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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just a warning, I will be posting over at REAL LIVE LESBIAN'S site tomorrow. She has been inundated with work and then the devistation of Nashville - though, luckily, her home was not impacted - and DANA of "Amid Life's Crisis" has been doing a heck of a job posting at least twice a week. I told RLL that I would be willing to post some music things over there from time to time and she protested and told me to stay away, readily accepted.

So, the newest addition of Tuneage Tutelage Band Bio will post there tomorrow and then be posted on one of the new pages here at The Big Leather Couch, TUNEAGE TUTELAGE on Friday.

This is the site that will allow you to see all my music posts in one place. Not everything has been moved, but I am getting there.

Just a word to everyone who is claiming deny-ability...FOLKS! without your help this oil spill is going to critically damage an entire region of the USA...and you probably better remember that your employees live in these areas and use the seashore for recreation and they will be impacted.

Have you read any of the transcripts of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee's grilling of the three stooges? I found this a good source HERE.

Lamar McKay - president of BP America, Steven L. Newman - chief executive and president of rig owner Transocean and Halliburton executive Tim Probert are the new Mo, Larry and Curly. They each sit there and say, well it was HIS fault, no it was your fault, no his fault...over and over.

It seems to me like everyone just needed to be there just too dang quickly and this is the result. And I am sorry, when I see the name Halliburton, I immediately think shoddy management, shoddier quality controls and a company that is just in it to screw their customers and grab the bucks.

Slap all three of these clowns upside the head, and then do the same to their companies by making them pick up the tab for the entire cleanup.

Maybe then someone will stand up in one of those meetings and say "Ummm, guys, maybe we should slow down and make sure that all the specifications for a safe, clean operation are met."

And that is just my take on it...what's yours?

Come on people - post some comments!

8 Of Your Sparks

  1. ...Accountability Now!...

  2. PHFRANKIE: Exactly!

  3. Jay Says:
  4. It'll be interesting to see if all those state attorneys general will be suing BP as fast and enthusiastically as they are suing to stop the health care bill. I mean, they are there to protect their states, right?

  5. Coco Says:
  6. ... and the ignorant little Canuck sits on the sidelines watching the comments fly without anything remotely useful to contribute ...

  7. JAY: Good point...

    COCO: Well, thanks for showing up...but think about if this spill were off your shorelines..what would you want to do about it?

  8. Jeff B Says:
  9. You know what's coming don't you? BP will pay out millions in fines and then will inevitably turn that right around into higher costs on petroleum products that we will all get to pay for.

    It wouldn't surprise me if they find a way to profit on this in the long haul.

  10. Travis Cody Says:
  11. I want transparency and accountability.

  12. Jeff's comment, sadly, has an all too loud ring of truth to it. Every for-profit company that is found at fault in a major litigation seems to find ways to capitalize on their "misfortune." They turn the misfortune into a huge fortune. ;P


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