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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Man, had a heck of a day in the office.

Drives me crazy when you are traveling on business and people know, yet they leave stuff on your desk with notes like 'urgent' and 'get back to me ASAP'...well, if it was so dang important call me (sheesh, my office phone is even set to ring to my cell, so you don't have to call the cell!)
...and let me know and while I am sitting around at the press approval for an hour or so, I can deal with your urgent issue...

You can't say that you did something correctly when you leave off half the assignment and then say, well no one gave me the background for me to do that part....ASK FOR IT

Wondering if you have BP gas stations near you and, if so, have you consciously stopped visiting them?

Did you do so for Exxon after the Valdez spill?

I did stop using Exxon for a long time after the spill and then they took over all the Mobil stations in NJ and it was as if there was a monopoly in that state.

The other day on the way to the airport in MN, I passed a BP to go to a Texeco on purpose...

Like $200,000.00 is a problem for her?
A judge on Tuesday doubled Lindsay Lohan's bail to $200,000 after finding the actress violated the terms of her release with an adverse report by an alcohol ankle monitor.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel determined Lohan was in violation after a closed-door meeting with the actress' attorney and a prosecutor. Revel did not detail the violation, but said her decision was made after receiving "results" issued by a court-ordered alcohol monitor.

This probabtion has been going on for almost 3 years and they even extended it a year because she "struggled to complete the terms in time."

The woman needs to be thrown in jail like you or I would have been. This is ridiculous!

I am going to ask for some prayers for my co-worker Jim, who is going through a very difficult time healthwise. He has 5 children under the age of 12 and things are very dark at the moment.

There is a slight possibility I will get to see Josh Charles this Thursday. I am working on it, he is about 80 minutes away. But there is a baseball game that night..but Nancy said I could go...but, well ya know...

OK, so there was not a whole lot of wisdom here, but I feel like I am still trying to catch up from last week.

15 Of Your Sparks

  1. Oh, I dunno. Sounds like you got some wisdom and insight into how much common sense your colleagues possess. ;)

  2. DrillerAA09 Says:
  3. There are times when I can be gone from the office for three days and nothing seems to happen. Other times, I can go to lunch and when I get back, the whole world blew up and the debris landed on my desk. Go figure. Welcome home.

  4. Liz Hill Says:
  5. Stupid stuff always happens when my assistant is gone and I have to deal with everything lol

    And poor sad LiLo might have a hard time getting 200k with the way she spends but does not earn--although she must have gotten a decent advance for the Linda Lovelace movie.

  6. Coco Says:
  7. I like the new format, Vinny. It looks good and loads a whole lot quicker, too. Hope things settle down for you sooner than later and that your co-workers figure out where they left their autonomy so they can go retrieve it.


  8. Travis Cody Says:
  9. I've been using Chevron my entire adult life. I think the problem with trying to hurt petroleum companies in the wallet is that we use so many petroleum based products other than gas every day. It's tough to figure out where they came from.

    I'm not boycotting in the normal sense, but I am trying to be more aware of the products I use. For example, we've finally weaned ourselves off of purchasing bottled water. We've saved and are recycling the water bottles we have purchased and filling them with filtered water from our Britta pitcher.

    Most bottled water is filtered tap water anyway. Now we're getting ours for the cost of our regular water bill, and doing our small part to help reduce the plastic.

    It's too bad our favorite juice comes in a plastic container instead of paper or glass though.

  10. SONGBIRD: Yup, I guess in the end I do! LOL

    DRILLER: Ain't it the truth!

    LIZ: That was my thought about LiLo...and that role fits her perfectly

    COCO: Thank you and I am not sure that will ever happen!

    TRAVIS: Excellent points Sir. I have never been a bottled water person to be honest...and my grape juice comes in plastic bottles also, so I can not get away from them

  11. ...perhaps you just need a bowlful of orange Jello...

  12. Jay Says:
  13. We only have one BP station here in town. So it's easy to not go there. Actually I was already boycotting that station. Not because of the oil spill, but because the owner refuses to sell lottery tickets because gambling is immoral and he's trying to save our souls.

  14. Doc Says:
  15. For REAL... dude If I was in Lindsey's position they would have tossed me in the clink a long time ago.

  16. PHFRANKIE: lol...perhaps indeed

    JAY: say hallelujah brother

    DOC: You me and every other person on here...a LONG time ago, we would have been someone's jailhouse b**ch

  17. Dianne Says:
  18. I will send out good thoughts for your friend Jim, I'm sure it's doubly difficult when you have young children

    I'd like to do more than boycott BP but it's illegal

  19. Tug Says:
  20. Totally get the work thing, believe me. UGH.

    Lilo needs to go away...before she becomes a Britney, or worse...Heath.

    Prayers for your coworker...many, many prayers. My brother's ex BIL (a year younger than me) just had a pacemaker installed. You never know.

    I don't know that I've seen a BP station around here, but would definitely drive by.

  21. Sounds like my day except you didn't add the fact that your internet connection shuts off at the most in appropriate times. I will say prayers for your co-worker Jim.

    Wish I could blacklist BP like so many, but we are getting screwed doubly - yep, we have stock in BP.

    Have a great Thursday!!!

    Love, Kathy

  22. CiCi Says:
  23. We have BP gas stations all around here but we do not use their gas. I hope you get to see Josh Charles.
    Keep us informed on the status of your co worker Jim.

  24. Dana Says:
  25. I am a faithful BP user (I pprefer their gas for my car) and have not stopped using them since the spill. Quite frankly, this isn't a BP issue - they were just the ones to get caught this time. If I boycotted BP due to the spill, I need to boycott all of the gas stations as they all practice the same policies/procedures.


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