There was a butterfly...really...

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, August 02, 2010

It noticed it early in the week, right out the door to the deck...

It was sitting right there...flapping its wings slowly. Was it hurt? I could not tell. I went out and it flew away

It was this past Friday. I was home taking care of some important items on my list (mainly clean the house...with Nancy gone, it was my responsibility...) and I look out the door and there is the butterfly in the same spot, just outside the door.

My camera was right there, with the normal 55mm lens. Not my choice, but I wanted to get a few shots before it flew away...

Slowly, I open the door and very gently kneel down and click away

Go to look at how they are turning out and see the notation on the menu screen...
AAARRRGGG...I had taken the SD card out to transfer pictures to the computer and forgot to put it back in...

So, inside I go...get the SD card...put on the telephoto lens, because heck-a-doodle, I might get an even better shot.

I go outside and the butterfly is gone. I decide to take some photos of the items on the porch, adjusting the settings in the bright sun.

I head inside for a while to finish up some chores.

A little while later I look out the door and my friend is back.

I slowly move outside again and I kneel down gently and click away. The butterfly poses for me and flaps its wings slowly showing me the blue color on top and the orange color on the bottom.

With the zoom lens I am getting up close and personal...

Finally the butterfly gets tired of this and flys away. I move inside to look at the pictures I took...

AAARRGGGGGGGGGG...I never checked the settings and now, as I was shooting in a shadow my settings were not correct and there is nothing there...well, almost nothing...look real close, there is a butterfly there...

Really, the butterfly was was there...I took its picture, can't you see it????....

(and yes, it looked very similar to the one up top...)

Tonight joining me on The Couch will be Michael Sokolowski from the band Sokoband. Michael had real life intrude the last time he was scheduled, but we welcome him back.
Sokoband is redefining itself with the recent re-release of the 1997 debut album, In November Sunlight. The CD contains 10 tracks, eight of which are new versions of the songs from the debut and the other two are previously unreleased.

Then we will welcome Shelley & Cal James to The Couch. Married in life as well as music, these two performers have found a sound that caught my ear quickly.

They create music meant for the ear, but also the spirit and soul.

I hope you can join us, this evening, 9:00pm central time at Music On The Couch, or listen anytime from the archives also found there.

The fans got the show up to #13 this past week...I thank you!

13 Of Your Sparks

  1. CiCi Says:
  2. I'm still happy with your recommendation of Eva Cassidy. Sent her info to a couple friends too. I believe you about the butterfly.

  3. Travis Cody Says:
  4. I believe you about the butterfly. What I find difficult to believe is all this trouble you had with the camera! All that back and forth, and then with the wrong settings...sounds like something I'd do.


  5. Jay Says:
  6. Apparently your camera is just a leetol too complicated for you to use. Maybe a good, cheap point and click like I have would be a better idea. LOL ;-)

  7. Ken Says:
  8. Did you feel like you were doing the dumb sh#t shuffle while pursuing butterfly's?

  9. Dana Says:
  10. Some folks see dead people, you see butterflies *shrugs*

  11. TECHNO: Glad you are enjoying her sound

    TRAVIS: I am amazed I screwed it up so badly

    JAY: LOLOL Or I am just an idjit sometimes

    MICKEY-T: I most certainly did

    DANA: bwahahahahahahahahahahaha see, you get it

  12. ...butterflies are free...

  13. Dianne Says:
  14. I actually see the butterfly in all your pictures ;)

  15. TopChamp Says:
  16. Aw bad luck. I believe you.

    I tried to take butterfly snaps yesterday on a walk up to a quarry, but my old bashed up camera couldn't differentiate between the butterflies and the leaves and you can't see them amidst the pixels.

  17. Unknown Says:
  18. LOL That so sounds like something I'd do!

  19. What Jay said. ;)

  20. Mimi Lenox Says:
  21. Sure Vinny....we ALL see a butterfly.
    How much of that cleaning fluid did you inhale while Nancy was away? Hmmmmm?????

  22. Phfrankie: This one was

    DIANNE: See, that is a friend!

    TOPCHAMP: Thanks for believing...sorry about your pictures

    MARGARET: This time it was me!

    MIMI: HEY now...just a little!


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