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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, July 07, 2010

So, did y'all enjoy your Independence Day Holiday? Nancy and I took it real easy and just enjoyed time together. Saturday we had been invited to our neighbors for a cook-out and some swimming, but we were both so lazed, we declined.

It has been a tough few months and we just needed some alone time.

We lazed so much, I did not even have a post for Independence Day or yesterday, so I fell into a pattern that appears to be happening around the Bloggosphere where people are taking time off from blogging.

I had actually considered taking this whole week off, as it is the end of the quarter and I have a ton of billing to complete, but I am making headway. I will have over 80 invoices completed by tomorrow.

It is one of the parts of my job I detest. It seems ridiculous that I have to spend so much time cranking out billing when there is a staff in my home office that does it, but...as Dad Vince would say (and has ) "Hey, you have a job, don't complain"...so I won't.

Well, I guess I just did, but - well...never mind!

July is shaping up to be a grand month on MUSIC ON THE COUCH. as I just received confirmation on my final guest for the month.

This coming week will be IVORY TOWER PROJECT, a band that lives in the vein of the classic rock bands of the 70's and 80's & MAREE MCRAE, a singer/songwriter with a memorable voice and real talent. Then on the 19th, I have DANIKA HOLMES, who has been compared to Norah Jones and a young Alanis Morisette & HOT BUTTERED RUM. I am thrilled to be having Hot Buttered Rum on. If you don't know the band, go check them out as they are fantastic. And finally, this month is MARK RADCLIFFE, who has found the perfect blend of songwriting, musicianship and vocals & PHIL PUTNAM.

Phil will be our first repeat guest, as he was on the first show ever. He is coming on to talk about hi new project and it following in the steps of others who have gone to their fans to help with their recording project. It is a great way to connect with the fans.

hope you can join me and my guests each Monday.

I did spend part of the weekend working on a new DVD for a woman I work alongside. It is her husband's 40th birthday and I am taking about 600 photos and building a presentation with music for her to surprise him with as a gift.

After seeing the one for Dad Vince and Mom Joan, she asked me to do it for her. It is something I am really enjoying. And the extra cash is always nice!

I am thinking of trying to develop a business on the side to do more of these. I think I have the pricing structure down.

For up to 500 digital photos, arranged with titles and transitions and music it would be $150.00 and that includes two DVDs. If I have to scan the photos it would be an additional $0.25/picture.

Anything over 500 digital photos would be $0.30/photo.

500 photos would give you a DVD of approximately 50 minutes.

Most of these companies that do this in volume charge on average $0.29/photo for scanning and putting onto a DVD. The examples I have seen are almost Powerpoint in nature and the music has nothing to do with what you are viewing. I ask for the favorite music of the person, customize the tunes for the sections and use music of the era when there is no specific songs requested.

For the one I am working on, she had requested "These Are The Days" for one section. Problem was, the song was about a minute and 10 seconds shorter than the number of pictures in that section. Out came Audacity and I was able to grab a 20 second segment and duplicate it to fill the time.

Let's see if this can become a source of fun-money for me over the next year...Just another enterprise in the BLC Family.

11 Of Your Sparks

  1. DrillerAA09 Says:
  2. A few days away from blogging never hurt anyone. I admire your commitment to a five day blog. That's just too much work for me. Three, sometimes four, days a week is about all I'm good for.

  3. CiCi Says:
  4. I sent the link to this post to my sister-in-law. Her daughter is getting married in October so she may be interested in something like this after the wedding.

  5. DRILLERAA: Kind of refreshes the brain...


  6. ...I demand a post a day, dammit, except for the weekends,because that's the deal we all made when we made the pact with the Devil at the crossroads and sold ours souls in order to be Bloggers. So there...

  7. PHFRANKIE: I had my fingers crossed!

  8. Mimi Lenox Says:
  9. Take the time off. You'll be so glad you did. We'll be here.

  10. MIMI: Too busy...no time for free time...must write...

  11. Dianne Says:
  12. it would/will be wonderful to make some extra money by doing something you enjoy

    good luck with it :)

  13. Travis Cody Says:
  14. I appreciate that you look for personalized music, or at least the music of an era for the photos. This is a great business idea. So many people want to preserve their photos or create unique presentations like this, but may not have the skill or the wherewithal to do it.

    And blog vacations are great for recharging batteries, or simply to stock pile post ideas.

  15. DIANNE: Fingers crossed it works!

    TRAVIS: As I just said...fingers crossed it works..and yes, they are a good thing...with my August schedule, it might be that month!

  16. My SIL's husband does just the type of things you mentioned in his business; he produced a stellar video for Mom & Dad's anniversary party. The music was absolutely appropriate, and the question/answer interview format was wonderful. The audio was a bit low on the that, though, but otherwise very, very nice. I think it's a great side business for you!


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