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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Just a little common sense information on the upcoming census I received and thought I would pass along...

With the U.S. Census process beginning, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) advises people to be cooperative, but cautious, so as not to become a victim of fraud or identity theft. The first phase of the 2010 U.S. Census is under way as workers have begun verifying the addresses of households across the country. Eventually, more than 140,000 U.S. Census workers will count every person in the United States and will gather information about every person living at each address including name, age, gender, race, and other relevant data.

The big question is - how do you tell the difference between a U.S. Census worker and a con artist? BBB offers the following advice:

If a U.S. Census worker knocks on your door, they will have a badge, a hand-held device, a Census Bureau canvas bag, and a confidentiality notice. Ask to see their identification and their badge before answering their questions. However, you should never invite anyone you don't know into your home.

Census workers are currently only knocking on doors to verify address information. Do not give your Social Security number, credit card or banking information to anyone, even if they claim they need it for the U.S. Census.


While the Census Bureau might ask for basic financial information, such as a salary range, YOU DON'T HAVE TO ANSWER ANYTHING AT ALL ABOUT YOUR FINANCIAL SITUATION. The Census Bureau will not ask for Social Security, bank account, or credit card numbers, nor will employees solicit donations. Any one asking for that information is NOT with the Census Bureau.

The Census Bureau has decided not to work with Acorn on gathering this information. No Acorn worker should approach you saying he/she is with the Census Bureau.

Eventually, Census workers may contact you by telephone, mail, or in person at home. However, the Census Bureau will not contact you by Email, so be on the lookout for Email scams impersonating the Census.

Never click on a link or open any attachments in an Email that are supposedly from the U.S. Census Bureau.

For more advice on avoiding identity theft and fraud, visit www.bbb.org

I am flabbergasted by these member of the Central Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho, and the East Side Baptist Church in Twin Falls, Idaho who thought they had a right to take 33 children and try and get them out of Haiti.

They say they were helping orphans, but some of these kids still had parents who were alive. They did this without the proper authority and without any paperwork whatsoever.

Their detained spokeswoman, Laura Silsby, conceded that she had not obtained the proper Haitian documents, but told the AP from detention that the group was "just trying to do the right thing" amid the chaos.

The 33 kids, ranging in age from 2 months to 12 years and with their names written in tape on their shirts, were being sheltered in a temporary children's home, where some told aid workers that they have surviving parents. Lassegue said the Social Affairs Ministry was trying to find them.

"One (9-year-old) girl was crying, and saying, 'I am not an orphan. I still have my parents.' And she thought she was going on a summer camp or a boarding school or something like that," said George Willeit, a spokesman for the SOS Children's Village.

Now, because of the dismantled court system in Haiti, they may be sent to the US for trial. I am hoepful they all get some sort of discipline other than a mere slap on the wrist and I also believe they should all lose their passports so they can't go on any other 'charity missions' in the future.

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13 Of Your Sparks

  1. Schmoop Says:
  2. Those church memebers had every right to abduct those kids. They were doing the Lord's work...or something. Cheers!!

  3. Ken Says:
  4. Thanks for that census info, to bad you couldn't get that info to EVERY household first.

    I think a lot of the idiot BUBBA's out there and just all around haters of Obama are going to play hard and stupid with this census.

    People where Bicky works (strong Obama haters, strong minded Baptists) are threatening to not cooperate at all. WTF is happening in this country?

  5. Dana Says:
  6. I've been following the Haitian "orphan" story as well and although I believe their intent was likely good, hello?

    I am AMAZED at the thought process that justifies committing a crime in the name of God *shakes head*

  7. Jay Says:
  8. One of the way I like to entertain myself is to listen to the local conspiracy theorists talk about all the evil things that the census is supposedly about. They're very creative.

    That story of those wackos going down there and trying to basically kidnap those kids just boggles the mind. I don't even agree with Dana that their intentions were good. They were delusional.

  9. MATT-MAN: uh huh

    MICKEY-T: Because this is all President Obama's idea? We have never had a census before ... right?

    And when their schools do not get the funding needed they will blame Obama also I presume

    DANA: No good intentions...sorry...they KNEW they did not have the proper paperwork...they KNEW they were doing something wrong

    JAY: Like I said above...have they forgotten ALL THE OTHER TIMES THEY WERE INVOLVED IN THE CENSUS????

    Sheesh folks...

    Those people need to lose their freedom and their passports

  10. ...stupid is as stupid does...

  11. PHFRANKIE: And there is a lot of stupid in this world

  12. Mimi Lenox Says:
  13. I've been watching the church missionary story with great interest. Something fishy going on there.

    Census: I'm showing my Queen card.

  14. MIMI: Not fishy...W-R-O-N-G
    Not sure they are accepting royalty for this census

  15. Travis Cody Says:
  16. I wrote several comments regarding both of the topics for today. In the end, I decided the best I could do was ask a one word question.


    As in, why are some people so determined to remain ignorant about important things like being counted during the census and learning the rules of engagement in a foreign country so your quest to "do the right thing" actually accomplishes a good thing?

  17. TRAVIS: And in the end, your simple statement was perfect

  18. RW Says:
  19. While they had "good intentions" trying to help out, in a disaster zone of "death".

    They should have thought out what they were doing.

    Not hearing all the facts, I am limited on my judgment.

    But will say, the media is renown for miscuing the truth and people are far to eager to cast the first stone.

  20. Too many people do the wrong thing while invoking the Lord's name. And I'm not just talking about so-called charity workers and missionaries, right?


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