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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Tuesday, January 04, 2011

So, I go to Florida for Christmas and encounter in 40 degree temperatures. Not so bad considering the Northeast (where I grew up and lived until 5 years ago), got some 20+ inches of snow at that time, but it was still cold.

Now, I fly to Southern California for business and it is 45 degrees and raining! Wait...Albert Hammond told us it "never rains in Southern California"...well, Mr. does!

If you are a part of my email list, you were informed that Music On The Couch will continue to live on BlogTalk Radio.

It almost did not happen.

You see, BTR has decided to charge their hosts to continue to be able to broadcast for more than 30 minutes a day and in prime-time hours.

The show can not be done during the day, as I work.  Recording the interviews and playing them during prime-time does not fulfill my overall desire for the show.

I did research on some other alternatives (LiveStream / UStream and a few others), but what I came up with is that MOTC does not really fit into a video format. If my guests were all 'in studio' it might make sense. But to have my listeners just see me there in front of my computer the whole time does not make sense.

If all my guests had video feeds, maybe I could arrange to have them on screen, but that is not always the case.

I could have spent a ton of time doing pre-production to put together video images of the guest, but that would take way more time out of my life and I already spend between 4-6 hours of pre-production time for each show as it is.

The fee is small comparatively speaking, but money is very tight right now.

The solution was staring me in the face. You see, I am now writing reviews at a site called Review You, whee bands or artists pay to have reviews written for their albums or singles. They use these reviews on sites like CD Baby or iTunes and also their website. This allows those looking to buy music the opportunity to read about the album.

The reviews are honestly written...I have already panned two albums I received. But I am writing between 3-7 a month so that gives me more than enough income to cover MOTC.

So, the great circle of musical life is complete. A band pays to have their music reviewed and I get paid to do so. I use that money to pay for MOTC thus enabling me to continue to feature artists and bands who I think deserve to be promoted.

Everyone wins...I hope.

MOTC will be back this Monday evening. The two guests will be confirmed today and I will let you know who they are tomorrow hopefully.

SO, back to work...see y'all tomorrow!

10 Of Your Sparks

  1. Jay Says:
  2. Eventually we'll make the decision to pay on BTR too, but for now I guess our show is going to half hour. Or we might still try Talk Shoe which looks pretty small time and doesn't have much marketing power, but for us that doesn't really matter.

  3. ...keep up the good work, Vin!...

  4. JAY: In the end, as I told you, it was the best solution for me.

    PHFRANKIE: I will continue to try Sir.

  5. Travis Cody Says:
  6. This is excellent news. Now that MNF is finished, I'm hoping to be able to stop by more regularly and listen live.

  7. DrillerAA09 Says:
  8. I don't often get the chance to listen to the show, but I do visit the sites of the artists that are featured. I now own music by Reba Russell and Don Ray because of MOTC. Keep up the good work, and keep the great blues coming.

  9. LAC Says:
  10. I can never seem to get the chance to listen, but I am really glad you found a way to continue to help new artists. Music is a tough biz and they need all the help they can get. Keep up the great work.

  11. TRAVIS: Looking forward to your presence again

    DRILLER: Glad I can expand your love of music. Remember you can always listen in archives

    LISA: Download from the archives and listen on your drives to/from work! LOL THANKS

  12. RW Says:
  13. Your hard worker Vin, writing reviews can be tough for a good guy. Loved the Linda Lovelace comment LOL!

  14. ROGER: I just tell it like I hear it and let the chips fall...

    the LL comment just jumped off my fingers

  15. I have discovered, lately, that more and more, the things that are supposed to work out will happen. Somehow, some way, things work out. And then I don't have to stress out about it. If it doesn't happen, then I move on to something else. Opportunities present themselves to us every single day; sometimes we just need to let things happen.


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