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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunday was fantabuloso! Everyone had a grand time and there were lots of laughs.

it was wonderful to sit with these great folks without them having to be rushing to get back on stage.

unfortunately a couple of people could not join us due to last minute obligations and an illness...

Also unfortunately, we were having such a good time I totally forgot about my camera..so no pics (bad me)

A guitar came out for a little while, but I had promised no one had to play for their meal and Eric came from a gig so he was not in the mood to play!

For those who did not get my email --- gee, did I mention this already? But I did not make the cut into the second round of the FoodBuzz contest. I guess I really did not work hard enough...

Oh well...

Please add Dad Vince to your prayers at night. He will be getting radiation over the next weeks as he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

F**K I hate that F**KING WORD!!!!

Good news is that it is contained, so the prognosis is good.

To my male friends...you need to get your doctor to run a PSA test with your blood work especially after 50...EARLY DETECTION is the key

Dad..you are one strong S.O.B. and you will be getting on that ship with us in 8 weeks...Love you

Yesterday on FaceBook I was involved in a conversation regarding this years inductee list for the Rock and Roll hall Of Fame and it once again brings my call to change the name of the place.

You CAN NOT induct Donna Summer into a Rock and Roll Hall OF Fame. Beastie Boys? Love em...Rock and Roll? Nope...

Rush snubbed again...dumb...

When will the committee take their heads out of their collective a**es and stop the tomfoolery?

If you want to allow people like Summers and Madonna and the Beasties in, change the name of the place to the Music Hall Of Fame.

And then, OK...open it up to the last of the genres which seems to not be involved...classical music.

BUT you can not continue calling it the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME and have these artists included.

Jann Wenner is now the force there in Cleveland and I for one am glad he began Rolling Stone Magazine, but Jann, seriously...your personal taste in music is not and should not be the defining nature of this Hall.

Monday I got hit with a migraine and left work.  Slept until about an hour before show time and then did the show.  During my second segment my internet went down!  Thankfully, my guest stayed around and we were able to complete the show.

Unfortunately, there is a five minute gap there.  I am trying to see if there is a way to delete that gap in the archives, but as I am not a PREMIUM host (meaning I pay money - not happening now), I am not sure that will happen..so if you download the show...fast forward when the gap comes, because there is more interview and more music to be heard.

Today...is the migraine hangover day....sucks, but I am at work.

Thanks for coming by and making a comment...those of you who remain here are special indeed.

My friend and fraternity brother Bruce Byers is a photographer by trade, passion, talent. This is from an email I received yesterday:

Since 2006 I have taken a side track into the world of Non-Profits. It has been a real eye opener as I have traveled into Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, China, The West Bank documenting the great work of the doctors who are helping children without much in their lives.

This Fall I go back into Bangladesh with Hope Foundation and Smilebangladesh.org

They will be doing cleft repair on children in the area of Cox's Bazar in southern
Bangladesh. My documentation of their work brings the stories of these children
back home.

I have set up a project on:


To help fund raise to make my work possible.

Donations can also be made to Smile Bangladesh by sending them to me directly and
I will make sure they receive the funds.

I know this is a hard time for everyone and it is the connections you might have that will help the most. Of course funds help a lot, but also frequent flyer miles, supplies, equipment and connections to sponsors goes a long way too.

Thank you for passing it on.

Missions so far www.brucebyers.com/missions

If you know a non-profit that could use photography please also pass on my info.

I promised I would put this up here and hopefully generate some interest...if you would like to pass this on to your readers, please do so. Bruce is doing some very special work - check out the link to his missions.

12 Of Your Sparks

  1. Ken Says:
  2. I hope your Dad kicks it's ass as well as he kicks ass on the dance floor with your mom.
    They were as hot dancing out there on the floor as any old radiation could be.

  3. DrillerAA09 Says:
  4. Your family is now a part of my prayer list. May the God of all creation make Himself known to you in very special ways during the days ahead.
    Early detection is the key to cure for any disease and an annual physical is the best thing anyone can do for themselves after age 50.

  5. LAC Says:
  6. Sending prayers for your Dad!

    Glad the migraine didn't knock you down for the count. Those can be very nasty.

    I saw quite a few conversations about the hall of fame picks on facebook. Did they really induct Run DMC? Really?? That's why I love me some country music. hahaha.

  7. Mic stole my comment...

  8. Jay Says:
  9. Shout out to Dad Vince!

    And men, lets all go visit Dr. Jellyfinger and get checked out every year!

    It's all Rock 'n Roll to me.

    Okay, not really. But, whatever. ;-)

  10. Linda Says:
  11. Best wishes to your Dad on beating that cancer and having a grand time on your cruise in 8 weeks. It is horrible word - agreed!

    I totally agree with you on the name of the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. If you're going to allow every other genre in there then you need to change the name! Either that or restore it to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and build another place for everything else!

  12. MICKEYT: Thanks for the good wishes Sir...

    DRILLERAA: Your prayers are much appreciated

    LISA: Thank you my friend...RUNDMC is nominated, not in yet

    PHFRANKIE: he is like that

    JAY: Thanks dude and yup about the checkup and also besides Mr Finger, ask they doa PSA test to your blood

    LINDA: Thanks Linda...I will accept another building for all the rest..yes I would

  13. Doc Says:
  14. Im not the most huge KISS fan by any stretch but all of these groups in there before KISS even being nominated is not right. #justsayin'

  15. Unknown Says:
  16. Oh no - I didn't know about your father! I'll add him (and you as well) to my prayers!

  17. Maggie Moo Says:
  18. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad-he'll be in my prayers.

  19. Travis Cody Says:
  20. I'm definitely with you on the HOF. I have no objection to the artists you mentioned being recognized as worthy of induction into a HOF. But if this is the way the R&R HOF is trending, then it's time to change it to the MHOF as you suggest. Nothing wrong with that, IMO.

    Best wishes for your dad's speedy and full recovery!

  21. I'm sorry I'm late; it was crazy busy at the end of last week.

    But I'm here now, and I shall pray like a fiend for your dad. :)


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