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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Everything and everybody seems to 'trend' nowadays.

No, not anyone like us...I mean the big time people - celebrities, politicians, sports figures - how do I know? Because everywhere I go I see these TRENDING LISTS...

Yup, log onto my Twitter home page and there is a list of subjects TRENDING...

GO over to my email on Yahoo and...you got it...subjects TRENDING put right there for me to be intrigued and immediately clicking on the links.

To be honest, I hardly ever click on the links on any TRENDING list...

Why? Well, maybe because I hate to be a follower...maybe I look at the list and say something like 'ugh, are you f-ing kidding me?'

But yesterday as I was looking at the news page on Yahoo, what did my eye spy...yup you got it TRENDING...

I looked at the list and decided, OK sparky, time to check out why these fascinating people are TRENDING.

Now, to be honest, a couple of them, I had no idea why these subjects were TRENDING, but the majority...I had no clue.

The list at 5:27pm Central Time on Yahoo:

As a disclaimer, the initial links sent you to a page that contained links to their site, to wikipedia, to other items like imbd.com...but the first link on each page, was the main story. My links are to those stories...
1. Zsa Zsa Gabor - About her hip surgery and her recovery and we learned "Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband thinks she'll be watching "Jeopardy" again in no time."

2. Linday Lohan - Yup, you got it..off to jail today (Tuesday). When the page opened, I thought the picture showed Lindsay snorting a little coke, but it was just her with her hand in front of her mouth!

3. Whooping Cough Vaccine - A story whether the vaccine can cause seizures. It was asked on a forum board on a medical site. It appears the alarm is a tad overblown.

4. Lucille Ball - Now why is the great red-head TRENDING? Seems her daughter Lucy has stopped a bunch of itmes that are being auctioned. What I do not get is why the widow of Lucy's SECOND HUSBAND is getting to do this...those kooky hollywood types!

5. Mel Gibson - Wow, Mel is dropping down the list like a stone...the story asks is his career dead...will he move back to Australia...do I care? No

Those were the top 5...the bottom five were
Tiger - he is happy about his stroke, but not feeling quite back there yet;
Sarah Palin - she is inventing new words and equating her doing so with the fact that William Shakespeare supposedly did it;
Pool Supplies - no stories at all, just links for suppliers...THIS was TRENDING? Or was it a placement buy?;
Alien Swarm - Some video game being re-released...
Dehumidifier - again a placement buy not something TRENDING IMHO

So, is your trip through the interwebs directed by TRENDING lists...all the time, sometimes, never?

9 Of Your Sparks

  1. DrillerAA09 Says:
  2. I guess I'm not very trendy. I don't care much about any of the "trending subjects."

  3. DRILLER: We agree on that...

  4. Dianne Says:
  5. Im waiting for the day that 'non-trending' appears on a trending list ;)

  6. Dana Says:
  7. Ha! Here's a surprise ... I've never looked at a trending site.

    I'm not a trend follower nor a trend setter :)

  8. DIANNE: Think that will happen?

    DANA: Well, until last night neither had I...but I needed a subject for the post!

  9. CiCi Says:
  10. Never. Ever. I am way too much of an individual. I like it that you think pretty much like I do; not interested in the celebrities and wanna be celebrities.

  11. Ehhh.....I don't get it. Is "trending" supposed to be what everyone is reading or most sought after news topics? If so, then I'm not impressed with the example list. Huh. Or maybe it's just me. I'm just not on the ball today, intellectually speaking.

  12. Mimi Lenox Says:
  13. For a second I thought Tiger Woods had a stroke. Yeah. I'm a sports girl. Can ya tell?

  14. Travis Cody Says:
  15. The only time I actually pay attention to any of those lists is when a name catches my eye and I wonder if they've died.


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