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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, August 26, 2010

These are the things that get under my know those instances where you want to pick up a ball peen hammer and start to do some drum rolls on people's heads...

No call know, you call someone...take the time to leave a message and days call back nothing. If I take the time to reach out to you, you darn well better at least acknowledge my attempt.

People who sit in the office and have personal phone calls constantly. I have to listen to their drivel and live in their world. I do not care if your best friend is having problems. I do not care about the new house you are buying. I do care that, at the end of the day, I have to ask about an email about a work situation I sent to you 5 hours ago and you decided to do nothing with it.

People who think they can make plans and you will rearrange your days because of it. If you need me to do something for you, do not wait until the day before to ask and then do not get all offended when I tell you I already have plans that I am not willing to change.

Constant invitations to farm your land or kill people for you or go fishing. When you first asked, I explained I do not do those applications...why are you still asking me for things or inviting me to play?

Interrupters. You are having a conversation with someone or are in the middle of typing or even on the phone and you are interrupted, because the interrupter is just too dang important to wait two minutes..or even to say 'excuse me'.

Blogger. I schedule a post and when I wake the next day I look to see the status has reverted to DRAFT. NO, I set a schedule for it dang it all!

Those are just a few of those things that make me want to scream!

Dad Vince had an angioplasty scheduled yesterday. Luckily, the stress-test that caused this to be scheduled was a false-positive test and there were no blockages. Stay strong dad!

Nancy comes home tomorrow and is not scheduled to travel for a while now. This is wonderful news. I love my alone time...I do, but 6 weeks of alone time is really way too much. No plans for the weekend right now except to hang and enjoy each other...let's see if those plans are changed by someone.

Please send some good thoughts my son Matt's way. He has a hernia operation on Monday. Not a huge operation, but any operation is a scary thing...

13 Of Your Sparks

  1. If you had asshat drivers on that list you'd have been close to describing my day!

  2. Unknown Says:
  3. Sorry didn't post about the show this week, was out of town and just got back. I'll be back on track for the coming week.

  4. Travis Cody Says:
  5. Interrupters in a cubicle environment tend to start conversations over the wall. That drives me nuts.

    Sometimes they call the person's name...once, twice, again. Dude! If they didn't answer the first time then they are either on the phone or not at their desk.

    Sometimes they just start the conversation, then wait for a response.

    Or...the person in the office shouts out for the person sitting in the cubicle. The person in the cubicle responds. And then the conversation continues. Dude! Get off your a$$ and close the gap a little so you're not shouting through the rest of us!

    Did I mention that my opinion about a cubicle office environment is a bit more negative than it is positive?

  6. CiCi Says:
  7. When I am reminded of what is is like in an office environment with other people sharing the space, I am so glad I am not working any more. It hasn't been a year yet but I am enjoying it tremendously. There is so much codependency in offices. For me, if someone chooses to get offended because I decide for myself what is the best choice for me and not what they want me to do, oh well. Hugs to Dad Vince! Well done.
    Enjoy your time with Nancy home. I hope you two have a weekend just for you two.

  8. Trav's comment about the cubicle environment made me flashback 15 years, and I didn't like it. Then again, sometimes living in my house, the environment can be just as noisy with dad yelling down the hall at the boy while the girl is yelling down the other hall to both of them to shut up. :/

    I hope your father stays safe! And as for Matt, I know what you mean about "simple" operations. Simple or not, if anesthesia is involved, it can be worrying. Best to both of them.

    I'm glad Nancy will be home soon. I hope she arrives safely and that her trip was most "fruitful." :)

  9. STARR: Gee, they could have been there

    JOHN: No worries Sir...think you will enjoy listening

    TRAVIS: Oh, I am aware of your dislike for this am I

    TECHNOBABE: Thank you for the kind words...

    SONGBIRD: LOL...yup, I guess it could be - and thanks on the thoughts for Dad and Matt

  10. Dr. Bondo Says:
  11. ...sounds like someone could use a couple of Vicodin, a snort of Jack, and some lovin' from a good woman. Hang in there, Pal. Hey! Free Hotdog for you!!...

  12. Jay Says:
  13. People who don't call back or answer their emails are the worst. Incredibly rude and down right unprofessional. And, if it's a personal email it's just as bad if not worse when they don't reply.

    Good vibes to dad Vince and son Matt!

  14. DAD VINCE Says:

  16. DOCTOR: LOL two of the three will definitely happen


    DAD: oops...plasty...gram...ooops
    But you are good, so, so are we

  17. that girl Says:
  18. the endless personal phone calls from the office are the ones that send me over the edge. and strange that these are always the folks complaining cause they have too much work. i love it even more when they say ' i gotta run to the kitchen for a coffee, can you grab the phone if it rings, i'm expecting a call from the realtor. yeah, hate those.

  19. Unknown Says:
  20. Wait, people want you to kill people for them? Does this have anything to do with those men in business suits with a common goal?

    Yay for Daddy Vince and prayers for Son Matt!

  21. THAT GIRL: OH Yeah...those are exactly what I am talking about

    DANA: I have no idea what you mean...nope nope


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