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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, October 18, 2010

  • Friday afternoon - Had my first feature published on AMERICAN BLUES NEWS where they used my review of Barbara Blue's new album "Royal Blue", which you can find HERE. This week my three day review of the Arkansas Heritage and Blues Festival (now the King Biscuit Heritage and Blues Festival). I hope to be a regular contributor there.
  • Friday night - big Yankee comeback
  • Saturday - big Yankee stumble
  • Sunday - NY Giants win
    • Doc's Blog and Twitter League - win 2 - 4- 0 (yeah, not so good here)
    • Jay's Open Bar League - loss - 3 -3
    • ABL Fantasy League - loss - 4 - 2 (thanks Phillip Rivers and your -3 points)
    • King Of The Hill Survivor League - win - 1 out of 3 of our "teams" left - 27 out of 126 teams left
    • Phone Calls From Church League - TBD, we are up by 9 points. This league is a scoring only league. You score, you get 6 pts. Def gets a point for Ints and sacks. So a running back can get 200yds and not cross the goal get ZIP.  It is also the only money league I play and have played for 9 years. 
  • Huge Game Tonight - Pettitte v Lee - The Ballpark in the Bronx
  • MNF - The NFL decided to give us Tennessee v Jacksonville - snorrrrrrrrrrrre
  • Music On The Couch -  Rob Drabkin a singer-songwriter who is making waves out of Denver with his infectious rock and pop and the band Tin Pan...a very cool swing, jazz, blues band out of New York City.
    Yeah, I know I end up losing out on the live audience, but I hope y'all download and listen.   Some big shows coming up over the next few weeks.

      10 Of Your Sparks

      1. Jay Says:
      2. I don't see any reason why everyone can't listen in archives at least once a day. Maybe twice if they try.

      3. Because, Jay, some of us barely have time to sit down and have a meal or go to the bathroom! ;-P

        I wanna know on MNF if BOTH teams can lose. Please? Please? I'd settle for a tie, though. :)

      4. JAY: I agree

        SONGBIRD: OK, so download them anyway...get us numbers! LOL
        Tonight is a snooze-fest...better to listen to new music!

      5. katherine. Says:
      6. ah...never occurred to me to download them.

        If the Giants play the Yanks in the series...

      7. CiCi Says:
      8. You did a great job with the feature you wrote for American Blues News. I am a fan of Al Green and I will be checking into the music of Barbara Blue.

      9. DrillerAA09 Says:
      10. Those pin stripes have stumbled twice now. Hmmm.

      11. Travis Cody Says:
      12. So far, Texas has most of the edge on the mound and they are getting all the timely hits. And they took back the home field advantage last night behind Cliff Lee.

        Yankees better get the bats working.

      13. not take this personally, Good Sir, but I LOVE seeing Andy lose...

      14. KATHERINE: Then I have not been doing my job...yes all shows can be downloaded and listened to while driving, relaxing, soaking in a tub...

        TECHNOBABE: Thank you and yes, you should

        DRILLER: But it takes 4

        TRAVIS: True true true...let's talk about the comeback though!

        ALOWISHUS: Welcome home my brother...and pffffffffffffffft to you!

      15. It's NEVER a snooze-fest if two AFC South teams are playing, Vinny. I HAVE to keep tabs on the division and how it affects my boys in blue!


      Music On The Couch