowball fight.
Way too long ago ... have not had a snowball fight since probably 2005.

3. You have been asked to make a snowman. What is his name?
Whitey...well, he certainly would not be called anything else...well, unless he was in Manhattan and after a few days he would be covered in grime that comes from the cars and stuff, so then we might rename him.

4. I have mountains of snow outside my door. I would like to make snow soup. What is the recipe?
Two scoops of snow and 2 ounces of whiskey. Warm it up slightly and sip away

5. It is Day 5 of the Big Blog Blizzard. You have been hunkered down for a very long time and in danger of losing your sanity. Your blog neighbors (that would be us) come callin' to see if you're OK. We peek in the window. What do we see? What are you doing in there?
Stop looking at Nancy and I..this is private!

6. Who is the flakiest snowflake in your life? Past or present.
Simple question...even simpler answer....ME!

7. You are Snow White. Which dwarf is your favorite and why?
Dopey..go on you figure it out...pssst, Dopey stoke one up dude!

8. What is the most fun you've ever had inside during a snowstorm?
If you would stop staring in the window, I might just be able to answer this question.

9. What was Jack Frost nipping at?
My whiskey, which is why he met my blow-torch.

10. Due to blobal warming (that's blog + global for all you non-blog speakers) your snowman has prematurely melted. What was his last request?
Some whiskey of course!

And of course his name WAS JACK...GENTLEMAN JACK...silly Queen!

6 Of Your Sparks

  1. Schmoop Says:
  2. We've barely had enough snow to make a snowball this year, let alone a snowman. Cheers!!

  3. ...Let's see: you're coppin' a buzz with a dwarf, doin' the Wild Thing behind the window, and giving a criminal snowman his just rewards...sounds like fun!...

  4. Jay Says:
  5. As long as you have whiskey in the house, you can survive any snowstorm.

  6. Mimi Lenox Says:
  7. I think Phfrankie has this figured out. I can't say it any better.
    I told you on my page his name wasn't Jack! He was only a gentleman when there wasn't a snow storm.
    My kind of guy!

    Thank you for playing...Dopey and all.

  8. Mimi Lenox Says:
  9. P.S. Close the curtains.

  10. Dianne Says:
  11. I see whiskey is a theme ;)


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