Five On Friday: Blues Harmonica and an A**hat

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Friday, June 18, 2010

We have a winner....a brand new A**HAT has emerged...

GOP Rep. Joe Barton of Texas — the ranking member on the House Energy Committee — made a decisive splash in his opening remarks. A staunch conservative who has a long record of backing oil industry interests, Barton apologized to BP CEO Tony Hayward for the "shakedown" the Obama White House pulled on the company. (Barton has received more than $1.5 million in campaign donations from the oil industry, according to Open Secrets, a nonpartisan watchdog group.) You can watch the video here—the apology occurs at the 1:45 mark:

"I'm not speaking for anybody in the House of Representatives but myself," Barton explained, "but I'm ashamed of what happened in the White House yesterday. I think it is a tragedy of the first proportion that a private corporation can be subjected to what I would characterize as a shakedown. In this case a $20 billion shakedown."

Wrapping up, Barton said: "I apologize. I do not want to live in a country where any time a citizen or a corporation does something that is legitimately wrong, is subject to some sort of political pressure that is, again, in my words — amounts to a shakedown, so I apologize."

Yo us a favor and get on a plane or a boat and get the flock out of here if you don't want to live here...

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This week...BLUES HARMONICA is the subject of our five songs.

The descriptions of each artist comes from the website Harmonica Links

LITTLE WALTER: Little Walter could make his harp sound like a tenor sax, he was instrumental in defining the sound that is now known as Chicago blues harp. Singer, composer, bandleader and peerless harmonica virtuoso, Little Walter was unquestionably the single finest blues artist to have been produced by the post war Chicago blues movement.

SONNY TERRY: Whooping and wailing like a man possessed, Sonny Terry drew listeners into a sultry musical world populated with hot headed women and worried men. Though he often employed an ethereal falsetto voice, he was also capable of unleashing hair-raising hollers. His harmonica style was similarly compelling. The North Carolina-born legend would vocalize through his harp, thus intensifying the plaintive moan of the instrument. (Playing with Brownie Mcghee)

JIMMY REED: Jimmy Reed was born September 26, 1925 in Dunleith, Mississippi. It is this beginning that provided the exposure to the Blues. His tools for the blues were a Harmonica, Guitar and his pleading, boasting, chuckling or threatening voice. Reed's simple but evocative sound of walking bass lines mixed with high and slow harp did develop that unique, stacatto style, a blowing style with a lot less suck than someone such as Little Walter or Sonny Boy Williamson.

JAMES COTTON: James Cotton is one of the best-known blues harmonica musicians in the world, and certainly one of the best of the modern Chicago blues stylists, recognized for the power and precision of his playing. (Playing with Kenny Wayne Shepard)

CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE: Musselwhite masters the old Chicago tradition and at the same time experiments like no one else does. Understanding what position he plays on certain tunes is an interesting challenge!

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Hope you enjoyed...Have a GRAND WEEKEND!

20 Of Your Sparks

  1. Jeff B Says:
  2. Hey Joe..."BITE ME!"

  3. EXCELLENT list =)

    Barton is a jackass. And apparently he got called on the carpet by the GOP leaders and told to apologize for his apology or lose his seat on that committee. But the cat's out of the bag. This man thinks BP does not have to be responsible for their actions. I guess all those "small people" should pay.

  4. Liz Hill Says:
  5. I guess he just doesn't want to be one of the "small people" anymore.

  6. DrillerAA09 Says:
  7. Unfortunately, 90% of politicians are just like Joe, regardless of party. The only difference is the source of their campaign funds! Most of our legislators couldn't find their butts with both hands if heads weren't already stuck there.
    On a brighter note, some of the best 5 on Friday music I have ever heard. Outstanding selections.

  8. time at a blues festival in Washington I stood on the stage with War, behind Lee Oscar...

  9. ...stellar tuneage, Maestro!...

  10. Ken Says:
  11. I think Joe is a perfectly normal f%#king idiot! Let's send them all to Texas.

  12. JEFFB: You really want him to? I think he has rabies

    STARR: Thanks on the list and I did see where he got called out...freakin idjit

    LIZ: LOL yup probably...but now he is not even a people...he is an a**hat

    DRILLER: Very true indeed..and thanks so much

    PHFRANKIE: You are my hero...and thanks

    MICKEY-T: bwahahahahaahahah ...perfectly said

  13. Barton should take a swim in the spew until he looks like an oiled pelican gasping for air.

    Love the harmonica. It always amazes me what great music can come from such a simple instrument.

  14. Dianne Says:
  15. I found the use of the word "shakedown" to be especially offensive
    it's so indicative of their lack of respect for President Obama and I will always believe it is rooted in racism

    I did a whole lot of commenting on Bush but never did I once lose respect for the office of President of the US, and neither did many of his detractors

    the apology for the apology was pathetic
    apologies don't even mean anything any more, every asshat has one

  16. Mimi Lenox Says:
  17. Are the A**hats breeding?

  18. Mike Golch Says:
  19. Hey Joe,Up Yours,Oh I forgot you already have done that.

  20. Dana Says:
  21. Ummm ... at the risk of being tarred, feathered and run out on a rail ... I understand where Barton is coming from.

    Seriously people, at what point do we suggest the President run the country instead of trying to run corporate America?? 'Cause I've certainly been seeing a LOT of that this Presidential term.

    BP needs to pay, but *let* BP pay! It was a shakedown ... Barton was right, he just needs to learn to hold his tongue!

  22. JAMIE: I think he is slimier than the sludge

    DIANNE: I totally agree here

    MIMI: Yes it seems as if they are

    MIKE: LOL true

    DANA: No, President Obama is running the country. This continuing spill and BPs lack of a timely response has put the country in a bad place. The money is there for US Citizens and for the US environment to be compensated. President is ensuring our citizens and our property is taken care of, which is the job of the US President.
    BP would put a small amount out there without OUR President holding them accountable.
    Barton only gives a crap about his is that doing for the USA?

  23. DSNA: Never any tar and feathering here...I respect all opinion and would never ask someone to not state them here.

  24. Jay Says:
  25. It's just so outrageous when a corporation is being forced to be accountable for the messes it makes.

  26. JAY: I am flabbergasted at the whole situation!

  27. Travis Cody Says:
  28. Just listened to the Set...awesome!

  29. Tony Hayward was well on his way to being the "asshat" of those hearings - until Joe Barton opened his mouth.

    After his performance, BP has stated Hayward will no longer be overseeing anything related to the oil spill. Have to give them credit for that, at least.

  30. Linda Says:
  31. Whew! Finally got here to check out your Five on Friday set even though it's Tuesday! I'm with Jamie in that I have always been amazed at the music that can come out of a harmonica. I've tried a few times to figure out how to play one but I am completely and totally lost; my grandfather played one very well but alas, I didn't inherit the trait.

    I honestly don't think there is anything that says "blues" like a harmonica!


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