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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, July 26, 2010

"One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" is one of the great films of all time. As I sit here, Mr. R.P. McMurphy is trying to convince one of his ward mates to raise their hand so they can watch the World Series.

Of course, "the Chief" finally does, but it happened after Nurse Ratched has ended the meeting.

Not to be deterred, R.P. decides to do an imaginary play by play of the game which arouses those who have been turned docile through medication and constant degradation.

The revolt inside a nuthouse looney-bin mental hospital sanitarium.

Just a great movie and Nicholson was not even a first billed when he appeared. If you check out the page you have to click through to full cast to see his billing!

As I move on to another subject, Candy has just joined McMurphy and "the boys" on the stolen bus to go take a charter boat ride...

The novel was written by the organizer of the earliest "Acid Test" parties - Ken Kesey - in 1962 after he had volunteered to take part in a CIA-financed study named Project MKULTRA (The project studied the effects of psychoactive drugs, particularly LSD, psilocybin, mescaline, cocaine, AMT, and DMT on people) in 1959 at the Menlo Park Veterans Hospital. He then continued his 'studies' in private through the Acid Test parties held at his home up in the mountains south of San Francisco.

It was wonderful having Nancy home. Saturday night, we were not able to travel up to Liz and Brad's for their Toga Party which we are looking forward to hearing more about.

A picture of Brad in front of a sink of dirty dishes the morning after is NOT the report I was expecting!!! LOL

Saturday night we did cook a great meal consisting of an appetizer of Tomato Bread with Prosciutto. Then the main course was Grilled Littleneck Clams with Prosciutto and Grilled Scallops with Papaya-Tomatillo Salsa.

All from one of my favorite cookbooks.

Intrigued? Head over to Mangia Y'all for the first post in a long while.

I did find some pictures of past meals that I have never shared, so I will be getting more active there.

OK, it is only 4 hours until the premier of Mad Men...I am looking forward to it and it might even bring JAY of "Cynical B**tard" out of his hiatus.

9 Of Your Sparks

  1. Dana Says:
  2. I was so excited when I was thumbing through the online cable guide and saw that "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" was on. One of my favorite movies - even 35 years later!

  3. CiCi Says:
  4. I never liked One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. I did see it a couple times to satisfy other people at the time. Not enjoyable for me though. May be living with enough crazies then didn't make it fun or funny for me. Ha. I wish you would post your recipes on this blog and share all your stuff on one blog. Just sayin'.

  5. DANA: Agree..incredible movie

    TECHNO: I guess I can understand that perspective. I need to separate all my different writings...sorry

  6. ...we used to party just down the road from Kesey's place...they were gone by then but the vibe was still there...

  7. LAC Says:
  8. Glad you were able to enjoy some home time with Nancy. I was lucky this weekend, too. Poor hubby has a sore back so he stayed in with his girls most of the weekend. We loved having him in the house instead of in the garage, though we wished his back felt better.

  9. PHFRANKIE: Where was my invitation?

    LISA: Sorry hubby's back was bothering him...hope he feels better soon

  10. Jay Says:
  11. Man Men rocked.

    I saw some pics of people attending the toga party on Facebook. I'm thinking it was looking like a great time.

  12. Travis Cody Says:
  13. Hmmm...not really a fan of OFOTCN. Don't watch Mad Men.

    I am glad that you got some time with Nancy.

  14. JAY: That it did...and I saw a few and it looked like something I wish I had not missed

    TRAVIS: hmmm sometimes that happens I guess...and Thanks


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