"MAIL CALL a soldier's worst nightmare & RECALL the rest of my story: A Memoir"

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, May 27, 2010

Take out the clock and the 'real time' premise and the finale of 24 was non-stop action which I thoroughly enjoyed. They certainly left the door open for the talked about 2-hour movie (each hour will be one day as opposed to the 'minute by minute' concept the show was formulated under).

The finale of LOST, also made me smile. I know there are many discussions over the ending but this viewer thought they did a heck of a job wrapping it all up.

Let's set something straight right now, just because this guy is a relative does not mean I am sucking up to him or anything, but in the course of the last 18 hours I learned things about Dad Vince that I had never known.

Most of these pieces of knowledge surround his time in Korea during the war fought there.

A few items come from after he returned home to his bride, Mom Joan.

This information came to me through the copy of his memoirs I received in the mail on Tuesday.

"MAIL CALL a soldier's worst nightmare & 
RECALL the rest of my story: A Memoir" 
by Vincent E. Marini, Sr., 

is his story. Dad decided to do this and self-publish, mainly for his children, but more so for his grandchildren and those that come after.

From his time as a lad at St. Martin of Tours, to his days cutting school to play cards (HEY, how come I got in trouble for that stuff???), to meeting Mom Joan and his time in Korea (the worst nightmare part), the book is chock full of stories I do remember growing up. The big Northeast blackout of 1965...his days at Esquire and the recall of the incredible travel he and Mom Joan have been able to experience. Just from reading this book, you will know restaurants to dine in when you visit some of the places they did! LOL  We are ALL about what is the next meal in my family when we travel!!!

Of course he gloats over his kids and grand kids (or else we would not read it! LOL Kidding).

Did you know that during WWII, citizens of the USA, who were Italian born were also put into detainment camps? Well it happened in my family.

I did chide dad that he failed to mention that I was the first college graduate in our family, but he reminded me that then he would have to tell the story of how I kind of ruined it for them...so, anyway...let's not mention that, OK..

So, I want to say congrats to Dad Vince for taking the time to sit and remember all of the times...and for putting it into book form that is easy to read and has, even for those who are not family/friends/business associates, a sense of the world as seen through the eyes of an (almost) 80 year old son of Italian immigrants born when his parents were in their 40's. 

If this interests you, you can order the book in hardcover, softcover and even electronically by checking out his page at Authorhouse the company he used, and I have to tell you they do a great job on the dustjackets for the hardcovers and the softcover's are also nicely done.

I was a tad disappointed in the quality of the photos inside the book. As Dad Vince and I kidded, I should have gone on the press approval!

15 Of Your Sparks

  1. Dana Says:
  2. I'm NOT a fan of 24, LOST, or the plethora of other series ending/season ending shows that aired this past week. *shrugs*

    The book sounds like a wonderful archive of family history - pretty cool!

  3. LAC Says:
  4. What a great idea to ensure his legacy and stories are never lost. I wish my Grandfather had done it. Though I did try to spend a camping weekend with him once writing things down, capturing tidbits of his stories and family heritage. Wish I could find that notebook now.

  5. Vinny, I ordered your dad's book and can't wait to receive it. It has been so much fun being part of this journey, albeit the publishing end which was a bit unnerving. Can't wait to sit down with a glass of wine and read.

  6. CiCi Says:
  7. Good for your dad to take the time to preserve family information for the next generations. I will check out his book.

  8. DANA: If we were all fans, the show would never go off air! LOL

    SHUTTERBUG: I bet it is somewhere in the house...keep looking

    KATHY: Thanks Kathy, I am sure you will enjoy

    TECHNOBABE: It really is a fun read.

  9. Ken Says:
  10. Yea Dad Vince! Very cool thing to do to keep family informed.

    Hope you sell a million copies.

  11. You are so blessed that your parents have now documented their legacy for you and the generations to come. I wish I had been so blessed.

  12. ...now, THAT is cool!....

  13. Linda Says:
  14. What a fantastic thing to have your Dad's life and memories in published book form for generations to come! Like others have said, I wish that my grandfather and my father had done the same thing. Sadly, they probably thought no one would be interested but I know my brothers and I would have loved reading about my Dad's career in the Air Force and the other aspects of his life. Unfortunately he was the consumate tight-lipped New Englander!

    I hope everyone in your family buys a book and gets your Dad autograph it. What a treasure that would be!

  15. Jeff B Says:
  16. I sure wish my dad would have done something like this. How great it is for you and the family to have his words to pass on to the future generations.

    WOW!! The couch has a whole new look. Nice going dude!

  17. Vinny, you're the first one I've heard to praise the "Lost" finale. I tend to believe you. And I'll watch 24's whole season when it comes out on DVD. That's what I've done in the past. I do the same with "Heroes." :)

  18. Travis Cody Says:
  19. I keep asking my grandpa to record his memoirs. He's a sly old guy, and he won't tell me whether he has or not.

    Dude! I'm so glad you switched over to the new look! This is much cleaner and way easier to read.

  20. MICKEY: Hope he does also

    SONGBIRD: It is a blessing indeed

    PHFRANKIE: yup yup

    LINDA: He sent each of the kids and grand kids autographed copies

    JEFF: Dude..you have a ton of family history, as you shared it with us...and THANKS

    MARY: I am different, what can I say...I liked it...I am not sure what people expected

    TRAVIS: I hope he has also Travis. Serious, there were things I had NO IDEA my dad went through.

    Thanks...I like it too.

  21. Mimi Lenox Says:

    What a legacy.

  23. Julie Says:
  24. Thanks so much for steering me over here Vinny! This is WAY cool and a treasure for all to have. It's great that self publishing opportunities have been made available.


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