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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, May 24, 2010

Hope you can join me this evening as I interview JOSHUA STEDMAN a young funk/soul/rock musician and songwriter who knows how to spin a phrase. Before Joshua, MICHEL SOKOLOWSKI of the group SOKOBAND will take a seat on The Couch. Sokoband is a trio of superb musicians who weave their skills through improvisational jazz-rock instrumentals.

Show time is 9:00pm central and you can listen or even join the chat room HERE, or listen to the show after it ends at MUSIC ON THE COUCH or you can subscribe and have it delivered to your iTunes doorstep each week, just like the milkman of yore would drop off those glass bottles of milk into your milk box each morning before dawn...for that feature, just click HERE.

 There is a review of a new band and their CD over on TUNEAGE TUTELAGE. The band's name is MILES and it is the first review done exclusively for the new Big Leather Couch franchise.

I hope you check it out.

SO, this weekend was pretty productive I would say. On Saturday I got to play with electric wires and such as I had to replace the heating element in our electric range.

A few weeks ago JEFF of "Running With Scissors" had a post where he took on a plumbing adventure and completed it with full success. In the comments, I stated that plumbing and I almost always go wrong, so I have learned my lesson. Electricity, on the other hand, I have some measure of confidence and take on tasks that do not include wiring directly to the fuse box, anything with electric chairs...but that has more to do with an incident where I once climbed in a win....ummm....a bad dream I once had, yeah that's it!

So now, the oven heats up in a jiffy and no one ended up in the hospital with electrical-related injuries.

Then on Sunday, I made 30 meatballs and had 12 Italian sausage and made a pot and a half of gravy. Should be enough for about 10 meals or more...I do love the way the house smells when gravy is on the stove...YUMMO!

It was August in May here in the Memphis area in terms of heat this weekend. It was over 90 both days...but the humidity was not horrible.

Nancy is traveling this week on business and then I am away next week, so we spent some nice time together and she is - in case I have not said this before - the best partner in the world to cook with. She now knows the routine with gravy-making and helps get the tomatoes prepared and that makes it so much easier and a ton more fun!

This Saturday is the Sunset Symphony with special guests KC & The Sunshine Band playing with the Memphis Symphony. That is on top of some local bands and an airshow put on by the Commemorative Air Force. The show features vintage WWII and concept aircraft such as the Corsair, Hawker, Stearman and Russian Yak.

For this event, you can bring in chairs, and coolers with alcoholic beverages and it is only $7.00/person.

10 Of Your Sparks

  1. TopChamp Says:
  2. gravy?? hmm. Hope you enjoy the concert - bargain price.

  3. Travis Cody Says:
  4. So will Nancy be back so you can both enjoy the festivities next weekend?

    I think I can make the live show tonight. I foresee nothing standing in my way, except for missing the second half of the show for Dancing finale!

    I'm such a geek.

  5. BeckEye Says:
  6. I saw KC and the Sunshine Band about 10 years ago. KC looked pretty horrible, but he could still jam out.

  7. I had trouble last week getting into the chat room, but I can still hear the show. Depending on how my day rolls out, I hope to be able to tune in live. I hope......

    The air show/concert next weekend sounds like the quintessential Memorial Day weekend event. I'm sure you and Nancy will enjoy it. Try to get photos if you can.

    Safe travels to both of you.

  8. ...I was not aware that the yaks from Russia could fly!...too cool!..

  9. TOPCHAMP: Sicilian for tomato sauce

    TRAVIS: Yes she will be back late Friday...Looking forward to having you there

    BECKEYE: Well, I will let you know how he is next week

    SONGBIRD: Strange..hope it works this week, but as long as you are listening...We did the show two years ago and had a grand time

    PHFRANKIE: Well, proof is in the pudding...

  10. Jay Says:
  11. That sounds like a good time this weekend. Hope KC and the Sunshine Band do "Boogie Shoes."

  12. Ken Says:
  13. Don't those electric elements just pop off from the top of the stove? Hmmm.

    mmmmmm, gravy on the stove, all the do da day long.

  14. Anonymous Says:
  15. We had a DYI plumbing weekend, ugh. I hate when my husband has home repairs to do... instant grouch. Glad yours went well!

  16. CiCi Says:
  17. We don't do our own plumbing or electric here. Neither one of us is good with things that zap or flood.
    Your comment on my post indicated you had not heard from hubby and he says he sent you an email. Okay, boys. Smile. He is really looking forward to it.


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