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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BUSY!!!!! Last week was 103 client invoices and then this weekend, I spent about 10 hours finishing up the DVD Project for a client's husband's 40th birthday. I think it turned out fantastic...and so did she after we reviewed it yesterday at lunch.

I have 4 edits to make to it and it will be complete. I also have another meeting for a new client to do one for another birthday celebration.

All-Star break for baseball going on right now...I am struggling in one of my fantasy leagues...doing well in another and sitting in the middle of the third.

Need to review my pitching staff on the bad team and make some adjustments.

The trip to New York is off. Nancy's schedule to Louisiana and our current finances have interrupted that trip. But it looks like I might be joining my best friend Andy in the Dominican in February for a few days of relaxation...

Then we have the cruise with my family over Thanksgiving and a possible trip to San Antonio for Christmas...though that one is still T.B.D.

Finally for today....got this link from brother Rich this weekend in an email that had the subject "Now Aren't You Glad This Is Not You?"

I can tell you in all my years doing parties...This was NEVER me...but this guy is one crazy MoFo...check it out HERE

9 Of Your Sparks

  1. You've been one busy, busy boy, Vinny! Don't forget to stop and savor life once in a while, too, though, 'kay?

    Sorry to hear your trip to NY for your best friend's son's wedding is off, but I certainly can understand. Besides not really being able to afford Atlanta or my high school reunion, I'm all traveled out right now. I just want to sit at home and enjoy my kids and my leisure time.

    That was one crazy spin master. The sight, I believe, is Dutch (as much as I could tell by my minimal Dutch reading skills). You gotta love those wacky Dutch; we are all business when conducting business, but party time is all about having fun!

  2. DrillerAA09 Says:
  3. If you do make the trip to San Antonio, you gotta eat at Papadeaux's Seafood Kitchen and Pappacito's Mexican Cafe. They are great restaurants. Sounds like you're going to need the time off by then.

  4. ...dance like nobody is watching...

  5. CiCi Says:
  6. So great the DVD turned out good and it is mostly finished. Tell brother Rich the video is awful. Is it just me or do we need to send some meds to this guy?

  7. Jay Says:
  8. RIP George Steinbrenner.

    Sorry the trip to NY is off. That sucks.

    Also, I'll be listening to the show on tape delay this afternoon. Couldn't make it last night.

  9. SONGBIRD: I try and stop and 'smell the roses' when I can...but busy is better than the alternative
    NY is not going anywhere! LOL and yes, the dude is crackers

    DRILLERAA: Have eaten at both in Dallas and totally worth it, but in San Antonio, the best Mexican are the little shacks!

    PHFRANKIE: But they WERE watching!

    TECHNOBABE: Thanks and LOL Rich is one funny guy...

    JAY: Will be honoring him tomorrow...it does suck, but priorities...No worries...your first live miss...Home Run Derby? Strip Club?

  10. The dive places ARE the best for Mexican; if you ever make it my way, I've got a few that I'll take you to try. :)

    Pappadeaux is fine, but expensive. I've got some great seafood places here you can try, too, but I know you can't eat some things. :(

  11. Travis Cody Says:
  12. It's a shame about the NY trip. Hang in there...work will taper off at some point and you can enjoy more of the summer days.

  13. Jeff B Says:
  14. I know all about being BUSY!!! You sound like me these days. Just trying to keep all the plates spinning.


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