A Tale Of Two Shows...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, April 27, 2010

With apologies to Charles Dickens

It was the best of final seasons, it was the worst of final seasons...

Two of my favorite shows on television are winding down to their final episodes and a life to be lived on DVDs for future generations to discuss and critique.

The best of final seasons belongs to LOST...that show about, well it is about what each individual viewer believes it is about. A plane crash on an island that exists, or does it? A group of people thrown together by fate and how their lives change...or do they?

Smoke monsters and polar bears...secret scientific compounds and hidden hatches...dead relatives appearing on the island to lead our survivors to new adventures...

Sinister businessmen who lived on the island in an earlier time returning to destroy evidence of the island's existence and snuff out all who live there...

This final season has brought us the thought of separate realities lived by the survivors...what if the plane did not crash and they all arrived safely in Los Angeles...in this new reality, they meet others who were on the plane in new and interesting circumstances.

It has been seasons since those numbers that intrigued, confused and caused so many
discussions - 4 8 15 16 23 42 - Hurley's lottery numbers...numbers found on the hatch...but numbers that have taken a backseat to the wonders of who is to take Jacob's place on the island. Jacob, the stranger who appeared in so many lives before the flight that created this mystery, departed on its trans-Pacific journey.

Will the writers and producers fill in the blanks still remaining? Will they leave us hanging with more questions than we had to begin? Time will tell...only 6 more episodes (or is it 5?) before the island and Jack and Sawyer and Sun and Jin and Locke and Hurley and Kate and all the rest fade off into television history.

No matter what, in my opinion, the producers and writers have stayed true to the story and to us this final season and for that I am happy.

Then there is the final season of 24. A show with the unique concept of every second of TV time represents one second of real time. A ticking clock allows you to follow the time and it started with incredible promise.

Season one, day one a character boarded a plane in NY heading to California. They did not arrive until sometime in hour six. Real time!

If someone got in a car and drove 20 miles it would take at least 20 minutes.

Then the clock and the plausibility began to take a back seat. Now, let's all realize that most television shows are not based upon real time. Murders are solved in 46 minutes (60 minute show minus the needed 14 minutes of commercials). In 24, the clock never stopped for the commercials. You might go to break at 1:05:24 and when the commercial ends it would be somewhere around 1:08:56.

With the other shows, we suspend belief that a character can drive from LA to San Diego in the hour.

BUT the producers and writers of 24 asked us to accept that this same drive on their show would take a minimum of 2 hours.

This season the show moved to New York. suddenly Jack Bauer, the lead character can get in a cab downtown New York and be in Queens in 4 minutes.

The President can leave an upper floor of the UN and be in Queens in less than 5 minutes!

The best/worst was when one set of characters left Manhattan for Fort McGuire in NJ (at least a 3 hour trip) and arrived before Jack got in a car and drove from downtown to 160th street!!!!!!!!

Our hero Jack Bauer was stabbed with a 5" blade in the stomach and continued on his quest.

For the THIRD TIME in 8 seasons the group Jack works for CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit) was infiltrated by a spy. This is a group charged with protecting the USA from terrorists and they can not vet their employees enough to stop from being infiltrated????

The writers and producers mailed this season in and in doing so, they betrayed the true fans. Strangely enough on the message boards on Fox.com, I see very little anger at this betrayal.

I have continued to watch BECAUSE it is the last season...because I invested 8 seasons of my time into watching what was once a great show because of the concept and the true feeling of the show...but the show is no longer the concept I was sold 8 seasons ago...it is a normal TV program and the clock has just become an annoying sound instead of a time keeper it was originally intended to be.

Fade away Jack Bauer...goodbye Chloe and Renee and President Taylor...fade away CTU, our country will be better off without you.

It is a far, far better rerun that I watch, than I have ever watched; it is a far, far better season that I seek than I have ever known.

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9 Of Your Sparks

  1. Jay Says:
  2. I just never got started watching either of those shows. I might get the DVDs through NetFlix someday and watch them start to finish though. Or when they go into syndication possibly.

    Speaking of TV shows, are you watch "Treme" on HBO? I'm liking it a lot.

    I'm also enjoying "Justified" on FX. It's not great, but keeps me busy until "Sons of Anarchy" comes back this fall.

  3. DrillerAA09 Says:
  4. I never got started watching either of the shows. I saw a couple of episodes of 24 and found it very interesting though.

    Very good show last night sir. I truly enjoyed both guests.

  5. CiCi Says:
  6. I'm just stopping by to say howdy. I haven't watched TV in over four years. Don't have any idea of the shows. I know most people do watch TV and it is okey dokey with me. Hope things are going well with you.

  7. Travis Cody Says:
  8. We've discussed my feelings regarding 24. And the sad thing is that there are so many plausible stories they could have told and held to the format of real time. Instead it became more like a bad comic book.

  9. JAY: LOST is definitely worth it...24 is also a good thing if watched in sequence...well other than this season

    DRILLER: I appreciate your coming to the chat room last night and glad you enjoyed

    TECHNOBABE: Thanks for checking in...have to come over and visit

    TRAVIS: Yes we have Sir and I totally agree

  10. ...I dozed in and out of an episode of The Patty Duke Show this morning at 2:30...

  11. Maggie Moo Says:
  12. It's 4 episodes-4!!!!! I can't believe it and I'm starting to get nervous that LOST is not going to wrap up like I thought it would. I don't want more questions. I know they can't possibly answer all of our questions, but I feel like they are introducing more now than before and I'm slightly frustrated by it. But I've been a loyal fan so I am going to stick it out and hope...

  13. PHFRANKIE: That can happen!

    MAGS: yup 4 left...I think they will wrap it up for us..I believe they will...I hope they will

  14. Unknown Says:
  15. I thought it was down to the last three episodes. None tonight and than the final three...at least I think. I just can't imagine how they're going to wrap it up. They've promised a lot of secrets, but have said they don't plan to answer all the questions.

    24 I gave up a season or two ago. I enjoyed it at first, but less so as it went on. I have the first five (I think) seasons on DVD and that's it.


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