1 Birthday, 1 Anniversary, 4 Teams, 5 Songs...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, April 02, 2010

HAPPY 23rd Birthday Matt.

Yup...23 years ago tomorrow my whole world changed forever.
And I would not change that fact for anything!
He is doing the 6-year college merry-go-round
First a teacher, then a psychologist and finally law enforcement
But he has gotten his act together acing all his classes this semester.
If you never read my 20th Birthday tribute to my son, find it HERE

Brother Rich
& SIL Cindy

on their 27 Anniversary on this day!

OOPSIE..the Frozen Four begins NEXT Thursday! 5:30pm R.I.T.(28-11-1) v. Wisconsin (27-10-4) then at 8:30pm #1 seed Miami (Ohio) (29-7-7) v. #3 seed Boston College (27-10-3).

They only give seeding for the top 4 teams and R.I.T. beat the #2 seed Denver in round 1 of the tournament. Bracket details are found


I said yesterday I was going to concentrate more on MUSIC here on The Couch...and that means joining in on my friend TRAVIS' meme called FIVE ON FRIDAY.

Now here are the guidelines (Travis does not do rules) for Five On Friday:

1. Grab the banner, make your post title Five on Friday, and be sure to link back here.
2. Go to Playlist.com to make your play list of five songs. Choose a particular theme to share with us. You can simply post the play list, or you can add a little summary about what you are sharing.
3. I don't know how to make a specific linky, so be sure to leave me a comment to let me know that you participated.
4. No tags, but feel free to invite your friends to play along if they need a post topic on a Friday.

Now, I do not use playlist.com, but I am putting 5 songs here.

These five are all artists I am have booked or am looking to book on my BlogTalk Radio Show "Music On The Couch" over the next few months.

This is a really cool way to share your music with your readers and I highly encourage you to join in on Friday's, after all...Friday means the doorway to the weekend and going back to my college days when I ran the Fraternity's sound system (shocked you are, I know), that meant Friday afternoon speakers on the balcony giving the quad MUSIC!

Joshua Stedman is booked on the show on April 19th.
This is "A Simple Love"

Nick Daugherty is still not confirmed, but we are working it out.
This is "A Thousand Times"

Kat Danser is scheduled to appear in June.
This is her song "Yesterday's Blues"

Mississippi Heat's leader Pierre Lacocque will appear on April 26.
This is their song "Hattiesburg Blues"

And finally today,
the band is Zydecosis from New Orleans. I have not booked them yet.
They take rock and roll and play it in Zydeco - very cool.
This is their take on"Fat Bottomed Girls"


15 Of Your Sparks

  1. Liz Hill Says:
  2. Happy Birthday to Matt! He's an awesome young man and we were so happy to be able to meet him.

  3. LAC Says:
  4. Happy birthday to son and dad! Sounds like a great young man. And happy Anniversary to the other group. Have a great weekend.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Your son is nice looking! I thought he was Scott Wolf from Party of 5 until I read more. Seriously.

    Happy birthday to him!

  7. Travis Cody Says:
  8. Thanks for playing my feature! I was drawn to the song from Mr Daugherty right away because it has the same title as a poem I wrote. I liked the song.

    I'll collect the rest of them over the weekend.

    And happy birthday to Matt!

  9. TURNBABY: And he did mention he enjoyed meeting the two of you...

    SHUTTERBUG: YOu also enjoy your first Easter as parents

    3 M & A LADY: Had not idea who Scott Wolf was, had to google

    TRAVIS: I will be a regular moving forward, I already began thinking about a theme for next week!

  10. Jay Says:
  11. Happy birthday to Matt!

    And thanks for linking to RIT, cause I had no idea who they were. ;-)

  12. Truly interesting choices. I hadn't heard of Zydecosis and really like them. Hope you get the booking. If you need more music, take a swing at Take This Tune if only because we take requests to go with the meme.

  13. OBLadyBug Says:
  14. Happy Birthday Matt! I hope you have an awesome day.

    Also... Congrats to Richard and Cindy. Wishing you many more wonderful years together.

  15. Maggie Moo Says:
  16. Happy birthday to Matt!! I do remember that tribute-it's wonderful.

    I can't listen at work, so I'll come back tonight after dinner...mine is baseball related, in honor of Sundays game!!!

  17. Wonderful new music to me, Bond. I really enjoyed A Thousand Times, the Hattiesburg Blues and the Zydeco Fat Bottomed Girls.

  18. katherine. Says:
  19. Happy Birthday to Matt and Happy Anniversary to your bro and SIL.

    23? Six years of college is just fine. Rhiannon took over five and Lauren is um...four years into what will be AT LEAST six...and she's talking Grad School now. They both tested out various fields of study and I am glad they did.

  20. Jeff B Says:
  21. Celebrations all around.

    Hope Easter is a great day for you and the family.

  22. Bar Says:
  23. Happy Birthday to your great looking son! I wish him the very best. And awesome to know your bro and SIL have been together all these years. Good for them. Everyone in your family is attractive!

  24. Tug Says:
  25. I'm so very late...Happy Happy Birthday Matt!! I hope it was beyond awesome, and I hope you & Nancy had a great weekend Vinny!

  26. Mimi Lenox Says:
  27. Happy birthday to Matt! And congrats to your brother and wife on their awesome achievement as well!

    Good times. Memories. Awesome.


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