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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, September 13, 2010

Tonight at 9pm Central on Music On The Couch I sit with Chris Hudgins who was on back in March as a last second replacement when Chris Huff went down...Well since that time, Mr. Hudgins has released his first full-length album "I'll Survive", did some touring, then recently he has gotten together with Hannah and Mike Jackson to form the band SCRAPYARD LULLABY.

They have not recorded any music yet, but Chris has said he is going to try and get Hannah and Mike to join us.

We also get to meet Robinson Treacher, who comes to us through a Couch Favorite, Scott Krokoff. Robinson's debut album "Chrome" is impressive. Robinson was front man to the soul-rock infused DELwRE HUDSON and was also co-collaborator to the Alt-Country based TENSLEEP. Now he is out there solo and catching the ear of those who are lucky to hear him.

Both of these gentleman were originally scheduled back in July when I had to cancel the show after throwing out my back, so I am thrilled to present them together as intended.

OK, now I am not sure I am supposed to say this...Nancy said I could, but was she testing me?

Is she video taping this? Well, she really would not need to do that since she can just read it and it is here forever.

Here meaning the interwebz (I never used that phrase before...not sure I like it...I don't, gonna slash it out)...OK, now that that is done, let me begin again...

Here meaning the wide gore

Where the heck was I? OH yeah..anyway, with that buildup you would expect I was going to tell you that this weekend, we bought this:

Well, no, we did not buy that...In fact, we did not even buy this...

Though the offer was really really tempting...

But we did make a final decision on our cell phone plan and phones. You see, Nancy has been on AT&T with one of her sons and her mom. On the other hand, I have been a Verizon customer, with Matt.

Well after what seemed like 20 days of talking to representatives of both companies - but in actuality it was only 15 hours...FIFTEEN HOURS!!!...ONLY????...we decided upon moving Nancy, Peter and mom over to Verizon.

The kicker really was that we had gone through the process of buying phones and switching Matt and I over to AT&T..and then..with Nancy, well..."OH, you need this program to do that" (even though we were originally told it was standard) then when we heard only $10, we agreed...

I leave to get dinner for the three of us and get a call from Nancy saying she had stopped it all. Why? because to use the program (tethering her computer to her iPhone), she would lose her grandfathered unlimited data plan and have to get a limited 2G plan.

Part of the reason for tethering was to send business information - a ton of data!

So, as of Saturday, yours truly has a new Droid2...and it has been fun to use so far, allowing me to track my fantasy teams much better than on my Crackberry and I can still use my iTunes library by spending $2.00 on an app that does that sort of thing...

Now...what do I do with my iTouch????

How was your weekend? What did y'all do?

5 Of Your Sparks

  1. BTW, that is NOT a photo of a Droid2, my friend. That looks suspiciously like the original Motorola Droid. My husband has one. I, as you know, have the Droid X; both are vast improvements over the crackberry, as you have already discovered. I LOVE it, and I haven't even begun to tap into the potential.

    BTW, I had a bonus gift given to me. I downloaded the NFL Mobile app about three days before the start of the season. I found out that I have access to the full broadcasts that will happen later in the season..........FOR FREE because of a special, unadvertised offer. SCORE!

    I'm going to try and listen to the show live tonight. Mondays are always hectic, but we'll see. I know I can listen in the archive, and I try, but sometimes the week just zooms by, and it's all I can do to just strap in and hold on. :)

    Have a great Monday, my friend, and break a leg tonight. You'll rock, as you always do. :)

  2. Unknown Says:
  3. That's what kept me from AT & T, its plans are so expensive I just decide to stick with Sprint. I have the EVO which I love. I think Android is going to be the phone operating system to go with in the future, it continues to grow and expand.

    Now I hope this goes through, I tried to leave comments over the weekend and blogger was not liking me.

  4. ...remember the carrier pigeon?...

  5. Jay Says:
  6. If or when I decide to upgrade to a fancy-schmacy smart phone thingy it will be a Droid. Unless Apple finally relents and makes the iPhone available on Verizon and other carriers. Keeping the AT&T exclusive is Apple just flipping off their customers and saying "You'll buy our product anyway so F-You" Well, no I won't!

  7. Travis Cody Says:
  8. I guess it's all in what you need it for, plus the carrier you use and how exclusive the various manufacturers want to be. I upgraded to a Blackberry and I'm happy with it. I'm also happy with Sprint, so there's no way I'll even look at any brand that won't operate on the Sprint network.


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