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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, May 25, 2010

PhotobucketI hope you had a chance to visit TUNEAGE TUTELAGE to check out my review of the band Miles and their album AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

The rhetoric being spewed over the Gulf disaster is amazing - as the hole continues to spew oil into the waters and we are all witnesses to what will be, the worst natural disaster of the last 200 years. With all due respect to the citizens of San Francisco back in 1906 and the residents of Chicago in 1871 or those in Haiti today, but the damage that will occur to this continuing cluster-f**k is staggering in it's cost and length of time that will be needed for the area to rejuvenate.

The jobs lost is going to be another punch to the belly of our economy. Sales of seafood for the state of Louisiana as reported by Newsweek Louisiana is the largest seafood producer in the lower 48 states, with annual retail sales of about $1.8 billion, according to state data. Recreational fishing generates about $1 billion in retail sales a year, according to the state.

“Our marshes are nurseries and if those marshes are impacted, those juveniles that are dependent on feeding in those marshes will be affected too,” said Karen Foote marine fisheries division administrator for the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Department.

Luckily this should not impact gas prices ... well, in reality. But the gas companies will all find a way to add on a few sheckles per gallon because "well, heck, ummm ya know, that big leak...ya know".

Let's add in the money lost via tourism to the gulf region of Louisiana and if it turns eastward and hits the Florida panhandle.

And still the oil flows and flows...and BP seems to be useless. Is it time for the government to go hire a firm to stop this mess, and then pass the bill over to BP CEO Tony Hayward?

Swedish businessman Carl-Henric Svanberg, who was appointed as the BP group's new chairman from 2010 was here in the US and just returned home. He took some flack for being so silent on this whole situation. Now pay attention here, these are quotes from Carl-Henrc himself...for you sports fans think and owner saying the following "I have complete faith in my manager/coach". KISS OF DEATH!

"It is our subcontractor's drilling equipment that has failed, but it is our responsibility. We will do everything humanly possible to plug the leak, clean up after ourselves and meet all necessary requirements". AH YES! THROW SUB-CONTRACTOR UNDER THE BUS.

“There’s a clear separation of responsibilities. CEO Tony Hayward and his team are responsible for the company’s operations and they are doing excellent work to try to cope with this difficult situation". BYE BYE TONY...PACK YOUR DESK DUDE, THE GUARDS WILL BE SHOWING UP REAL SOON.

“It is obviously a big disaster that we are witnessing. We will learn a lot from this and learn to do things differently" NOW - WHAT I WANT TO KNOW IS WHY IF IN BRAZIL AND NORWAY THEY REQUIRE BACKUP SYSTEMS TO PREVENT BLOWOUTS WHY OH WHY DO WE NOT DO SO? OH SORRY! THEY PROBABLY COST SOME MONEY!

Something has to be done, but I am not smart enough to know what exactly.

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  1. Unknown Says:
  2. I'm not smart enough, either--how I wish I was...or someone was. My husband was born in Plaquemines Parish, LA. Lots of family down there...

  3. Dana Says:
  4. I am not a huge fan of bringing the government in to solve problems as it seems to create another layer of problems. That said, we have some of the best and brightest minds in the Army Corp of Engineers and I do wonder why they have not been brought into this ...

  5. LAC Says:
  6. It is just heartbreaking to see all of the damage, and to know it will be years before we know the full extent. I don't know much about it technically, but why the heck can't they hurry up and build another portable rig and start collecting the oil just like the other rig was doing?

  7. leelee Says:
  8. I just wish something would get done soon..I actually said to my husband last night "this is a job for Superman" all kidding aside... I'd be naive to think this crude will not make it way around Florida and up the East Coast. My heart is breaking for everyone impacted...Living in Hollywood, Florida..I fear it will be MY problem soon..drill baby drill? yeah right! Thanks for nothing BP!

  9. Maggie Moo Says:
  10. I agree with you that the government should step in-really step in-and clean this stuff up. And THEN go to BP and bill them...I saw images yesterday of the wildlife that is dying and suffering and it was just heartbreaking.

  11. Jay Says:
  12. I'm not sure that anyone has the expertise to deal with this. It doesn't matter how many plans and ideas you have for dealing with something like this, they're all hypothetical until it actually happens.

    Obviously, when the leak first happened the initial reaction by both BP and our gov't was to save the oil well first and not "Lets just plug the leak." Now we're finding out that nobody knows how to plug the thing.

  13. Linda Says:
  14. Every time I watch another story on the news about this, I have to wonder why on earth SOMETHING hasn't been done yet? This hole is not going to miraculously repair itself and if BP can't do it then it's time someone who can stepped in and took over. Like Dana said, the Army Corps of Engineers does brilliant work and rather than watch the whole Louisiana coast go under, perhaps it's time our man in the White House made a command decision and told BP to step aside and wait for the bill.

    Even we little people sometimes have to call in the experts when we can't handle something like a stopped up drain or a leaky roof so it seems to me the big guns could do the same when it's very evident that they can't handle the problem themselves.

  15. Ken Says:
  16. Big Suck!

  17. CiCi Says:
  18. Like so many other things, will we ever know actual true accounts of how this happened or will be big companies be able to keep truth from us again? That said, now how do we get this stopped and repaired?

  19. BeckEye Says:
  20. “It is obviously a big disaster that we are witnessing. We will learn a lot from this and learn to do things differently."

    YES! How true! Also, you shouldn't put fireworks in your mouth, bears like to shit in the woods and the sky is blue.

    Seriously, do all politicians have a Ph.D. in jackassery and a Master's in the obvious?

  21. Unknown Says:
  22. And today the oil darkened as the gas is pushed away by the heavier crude, but the damage is already done. These pictures:

    are the dividing line between all the Fox people sneering "Where's the oil?" and the thousands of dead birds soon to wash ashore, along with the mammals we may never see.

    Thanks for this post.

    Also, I've been trying to reply to your email about the time of the show you want me to be on, but we're not connecting somehow.

    James Winningham

  23. Jeff B Says:
  24. Their latest attempt to fix this mess is to do a top kill. Shoot down a bunch of mud, rocks, golf balls, etc in an attempt to plug it.

    I have a new twist on this idea:

    How about they shoot down all those blow hard congressmen in DC. Those guys are so full of S*#T they are bound to plug up the works. As an added bonus, we will clear out some useless baggage from Capitol Hill.

    Just a thought.

  25. Tug Says:
  26. I've been checking out all the photos as well, and it's just heartbreaking. I read somewhere that Kevin Costner (for serious) had something that would plug it...wonder what happened to that? :-/

  27. Travis Cody Says:
  28. Didn't want to read and run without letting you know I was here. But I'm going to refrain from engaging in the blaming and the questioning and whatnot.


  29. Dianne Says:
  30. Haliburton - if there was ever an evil name there it is
    and then of course BP
    and then I think we all need to take some responsibility for not being more proactive about alternative fuels and cutting back

    and it goes on and on
    I read that many of the fishermen who are helping to soak up oil on the surface have not been paid yet by BP and are being mistreated to the poing where they needed to get their own lawyer

    until we reign in corporations and regulate industries in the interest of people and the planet this crap will just go on and on

  31. Mimi Lenox Says:
  32. It is totally heartbreaking.


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