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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Wednesday, October 20, 2010

So, this post was originally set for Tuesday, but dear old Blogger decided to ONCE AGAIN take a scheduled post and reset it to DRAFT!!!!

Then I awoke and had like 4 more comments on my Monday post and decided to let it sit for a second day.

I have always posted 5 days a week (except for those raw times and scheduled hiatuses) but I am wondering, with the reduced traffic, if it makes sense to continue to do so...more on this to come...

And again today, the same thing...is Blogger trying to tell em not to post anymore???

Get ready for the FOX-heads and TeaBaggers to have a ball with this one...President Obama will appear on the TV show "MythBusters"...Discovery says the episode considers this question: Did Greek scientist Archimedes set fire to an invading Roman fleet using only mirrors and the reflected rays of the sun?

But you know how this is going to turn out, don't you?

"Ah he is on to see if they can prove he is an American"

"Maybe they can prove he is a Muslim"


The episode has already been taped and is part of a White House push to promote math and science education.

Did you know it is only 16 15 days until the next BlogBlast For Peace?

Well it is almost here. Are you going to participate either on your blog or on Facebook where the group is represented HERE.

I am working on my globe and will offer up my services to anyone who needs assistance.

I mean...HUH?????

The NFL could soon start suspending players for dangerous helmet hits, executive vice president of football operations Ray Anderson told The Associated Press on Monday.

A day after several scary collisions in Sunday’s games, Anderson acknowledged the league might need to do more than fining players to prevent such hits—and soon.

OK kiddies..this is freakin stupid, because it is so hard to think about this before it happens. When you begin to ask players to think about the hit before it happens, you will end up with even more injuries.

Maybe it is time to lessen the amount of equipment the players wear...get rid of all the padding that makes them feel 'safe'...

Something needs to be done before we have some really major injuries on the field...

Your thoughts?

To paraphrase Dennis Green "Cliff Lee was who we thought he was"...yup, the guy was masterful on Monday and my Yankees find themselves down 2-1 in the ALCS. Have the country is cheering and whooping it up at the moment (half...heck-a-doodle, it is probably more like 80%...

But this is my Yankee team and they are resilient. If oyu only looked at the score, it is misleading. The score was 2-0 Texas in the top of the 9th and then our normally reliable relief corps took it on the chin (think Yankee 8th inning in game 1)...

So...is it over - HELL NO

AM I nervous - NOT YET

My three-part article on the Arkansas Blues and Heritage Festival is now running on American Blues News, along with an interview about the history of the festival and my friend Robert "Nighthawk" Tooms also has an article written from the perspective of a musician/fan at the fest..check them out at AMERICAN BLUES NEWS.

13 Of Your Sparks

  1. Travis Cody Says:
  2. I say, don't let the number of comments dictate when or how often you decide to post. Write when you have something to say. Some will read and move on. Others will read and decide to comment.

    I do have some thoughts about the dangerous hitting in the NFL, just not enough time to focus them this morning. I shall return later on that issue.

    I say blogging is for the writer, whether or not anyone comments!

  3. Barry Bondo Says:
  4. ...ah, but it is GREAT to be a San Francisco Giant phfan right now!...

  5. Jay Says:
  6. "The episode has already been taped and is part of a White House push to promote math and science education."

    That's what REALLY pisses the Tea Party types off.

    Well, the Yankees are down 3-1 now. Are you nervous YET?

    Also, you'll enjoy Cliff Lee and Josh Hamilton more next year when they're both playing for the Yankees. If you can't beat 'em, buy 'em! ;-)

  7. Jay Says:
  8. And oh yeah ... I think if you watch the video of the helmet-2-helmet hits by both the Patriots player and the Steelers linebacker from last Sunday, it's REALLY obvious that they were intentional and malicious. I think that's what the NFL is talking about suspending players for.

  9. TRAVIS: I should do just that....and I am looking forward to your comments on the hits

    BARRY: My brother is a Giants fan, so you get to slide today!

    JAY: LOL Yeah, teach kids to use intelligence is something the Tea Baggers would hate...

    Not nervous yet...need to win 4

    and I think the hit by Dunta Robinson getting a fine is a joke

  10. DrillerAA09 Says:
  11. Now they're down 3-1. Nervous yet?

    Yep, maybe they should reduce the equipment. Soccer, Rugby, and Austrailan rules football all have far less safety gear and I suspect fewer injuries. I have to agree, I don't think you can truly ask a competitive athelete to think, a split second, before he acts..."Am I gonna get fined for this?"

    In all honesty, I would like to see the President truly take charge and run the contry instead of continuing to run for office. I haven't seen anything from this President, or the Democratic controlled Congress that would lead me to believe we are any better off than we were before they took control. I have reached that point that I have very little use for politicans of any kind.

  12. DRILLER: Still not nervous

    14-0 tonight
    game 6 we win 4-3 and then for game 7 we are putting Kryptonite in the rosin bag to slow down Cliff "Superman" Lee!

  13. I think......I think that.....

    Ai, yi, yi, I think I'm out of words...........I got nuthin'.

    Sorry. I'll leave my crumbs and move on to the next time.....

  14. Travis Cody Says:
  15. OK. The helmet to helmet issue.

    My problem is never with accidental collisions, where a defender has correct technique and would make contact with his shoulder pads, below the offensive player's neck. But sometimes the offensive player twists or ducks at the last minute, which can cause bad contact...helmet on helmet, or even shoulder pads to helmet. That's part of the game and as much the offensive player's risk as the defender's.

    The hits in question this past weekend, and the hits which need to be legislated out of the game, are not of the accidental variety. Those bad hits involve defenders launching themselves at offensive players with intent to intimidate. Some will say we can't police a player's intent...watch the film. Intent is pretty clear. Otherwise, why launch yourself head first at another guy?

    I played defensive back, and I was always taught to keep my balance and my center, only hit what I could see, and never launch off the ground into a tackle. When you do that, most of the time you whiff on the tackle, or you hurt yourself.

    It's like a ball carrier leaving his feet to try and jump a tackle. Most of the time the guy is going to get his legs taken out, get flipped awkwardly, and have no way to brace his fall. He's helpless against another hit and contact with the ground. He's likely going to land badly and get hurt. Not only that, but ball security goes out the window because you're flailing around in the air looking for your center of balance, and the ball comes away from your body...that's physics and it's going to happen when your feet lose contact with the ground.

    Launching yourself, whether as a defender making a hit or as an offensive player trying to evade one, is not safe or effective. It's just foolish.

    Anyway, I don't think fines are enough to stop defenders from launching head first into dangerous tackles. I don't think fines are enough to stop defenders from blowing up backs and receivers. I don't think they'll stop doing it until they start losing games.

    I also think that reducing the amount of padding may be contributing to injuries. Look at the number of receivers and defensive backs that don't wear proper thigh and hip pads, and also use the smaller shoulder pads. Players want to be quicker and more agile, so they don't gear up. The league allows it, but watch how often these guys hit the ground and gimp off to the sidelines because muscle alone just isn't enough to withstand some of these full speed impacts.

    Hell, Jerry Rice busted up his knee late in his career when he landed on regular grass, directly on his knees, while wearing full knee pads. I watch guys hit this new style turf on their bare knees, and a lot of them can't get up. Or if they do, they have to sit a couple of plays until the sting goes away.

    But at the end of the day, I don't think it's about the pads. I think it's about sacrificing technique to blow somebody up and make the high light reel. I listened to the MNF guys this week, and they spoke about how the NFL has to start suspending guys for these vicious hits. And then in the very next breath, they praised Chuck Cecil for being a "hard hitter" and "pushing the envelope" as a "tough" defensive back, and for "bringing an attitude" to the Tennessee secondary.

    The league can suspend guys. But how do you reverse the "BOOM" mentality that is prevalent across the board, from players to media?

    That's my ramble.

  16. As usual, Travis makes very valid points, and had I been smart enough or coherent enough, I might have had said something vaguely like what he said.


  17. SONGBIRD: no worries, Travis took time to formulate and when he does that he is untouchable

  18. Dianne Says:
  19. I read that Obama is considering not visiting a sacred shrine in India because the REQUIRED head garb for EVERYONE who enters will make him look like a Muslim
    how sad and pathetic that the right is given the power to keep OUR president from visiting an important place in his effort to unite countries and cultures

    and I agree with Jay - the last thing the Tea Party wants any part of is math and science

  20. "FOX-heads and TeaBaggers"

    I find it simply amusing that both "sides" talk of each other as stupid sheep. That IS their plan you know.

    One thing is for sure, both parties march together in creating a massive and all powerful central government. The rest is just a show.


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