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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nancy and I were looking forward to watching the Olympics last night. Stayed away from all sports websites...thanked the stars that all JAY of "Cynical B**tard" has a Curling jones going and did not mention any other sports...even turned the radio off in the car when the news came on during my drive home.

All in the anticipation of watching some downhill skiing and speed-skating. Not sure how it is all going to turn out some one hour before the games come on TV in prime time, but we will see.

Our friend TRAVIS of "Trav's Thoughts" was so correct the other day when he talked about being excited that the Olympics would be 'in his timezone', for the first time in a while. Yet, if it is one of the outdoor sports, it is going to be on tape-delay no matter what. You get ll the "ice sports" and none of the 'snow sports' live, and even then, some of those competitions are taped.

Going back to the aforementioned Jay...dude, I do get the whole Lenten Abstinence thing and all, but ALL JUNK FOOD and then you throw in all BOOZE too???

Truly, I know you and MATT-MAN of "Bagwine Ruminations" both had chats with J.C and all, but this is not a competition...You may have gone over the edge just a tad too far.

Remember yesterday? You were twittering that it had only been 17 hours and you were 'freaking dying for a soft drink'...psst, commere Jay...if you had a whiskey in your paw at that moment a soft drink would be the furthest thought on your mind.

Just sayin'.....

Going to give you a taste of Mississippi Heat. They are out of Chicago, though, like their name, the music they play is all Delta...well with a little 'latin-blues' thrown in. The band leader, Pierre Lacocque will be joining me on Music On The Couch on May 17th or sooner. (Going to have to find out how to pronounce his name before the show!)

This is entitled Soft-Hearted Woman

If you want to show some blog(talk radio) love, you can grab the following code...or you can always grab the player from MOTC Website

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13 Of Your Sparks

  1. Schmoop Says:
  2. Jay will be just fine, or...perhaps his head will assplode. Either way, somethin's gonna happen. Cheers Vin!!

  3. Travis Cody Says:
  4. ACK! Codes!!

    I do want to promote the show though, so I'll try to get the code right over the weekend for my sidebar.

    We really enjoyed the Olympics last night. Shaun White is made of wow.

  5. I've been a bad blog buddy; I haven't visited you regularly, and I haven't been over to Trav's place in ages. Sigh......I'm a slacker. (Or as Starr would say SLACQUER."

    I have given up on seeing the Olympics LIVE. Ever. It won't happen. I'm so used to seeing everything on tape delay, even things happening in my own time zone, that after nigh on 20 years, I've gotten over the feeling of being a b*stard child. That's the price we pay for living west of the Continental Divide. People hate to visit because it's "too far," and television is broadcast hours later to "play to the prime time audience back east." Such is life.

    Still, it has been a very exciting Winter Olympics. Lindsey Vonn came through, Shani Davis skated like a mad man, and Shaun White got so much height, I thought he was going to take off into space!

    Great drama. All to be had if one can avoid the news outlets (and friends back east shouting their joy and exasperation on Facebook). :)

  6. ...loooooves me some slow loping blues...

  7. katherine. Says:
  8. time delay SUCKS or as Starr would say SUXS

    but I love the olympics. Shaun White can pull off what no one else can and makes it look so easy that maybe even I could do it. (big laughter here)

  9. MATT: Nostradamus you are not

    TRAVIS: LOL..I knew someone would freak!

    SONGBIRD: I stay away from the Facebook also...especially for some east coasters who need to continually brag on their country like it is the only one on earth

    Last night was incredible indeed

    PHFRANKIE: I knew you would dude..this band is HAWT

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.  
  11. KATHERINE: So are we starting a dictionary by Starr now?
    It is amazing how easy he makes it look...Thanks for the giggle

  12. Jay Says:
  13. I was able to recover from my cravings and made it through the day. I'm sure the first day is the hardest. Or maybe it's the second. haha

    NBC's coverage of the Olympics has been horrible. The refusal to allow people to watch live events online is infuriating. As for people trying to avoid results of events that happen during the day? Good luck with that. A lot of people are complaining about results being posted to Twitter, but that's silly. Twitter is a live, real-time discussions. People are gonna talk about what's happening as it happens.

  14. We've been watching, too....

    but mostly because of Lindsay Vonn. ;)

    Hey, I got on your site!!!! I'm kinda excited! ;)

  15. JAY: Wishing you luck Sir...I can see why they are keeping it off the internet...they are making millions on ads that run in prime time and need to not water down their ratings.
    Well, I know one guy who has ruined Curling for me because all he does is tweet about it!

    RLL: Well Lindsay is HAWT, so I understand. I am excited also

  16. Mike Golch Says:
  17. great posting,I can't get the codes right or maybe blogger is just not co-operation.I have had to delete sever thing that would not work on my site.Oh Well Stuff happens.

  18. Mimi Lenox Says:
  19. I am missing so much of the Olympics right now. What is wrong with me? WHERE are my priorities?


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