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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, July 19, 2010

Tonight I get to sit on The Couch with a skilled new singer-songwriter, Ms. Danika Holmes and also sit with the guys from Hot Buttered Rum.

Hope y'all find the time to come listen tonight at 9:00pm Central, but if you have plans, then check out the archives anytime at MUSIC ON THE COUCH.

Tough next 5-6 weeks as Nancy has to be down in Louisiana every week, not even coming home for at least one weekend if not two. The house gets really big and empty real quick.

I do appreciate alone time and I know when I travel Nancy feels the same, but this is a long period of time.

She left Sunday and will be back late Friday. Then she laves on Tuesday and does not come home for 11 days...after that, the schedule is not set.

Have you ever had to be separated for long stretches of time from your partner? During my time in Boston I had 4 trips a year that each lasted 10-14 days. It was the beginning of the tough time in that marriage, so I actually looked forward to the trips near the end of our time up there, but man I missed Matt during all those trips.

So it looks like I will be switching over to AT&T on Nancy's plan. She has the iPhone and can not move over to Verizon, so I will swap over to them. It should save us about $150.00/month, so that is a good thing, right?
Matt is still on my account as I promised I would keep him there while he was in school. How was I to know he chose the 6 year plan! LOL...changing your major three times to find your passion will do that to you!

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10 Of Your Sparks

  1. You KNOW how often my husband and I have been separated because of work situations. It's always tough at first, and then I get used to it. By the time he gets home full-time, I wishing he was gone because I'm not used to his being underfoot! ;)

    So you'll be switching to AT&T? Bummer. We won't be able to talk for free anymore....not that we did that much anyway....but you know....

    I'm hoping to make the show live!

  2. Unknown Says:
  3. My brother took the 8 year route--for similar reasons. Four different majors and three different colleges make for a longer collegiate journey!

    Here's to the time apart from Nancy speeding by quickly...

  4. Travis Cody Says:
  5. This week I expect to be home with nothing else to do but listen to the show.

    Pam and I have each been on extended business trips and it sucks to be away for so long.

  6. Jay Says:
  7. I took the in and out of college rout to finish my degree. I got it 10 years after I grad from high school. I would go for a while, drop out and work, go back, drop out and work .. you get the idea. Turns out I shouldn't have bothered with college at all. But, whatever. LOL

    I'll be there tonight!

  8. Maggie Moo Says:
  9. B1's only lived with me for a week and tonight he's going back to his own place to do some things. One night is going to suck-let alone 11! When I was married, he'd go away for long trips...I was OK with that! LOL

  10. Oh, and I see nothing wrong in taking the 6-year degree plan. After all, I took seven for my undergrad. Aaaaaand I took five for my graduate degree......*sheepish grin*

  11. Dana Says:
  12. I was married to someone in the Navy - 6 month separations. At the time, I was very young (22) and it was the root cause of the demise of the marriage - well, that and my need of attention and validation. I couldn't handle it but am certain it would look much different now that I'm "old"

  13. SONGBIRD: Yeah...I know the time will pass quickly..I can still add you to my 10!

    MARGARET: I know many do it in more than 4...he is happy now and that is most important

    TRAVIS: Looking forward to seeing you..

    MAGS: LOL..yeah that is what I tried to say in my post about the night will go fast!

    SONGBIRD: LOL nothing wrong indeed

    DANA: Much different when you are young I think...and you are not OLD

  14. TopChamp Says:
  15. 11 days - nope don't think we've been apart that long since the very early days.

    We've had a few work trips abroad, and separate visits and holidays to family/friends is a frequent occurence as our work schedules really don't match up well.

    I don't mind it, though I'd prefer to be the person going away as it's much easier being alone in unfamiliar surroundings than being in the house when it's usually occupied by two.

  16. Jeff B Says:
  17. About 15 years ago I had a job that I traveled with. Just short 3-4 day trips, but I hated being away from Lisa by the end of those few days.

    I've had at&t for several years and been happy with them. The iphone 3G...awesome in my opinion.


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