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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Monday was a decent day. Work did not kick my a** too much. I got home and received a huge kiss from the Lady who owns my heart.

I got ready for Music On The Couch and the show went off pretty well IMHO.

One of the interesting things is that for the most part there were only 4-5 people in the chat room. I knew one or two of my regulars would not be there, JAY from "Cynical B**tard" was there the entire show
and MIMI from "Mimi Writes" floated in and out as she was having some troubles with chat and sound.

There were a couple of guests in the room from time to time also.

Now, this morning I wake up and check my show page to see if anyone downloaded from the archives and come to find there were 30 people or so who listened live. They just never came to chat.

I wish we had insight into who was listening, but that feature is not available.

Anyway, David Homyk and Mark Biscotti, lead singer from the band Million Dollar Mouth, were both engaging and funny - making for good guests.

Get done with the show and spend some time with Nancy dealing with a selfish and spoiled individual and then head for bed.

Lying there, just about to fall asleep and the little voice in my head says...


SO now you know why your Tuesday felt so empty and unfulfilled...

excuse me a moment ..bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

OK, I am done now.

I may have mentioned to plans to go to Atlanta to hook up with some fellow bloggers including STARR from "Here Comes The Storm..." and SONGBIRD from "The Ice Box and the aforementioned Mimi, but yesterday reality finally slapped me in the face and I had to decline the opportunity.

To put is gently, finances suck right now...and my best friend's son is getting married August 21st in New York and I can not miss it as I was with Andy the night Brian entered the world.

I got a call that night from Andy as I was on Fire Island with a young woman. "I have a son, get up here" were the words I heard.

I explained why i was leaving and she did not accept it...last time i ever saw her.

Made a quick stop in Brooklyn and then up to Mt. Kisco and an all night celebration.

Add to that, the previously announced cruise in November to celebrate Dad Vince's 80th birthday and Atlanta just moved off the schedule.

The only upside is that within 3 years Starr will be making a move to 'ot Lanta and will be a mere 7 hours away and we can gather often.

Also last evening on the show I received a call from Couch favorite and the guest on our premier show, Mr. Phil Putnam who made an announcement regarding his next album.

The album will be called "Songs About You", and is based on your involvement in the process from day 1.

To get all the details and get involved in "Songs About You", visit the Songs About You page at Rockethub.com.

There are some interesting choices for you to get involved from a donation of $5 all the way up to the mega-prize package valued at $10,000.00.

As anyone who heard my interview with the band Ten year Vamp they did something similar to help get their album produced.

I suggest you just go over and look at the future of the music business for bands trying to make it on their own.

Sugar Magnolia by the Grateful Dead is one of those songs that will ALWAYS put a smile on my face...just sayin'

13 Of Your Sparks

  1. Unknown Says:
  2. I was hoping to make it to Atlanta for the blogfest too, but probably won't be able to. If I make it to Atlanta I've got to go see my friends who son died in Afganhastain and spend some time with them. And than I gotta get back up and see my Mom again. (And hopefully manage to grab a little time in order to meet you.) Just isn't enough time....

  3. LAC Says:
  4. Sorry to hear about your wife having to deal with a selfish person. There's always the Blogger Cruise in February I keep hearing so much about.

    I can completely understand the financial stress' this year. Sometimes you just have to prioritize. Sounds like you've done that well.

  5. Dana Says:
  6. The good news is that you still have some great plans this year, even if they don't include the blogger meet-up!

  7. Anonymous Says:
  8. Coming home to a big kiss is enough to make any day great! What's this about a blogger cruise? That sounds interesting.

  9. "..saw my baby down by the riverside, knew she'd have to come up soon for air..."

  10. JOHN: Hope the next time you are up here we can meet

    LISA: We prioritized and will keep moving forward. Blogger cruise will be fun for those who attend. Not people I would cruise with though

    DANA: You are very correct about that

    MRS.D: Nothing better than that kiss coming home

    PHFRANKIE: "Takes the wheel when I'm seeing double,
    pays my ticket when I speed"

  11. Liz Hill Says:
  12. Sorry y'all are having to deal with the crap.

    I cannot believe your Dad is going to be 80! He's just amazing.

  13. Jay Says:
  14. A lot of those people streaming your show but not in the chat room are probably listening on their smart phone. They can listen, but not chat.

    They need to get on their puters and get in the chat room dammit! haha

    But hey, at least there's people listening, right?

  15. CiCi Says:
  16. You sound too busy to me. That's just me. Hubby and I like to hear the happy part of the post when you come home to big smooches. Yay. We see each other all day every day and we still find time for big smooches.

  17. Linda Says:
  18. Sometimes reality (read: finances!) will get in the way of having a good time but it seems to me that you most definitely need to be there for the wedding of your friend's son even if it means missing out on Atlanta. I'm sure the ladies understand and will be happy to wait for another time when the get-together can definitely happen.

  19. TopChamp Says:
  20. I get the finances thing! Sorry I've been absent. Back now.

    P.s. Thanks for the Happy B'day - how do you remember?!

  21. Mimi Lenox Says:
  22. It was a great show, Vinny, even though it took me forever to get connected Monday night.

    We totally get it about the trip. There will be another time when more of us can be there at one time.

    The cruise sounds interesting!
    Linda is a hoot and lots of fun.

    Nancy and drama....hugs.

  23. LIZ: I can only hope I am like him when I am 80

    JAY: Smart phones and they just do not want to come to chat...but yes, they are listening

    TECHNOBABE: Smooches are the best...busy me? LOL

    LINDA: They do understand and sometimes you have to pick your poison!

    TOPCHAMP: Welcome back and you are welcome...calendars help!

    MIMI: Thank you dear friend...we will do it soon indeed.


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