A Queenly Wednesday...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Queen Mimi has memes. She threatens to put people in her 'dungeon' if they do not comply.

I do not comply often, but I also have plans for escaping said dungeon...

This week, there is no need for the Queen to threaten me...

Welcome to The Queen's Meme #49

It's called The Watch Me Watch You Meme. So hunker down with your spyglass and bourbon, don dark sunglasses if you choose and tell us your deep dark and guarded secrets. Or not.

1. I have given you a pair of binoculars. If you could watch anyone in the world in the act of being creative or creating something, what would you choose to watch?
I would love to watch any musician creating their music.

2. Turn your head to the left. What do you see? Explain its significance in your life.
The half wall that separates my cubicle from the next...the significance? Well, it gives me a feeling of separation, though we all know that is a lie.

3. You are watching a parade. You see a float float by (they float, don't they?) with three of your favorite people on it. Who are they?
Well, people I know...Nancy, Matt and The Queen Mimi...People I have never met, Eric Clapton, Vince Flynn and Pinetop Perkins

4. What do you like to watch on television?
Mad Men, Rubicon, Big Brother, Baseball

5. Your blog is under surveillance by the Blogwatchers Association.
What are they watching for?
Good music, poor grammar and if I even post.

6. Watch out! Your greatest superstition has befallen you. What do you "watch out" for on a daily basis?
Stepping on a crack...don't want to break my mom's back

7. Have you ever "watched" at a wake in the deceased home or funeral parlor?
Of course I have and I plan on watching my wake also

8. Name one thing you always want to be awake for.
My life

9. What is the next opportunity you are waiting or watching for?
A winning lottery ticket

10. You are standing guard in Central Prison. It is your job to watch the prisoners online activities. What site would you recommend to someone in prison?
Big Leather Couch...it is a fun place and they can get to Music On The Couch from there!

12 Of Your Sparks

  1. This was a fun one =)

  2. Eric Clapton ... an excellent choice.

  3. CiCi Says:
  4. You always have good answers. Quick no nonsense answers. My favorite is your answer to number eight.

  5. Travis Cody Says:
  6. It is my considered opinion that the cubicle half wall contributes to more workers with back and neck pain, and poor posture. In order to maintain the illusion of separation and privacy, one must crouch down so one's head cannot be seen over the half wall, and so one cannot see another person's head over the half wall, thus maintaining the privacy illusion but creating stiff necks and bad backs.

    I much prefer the full cubicle wall. You can still hear the other people, but at least you can sit up straight!

  7. STARR: It was indeed

    SOUTHERN: Thanks

    Technobabe: That was the easiest one! LOL

    TRAVIS: I wholeheartedly agree Sir.

  8. ...but if you step on a line, you break your father's spine...

  9. BeckEye Says:
  10. Wow, pimping your OWN blog in question 10. You shameless blog hussy.

  11. Jay Says:
  12. So are you saying that convicts are your target audience? haha ;-)

  13. Phfrankie: And if I touch a brick my son gets hit with a stick?

    BECKEYE: I am like that

    JAY: What? That is news to you?

  14. Mimi Lenox Says:
  15. I never stopped to consider what a google search for this meme might bring into my world. I need to be more careful with key words such as prison and convicts and blog and.....oh dear what have I done.

  16. Jeff B Says:
  17. I loved your answer for #7. Perfect!

  18. MIMI: Tis OK, I get a lot of prison inmates here anyway

    JEFF: Thanks bud


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