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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, August 04, 2010

It is over 4 years since I began exploring myself and my thoughts here on The Couch.


Tuneage Tutelage posts about music figures and bands like The Doors
Monday Matinees that came from my dark side and others done just for fun

Concert Reviews like the time Nancy and I saw B.B. King
Posts that contained Photography I took/take,

Meeting and Marrying My Love Nancy and the resulting celebration,

Birthday Greetings, and all the rest.

As of today 1,105 posts worth of Vinny.

In the beginning I was Yoursbond, then Bond, then I outed my true identity and Doctor Blogstein christened me Vinny Bond. I have only used one profile picture the entire time. As a matter of fact, one of my newer readers, the open, honest writer TECHNOBABE from "Technobabe's Adventures" even mentioned in one of her first comments that she had seen "the kid photo" around and decided to find her way here...very cool

In the beginning I wrote all my posts without using the word I. I always used the word "WE" as in myself and The Couch.

See, there is another example of something I continue to do. Capitalizing the words The Couch. Have you ever noticed it? I even find myself doing it in emails when talking about The couch (can't help fingers insist on using caps).

Two areas I have avoided at all costs are my ex-marriage and work.

There was a post about work, written the first week I was here in Memphis and at the advice of a very wise man, I deleted it the next day.

I began The Couch while I was still living in NJ and married. I did not have a full-time job and freelanced sporadically. Things were tough. Money was tough. My marriage was tough.

Reviews of American Idol became stream of consciousness rants and posts making fun of celebrities kids names.

The cycle has been like a roller coaster. Readers shoot high up only to fall back down and then swoosh high again.

I have met some incredible people. Some were able to attend the celebration of Nancy and my marriage...more were invited but could not attend.

It has not been all good of course. There are four people I considered friends with whom I no longer have even a passing relationship. Three of them I could tell you the reasons the loss happened, but in the end it did happen. The fourth, well I can't answer that question, and probably never will. One day they turned on me and it was over. It is sad indeed. But as in real life, friends come and go.

We all have friends who do not understand our need to be A BLOGGER.

As I sit here I think of other subjects I could link to, my journey through the interview process and subsequent move to Memphis; some political posts; food posts post introducing new musicians which evolved into Music On The Couch, and more.

One of the problems is I have so many labels. Way more than I ever needed I guess. What about you use the same basic group of labels or do you own a few hundred like me?

And now I have extended the "franchise" by breaking away those main subjects which have been found here since the beginning. You can see the links just below my header...have I done a good job moving everything or being current? Not a chance.

But I have good intentions, and that is a plus, right?

I do know I miss this when I take breaks. I also know there are days my mind refuses to allow me to leave anything of substance here.

I do know that I am a BLOGGER...I love being a BLOGGER and I hope to blog until the very last second I am able (which could mean a post on a weekend, the horrors!.

I do not bill myself as a comic or a philosopher nor will I try and tell you how to raise your kids. You will get some wit, some facts culled from reliable sources, some snarkiness at times and hopefully in the end I have not made you regret the 10 minutes you took out of your day.

Thank you, those who read and comment, those who read and don't, those who got here today because you were interested in buying a leather couch and Google fed you here and somehow you made your way to the end of today's pearls of wisdom!

Just Thanks!

17 Of Your Sparks

  1. I feel kinda special 'cause I've been here since near the beginning. :)

    You're the best, Vinny, and I consider myself blessed to have you as a friend. I hope some day soon to meet you and your darlin' Nancy.

  2. Jeff B Says:
  3. I've always enjoyed my time on The Couch. (capped in your honor) My visits aren't as frequent this time of year though. Doesn't mean I've lost interest or forgotten about the mad man from Memphis, just life being busy.

    Glad you've stuck with blogging and doubly glad to be able to call you a friend.

    Congrats on four years.

    The lost friends in blogging is a bummer I agree. I don't know that I've had any turn on me, but I have lost touch with some that have simply fallen away. Always makes me wonder what happened to them.

  4. Unknown Says:
  5. I couldn't have said it better, Vinny. Something about this blogging gets in your blood and it's hard to stop. I'm glad that I stumbled across your blog (it's funny how I rarely remember how I found a blog) and consider you a friend. And that's one thing we can never have too many of. Thanks for blogging.

  6. CiCi Says:
  7. You have had many changes over the past four years. And each year you have grown as a person. I remember reading your blog here and there long ago. I know what you mean about knowing that you know that you are a blogger. My family and friends do not "get it" and rarely read my blog. Just as well I guess. My goodness, they might find out too much about me. Ha. Hubby is the only one who knows all about me. And I him. The love you and Nancy have sounds like the lasting kind with respect and caring built in.
    Congrats on the milestone of four years. Friends come and go in real life and bloggers come and go online and we are all better for it.

  8. Unknown Says:
  9. but...but...but...I've been hanging here waiting for your parenting advice! LOL

    I remember back when I found your blog, when I blogged as "Peggy" and we were part of the Bestest Blog of All Time group (I know that's wrong--totally don't remember the name now!) Cheers to many more years of blogging...

  10. DrillerAA09 Says:
  11. I know exactly how you feel. I'm not even sure why I started blogging, but I know I'm in it too deep to quit now. My first post was April 14, 2007. My next post will be No. 500!!! That is, if you add the now defunct Brain Freeze blog to my current Driller's Place. I will have to post something special on Friday for the occasion.
    I have found a few interesting blogs and blogging friends along the way and you are definitely one of them. And yes, I am a blogger. I am not a Facebooker. I am not a Tweeter, I am a blogger. Long live the couch!

  12. Ken Says:
  13. It's all good Vinny.

  14. Travis Cody Says:
  15. Excellent summary Sir! I suspect that many of us can simply say "Go Here" when it comes time to sum things up for our blogiversaries.

    For me, it all started way back with a certain gray haired Soul Man on Idol...can it really have been more than 4 years ago? I think I stumbled onto your posts over at that message board within the first couple of days. Then I found my way over here.

    And then of course you get some of the blame...uhm...I mean credit for the genesis of Trav's Thoughts.

    And life goes ever on.

  16. SONGBIRD: I still remember that night (I was in FL at mom and dad's) when I received an email or a comment from you and we went back and forth as an introduction...Thanks for being such a good friend

    JEFF: You are also considered a friend Sir and I appreciate your kind words...

  17. JOHN: It is funny how you find different people here...and you are also a friend Sir and hope when you come visit mom we find a time for a beer

    TECHNO: Sometimes I kind of wish my family did not know about The Couch...but sometimes I am thrilled they do!

    MARGARET: That was a long time ago indeed...and no, I am not giving YOU of all people parenting advice LOL

    DRILLER: I do the Facebook and Twitter things, but both only occasionally...

    MICKEY: And you help make it so Sir

    TRAVIS: Thanks my friend...yes, a gray-haired Soul Man was the impetus for all of this and many bloggers too...I consider it credit, as your skills at writing have made my years here so much more enjoyable

  18. Jay Says:
  19. My labels are so out of control that it would probably take a full day to organize them. So, I don't bother. I have hundreds I'm sure.

    The Blogosphere is a strange and wonderful place. Full of awesomeness, hilarity and some stupidity. It's very unpredictable though, which is cool.

  20. JAY: way to organize without going back and redoing the labels on every post, which also means you have to re-publish which will send notifications to all Google Readers etc and people will burn you out if you do that!

  21. Jimi Bondo Says:
  22. ...don't forget the music, are a bright light in the otherwise murky world of new music...Carry on!!...

  23. JIMI: I forgot the music? huh? go back and reread LOL

  24. Mimi Lenox Says:
  25. Four years for me too. What would my blogging be without The Couch?

    Seriously, I consider you a most excellent friend.

    Labels: Mine are totally out of control and I've been rearranging and re-labeling this summer. I know you have to hit the publish button again but I didn't know it sends it where?? what??? What have I DONE???!

  26. MIMI: What would blogging be without the castle and memes and peace globes...
    As are you Ms. Lenox...a most excellent friend
    LOL, you just filled some google readers is all!

  27. Linda Says:
  28. You mean I can't find a nice leather sofa with matching ottoman here? Darn the luck!

    Many congratulations on your four-and-a-half year anniversary and may you find not just the strength but the wit and the wisdom to continue blogging for as many years as your fingers will allow you to type! After that you can either get a secretary or voice-activated computer which I'm sure will be all the rage in the not-so-distant future!


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