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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today, over at TUNEAGE TUTELAGE I have a review of the new album by a group called Moreland & Arbuckle. They are a trio out of Kansas who know the blues in all its forms - Delta, Chicago, Texas, Piemont, Roots...you name it they make it their own.

Hope you take the time to check it out and leave a comment.

Dustin Arbuckle will be sitting in next week on MUSIC ON THE COUCH and I am looking forward to speaking with the man.

OK, makes no freakin sense to me...

Melissa Huckaby, 29, reached a plea deal with prosecutors that took the death penalty and the possibility of parole off the table in the killing of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu of Tracy, whose body was found in a suitcase pulled from an irrigation pond.

What kind of a deal had to be made here...why is the state going to clothe and feed this b**ch for the next 50-plus years when they could just make her go bye-bye in a few minutes.

Seems they had all the evidence they needed to convict.

Not sure what happened, but I lost part of this post last night it appears. I guess I need to stop trying to write a post on two different computers...

See y'all tomorrow

14 Of Your Sparks

  1. Liz Hill Says:
  2. My guess is they did NOT have all the evidence they needed to convict. That's when they cut deals like that.

  3. LIZ: In the article I read it appeared they had her cold, but you are probably correct...

  4. Brad Says:
  5. B**ch? Now I have to try to figure out what that word was. Beach? Blech? Dammit. Where's my dictionary?

    Sorry we missed the show last night--I really wanted to listen. I'll listen to the feed today.

  6. ...getting the death penalty in California means she'll still be fed and clothed for 50 years...

  7. I'm really lame. I'm a baaaad friend. I totally FORGOT about the show last night until it was too late. Sigh.........can you tell I have too much on my mind? Too many things to do this week before we leave.


  8. CiCi Says:
  9. It might not have anything to do with your using two different computers. We have been having blogging problems across the board the past week. Did you have to buy a new battery?

  10. BRAD: Try a thesaurus

    PHFRANKIE: Crazy indeed

    SONGBIRD: Remember, you can always listen to the archives if/when oyu have things to do...or even while you are on the plane...

    TECHNOBABE: I had the edit window open on my laptop and then finished it on my desktop, so I think that did it...and no, not needing a new battery.

  11. Mimi Lenox Says:
  12. I have been having blogger problems too but I thought it was my computer. Maybe not.

    Just sent you an email about the show.
    You rock. Totally.

  13. MIMI: Nah it was me...and thanks for the great email

  14. Jeff B Says:
  15. That piece of crap woman deserves the needle, not years of sponsored care.

  16. Tug Says:
  17. The sad part is, I'm not even surprised any more when justice isn't served. Pathetic.

  18. We don't kill people here in California. We let murders off the hook and let rapists out of prison so they can turn into murders.

  19. gama Says:
  20. thanks for share...

  21. LAC Says:
  22. I don't know the details of that murder, but I really, truly believe that the punishment should fit the crime. And especially where children are involved, she should fry. Sorry. Some people just don't deserve the benefit of the doubt. Sad.


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