Monday and a new week begins

Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Monday, November 15, 2010

This is now my busiest time of the year. It is when new creative is being designed for the 2011 campaigns and I am ~cough~ negotiating the pricing for all of the work I am responsible to produce. Then off on the road to be there when the material is printed...

Tough when it is smack dab in the middle of the holidays, but it is what it is...

I will be slowing down I haven't already?...for the month of December.

I will continue to participate in Travis' Five On Friday and hope to be here one other day of the week...but other than that, with the cruise next week, I will schedule a post ...but then, think about it...after the holidays I can show you all the neat things we did on the cruise!

Now, Jay...calm will be here soon enough!

Tonight is a special show with two fantastic musicians who are also incredible human beings.

Keyboard/Harpist/Vocalist Robert Nighthawk" Tooms and Bassist/Vocalist Leo Goff, from Memphis, TN. These two have been playing music since their teens and both played on the original Beale Street with a who's who list of artists.

They are both going to be on at the same time, as they have played together for years...and the dynamics when they are together is incredible. They will also be L-I-V-E at my home, so this is a first!

Hope you can join us at 10e/9c/8m/7p or anytime after the show ends on Music On The Couch

8 Of Your Sparks

  1. Ken Says:
  2. I'm sure the cruise will help relax you a bit for your busy season.
    We won't be doing much other than the same old same old. It is what it is and we'll be just fine with that.
    Enjoy the holidays!

  3. Travis Cody Says:
  4. I took nearly the entire month of December away from regular blogging last year. It was a nice vacation.

    Stay sane and drink lots of water!

  5. *shhhh*...Mic likes to wear the MuMu and dance with the turkey!...

  6. Jay Says:
  7. So while you're on a cruise, I'll be hanging out in exotic and enchanting ... uh ... Nebraska.

  8. Enjoy the cruise, my friend. While you're cruising, I'll be enjoying 24 hours unplugged in Vegas: no husband, no kids. :)

    Don't work too hard.

  9. CiCi Says:
  10. You are actually one of the busiest guys I know. I don't know how you do it all.

  11. Dianne Says:
  12. a cruise sounds wonderful!!

  13. Maggie Moo Says:
  14. Hoping your busy time isn't a very crazy time...


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