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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, October 11, 2010

So, I downloaded a new voice recorder app for my Droid so I could record notes over the time at The Biscuit, and then forgot to use it once! SOme things my addled brain did remember...

Did you hear that Wolfgang;s Vault, the entity that owns the King Biscuit Flower Hour name. The show’s name was derived from the influential blues radio show “King Biscuit Time”, which was sponsored by the King Biscuit Flour Co., and the hippie phrase “flower power”.

The festival had the name the King Biscuit Blues and Heritage Festival. In 2004, festival organizers learned they'd lost the right to use the name, because it was controlled by a New York management group.

But it was announced on Thursday evening, just before Mr. Riley B. King took the stage that Wolfgang's Vault, which bought the rights to the name from this management group recently. So...THE BISCUIT IS BACK, which is a thrill for fans.

We were able to park for $5 each day, in the same lot, two blocks from the main stage entrance.

Met so many people who had been to 15, 18, 20, all 25 years of the festival. That is dedication and it shows in the overall age of the crowd.

The crowd is, understandably, older and that aids in the ease by which you could move from stage to stage.

The weather - perfect.  Bright blues skies, 80-90 degrees with the temp at midnight when the shows ended about 60-65 degrees.  Of course last year was cold and rainy!

The main stage ( Sonny Boy Williamson) is right on the levee for the Mississippi. The last couple of hours before sunset end up requiring something to shade your face.

We met a group from Memphis, who take a boat owned by one of them down each year. They live on the boat and the marina is walking distance.

The second stage (Lockwood Stackhouse) is three blocks down between two buildings with natural seating provided by a loading dock half-walls, some piles of timber and then an area for chairs. This is the stage we saw Eden Brent, The Wampus Cats, Lonnie Shields, Don McMinn and a number of other great smaller bands.  nancy remarked she liked that stage even better than the main stage for its intimacy.

The last stage (Emerging Artists) is a small stage three blocks further up with very little shade for the band or the guests. We stopped for a little while on Friday as we had time to walk from one end of town to the other (about 1.5 miles or so), and passed it.  There were some good performances there, I was told, but it's distance from the main area and the plethora of incredible acts on the two other stages meant this stage lost out as far as out time.

Here is how it works for those spending the entire day; first thing upon arrival, you go to the main stage, set up your chairs. then you are set for whenever there is an act you want to see.  On Saturday, we had our chairs set up.  Watched Pinetop (FANTASTIC for 97), then spent the next 3+ hours at the second stage.  We then returned to the main stage and our chairs were right where we left them..and my hat was still strapped to the arm of the chair.

You have to buy coupons (Blues Bucks) for all food and drink and thus they control the stream of money and the vendors do not have to do transactions.

Food prices were in the $6-$8 range for entrees.  Beer was $2 for a 12oz Bud or Bud Light.  Water was $2.  No coolers are allowed, inside the parimeter of the Festival Zone", but no one checked bags.  So, you could get a few waters in and drunk before they went too warm. We went back a time or two to fill up on waters and some beers.   

When it got very crowded Saturday evening and many of the locals were there and an incident threatened, the police quickly and quietly diffused the situation.

My partner, my love is the best event sharer I have ever had. When I did not think of something, she did. And looking over and seeing a huge smile on her face as she discovers someone new - well that is nirvana for any music lover to witness.

She also saw that look on me when we witnessed Paul Thorn and Michael Burks. These two gentlemen are incredible musicians whom I had never heard. I am working to get each of them some time on The Couch in the near future...


Tonight on Music On The Couch, I feature blues artists from Tampa and Boston. Damon Fowler is a guitarist with flair and also soul...not to mention the blues. His newest album, Sugar Shack is a great collection of delta, Piedmont, Texas and Chicago blues. Then from Boston, we will be speaking with Gracie Curran who fronts the High Falutin' Band. They are just getting started, so we decided to bring them in and find out where they are headed.

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  1. CiCi Says:
  2. I like the joy you feel seeing your love's smile as she enjoys the music too.

  3. "If you want to find the truth in life, don't pass music by...and you know I would not lie"- Eric Burdon (from the song Monterey)

  4. Travis Cody Says:
  5. Sounds like a fantastic weekend. I had no doubt that you would have a great time.

    And congrats to the Yankees for closing out in 3.

  6. TECHNOBABE: is special.

    PHFRANKIE: Great line

    TRAVIS: Was fantastic. and thanks on the Yanks.

  7. Jay Says:
  8. Good times dude!

  9. katherine. Says:
  10. it does sound like a wonderful trip...for both of you!

  11. JAY

  12. JAY: It was indeed good times

    KATHERINE: we had a joyous time

  13. Dianne Says:
  14. I'm so glad you both had such a good time :)

  15. When you mentioned Nancy's smile, it brought tears to my eyes. So wonderful for you. For both of you. :)

  16. DIANNE: Thanks

    SONGBIRD: It brought tears to my eyes wonderful to have a true partner in life.


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