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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, October 14, 2010

Such a wonderful result coming out of Chili Chile (as was pointed out by my new editor in chief, Songbird, where the miners have been rescued. This is another example where social media has taken over from traditional media in many aspects.

On Facebook and Twitter, the news of the day keeps rocketing back and forth between users. Just think of what it was like 50 years, 40 years even 10 years ago. Rememebr there was a time where we did not have cable TV and the news was on twice a day (6 and 11pm eastern) and if anything happened between those times, you would get cut-ins from your local station giving you the latest news.

Today, there are cable news stations broadcasting 24/7/365, where anything that is happening can be found.

But you are not at home or near a TV, what would you do back then? Wait for the newspaper the next day...turn on the all-news station on your radio...

Today? Click on your browser and have hundreds of stories regarding an event right at your fingertips. Heck, just grab your smart-phone and then news is there for you in seconds. While in Helena, my Yankees were playing. Easy peasey, just grab the phone, click on my Yankees link and there is the score for me to see (a sweep of the Twins...bring on the Rangers).

You have all seen those emails where they talk about the high school graduating class for the year and the things they have never had to live without or things they never had.

Johnny Carson? Most high schoolers would not know him if he walked up to them...

None of them have had to eendure waiting until the next morning to see if your team won a late night game.

Ah...the world today.

Is there something you miss from the "olden days"?

Is there something you hate about today?

What do you think is the next big change in our world?

Brett Favre is totally wishing he had stayed in MS mowing his lawn and playing pickup games in his wranglers...if it is proved those pictures are of him, then he should be suspended for a couple of games at a minimum. Personal conduct is a big time situation with the commish of the NFL.

Bring on the Rangers...I believe my Yankees have the advantage of a rested pitching staff...

Did you real about the University of Virginia Football player who played a good portion of the game with the tip of his finger missing?

This is one heck of a story, you can read about it HERE. This kid's draft status just went up...teams love a touch as nails lineman...

I have garnered two writing situations. One reviewing albums and one doing stories and reviews. Once I can discuss more, I will.

7 Of Your Sparks

  1. LAC Says:
  2. And I really thought Favre was one of the good guys. Goes to show you, nothing is as it seems.

    Ewww on the missing finger, but what devotion to the game!
    Is there something you miss from the "olden days"? - When friends actually called you to see how you are. I think FB and blogs are making it to easy to "check in" on your buddies and not actually make that personal contact. You read, you move on. I miss the calls, the notes, the visits. The contact!

    Is there something you hate about today?

    Driving with cell phones!!!!!!

    What do you think is the next big change in our world?

    Tele-work - the onslaught of pandemic flus and illness will have employers itching to find ways to keep the company running without the people there. Its starting in the gov't.

  3. If things like that were coming out of my chili, then I'd have to re-examine my ability to cook. Or where I was ordering said chili. *snark* More to the point, I'm thrilled for Chile that they showed to the rest of the world that miracles DO happen each and every day. Sometimes we just need to have some patience.

    As a busy, over-scheduled mom, I'm thrilled that I am so connected with my smartphone, but at the same time, it drives me insane that I'm so attached to it. I have to force myself to put it down, unplug myself from all outside distractions, and focus on the most important things: myself, my husband, and my children. It's difficult.

    So, I hate technology while I love it. As to the next break through gadget or trend? Who knows? I try to stay unplugged with tech trends; that's my husband's job. ;)

  4. BWAHAHAHAHA! You rock, my friend. *giggle, snort*

  5. Ken Says:
  6. 1) When kids would all go out after supper to meet up and DO SOMETHING fun outside.

    2) Why everybody WANTS so much of so many things that are not needed for a fulfilling and happy life.

    3) Inviting all my friends over for a party by hologram. The clean up will be real easy.

  7. DrillerAA09 Says:
  8. Since we lived in Dallas for a couple of years...bring on the pin stripes!!! Game on.

    I do remember when we were all glued to our televisions for days during the moon landing and throughout the space program. Now, we seemed to be so desensitized to the world around us, there isn't much that captures our attention any longer. The Chile miner story is incredible. I don't think I would have survived that ordeal. I would have gone mad several weeks ago.

  9. LISA: Great answers..thanks for playing

    SONGBIRD: As you know, I changed it and you now have an unpaid position on my staff

    MICKEYT: YES to #1 - YES to #2 and HELL YEAH to #3

    DRILLER: careful what you wish for! And I would have been in that mad state with you Sir.

  10. Mimi Lenox Says:
  11. I miss fresh veggies from a homegrown garden ...even if Daddy made me dig potatoes.


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