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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ah yes, THIS is why I moved south! No really, this was yesterday about 4:00pm. The snow was just tapering off. Final total here about 4".

Now you see, for a New YAWKER that is nothing. The plows come out and move the snow to the side and salt/sand the roadways. Sure it's still not the Indy 500, but if you are smart and use your senses, all is well and good.

OK, Memphis, not a whole lot of money in the budget for snow removal. Yesterday, my normal 30 minute drive home took 2 hours. Snow began falling at the office at noon and I left at 1:40pm. They officially closed the offices at 2:30pm, but I can tell you from experience that was an hour too late.

There ain't no plows out moving the snow and it accumulated quickly due to the presence of 20 degree temperatures. So, you get the cold heavy slush/snow mixture on the roads. Don't even go near the interstates. They were a total disaster.

Coming into Olive Branch, their two trucks are out going back and forth on the major overpass into town. Now, I had a feeling and I was right. About a mile from our home, it becomes county roads. FUGGETABOUTIT. Just as that happens, there is a hump back section. Up you go and then down into a valley and then an incline again.

Well there were cars backed up to the traffic light before the hill began. All these cars just sitting thee. I could not tell, but I figured someone had run off the road as they crested the hill. So I took a little detour and avoided that all.

I posted that picture on Facebook and a number of my Yankee friends all told me to suck it up! LOL Love them people and miss them all a ton...but not enough to have all the snow they have (9-foot drifts in Moncton, Canada! Yeah baby...bring daddy some of that...KIDDING!

Of course, when I got home I shoveled the driveway...I was the only one doing so in the neighborhood..."HEY ALICE, come check out the crazy Yankee shoveling his driveway! Don't he know he lives in the south and it will melt?" But with that much snow and knowing it would get down to the teens tonight all that light fluffy snow will turn into hard dense slick snow and ice.

Now sitting here at 10:00pm, knowing all the schools are already closed (they have to now go on President's Day and TWO Saturdays!), whether they will close the office tomorrow (today). If not, it should be an interesting commute to work.

Nancy was going to try and make it home yesterday from her business trip, but made the correct decision and will now arrive home later today.

Wish I had reset the white balance before taking this shot of Tucker (who has experienced snow before) maneuvering to get down the steps of the deck...He ended up not going too far and returning to the warmth of the inside.

Y'all have a grand day...

8 Of Your Sparks

  1. Your cat is handling the snow much better than my dog ever handled the rain here. My pup HATED rain. She refused to go outside when it rained. True desert dweller that one was!

    Northerner will always tease us when those of us south of the Dixie line complain about cold or snow, but they fail to remember that warm climates are not equipped to handle inclement weather, so an inch of rain or snow suddenly seems like a deluge. And every idiot driver who shouldn't drive even under ideal conditions are rolling death traps for all other motorists when it rains or snows.

    Yeah, sometimes it's just good to stay home and hunker down. A little imbibing makes it all more tolerable. ;)

    Sucks about the schools, though.....

  2. It is easy for folks like yourself to drive in this. It is very dangerous, for you and everyone else, with all of the Southern folks who have no clue what they're doing.

    I have a co-worker from around Chicago. About four years ago, we got less than two inches, and the whole city shut down (as usual). She called me and said, "What is going on? Are you serious?!?!?!?!"

    I said, "Yeah, this is serious here."

    She got mad and said, "I'm going to the movies."

    I said, "Hope they're open."

    She hung up.

  3. DrillerAA09 Says:
  4. Well, we got the brunt of this storm. Anywhere between 12-24 inches fell in Northwest Arkansas. It feel too fast for any removal equipment to keep up. However, I was surprised to see a couple of the roads had been cleared by yesterday afternoon. I stayed home yesterday. I'm going to work this morning.

  5. LAC Says:
  6. Yep, I think you've got the right attitude. Its been one wacky winter to say the least. Hope Nancy makes it home safe.

  7. Travis Cody Says:
  8. The same thing happens to us here in the Seattle area when we get snow. We're not fully equipped for it, although the city does a decent job of clearing the major roadways once the worst is over.

    The big issue we have is that Puget Sound is not flat. There are three major hills I have to navigate to get to work, not counting the 100 yard incline from my parking spot at home to the main road. All the detours also have hills. So when it gets snowy and icy, it just doesn't pay to try to go anywhere.

    It all comes down to what people are used to, I guess.

    Be safe!

  9. Jay Says:
  10. We got about 10 inches here. A lot for us, although we've been known to get some big snows from time to time. I went out and cleared off the car yesterday afternoon for the same reason that you shoveled. The snow was very fluffy and there wasn't any sleet or freezing rain with it. So I was able to brush it off easily. Today people will be struggling to scrape the frozen layer off their cars.

  11. Coco Says:
  12. *grinning* Sorry, I got nuthin' that won't irritate SOMEBODY ...

    Hope the winter ends soon for everybody. There's nowhere left to put the snow here. We're shovelling it straight up these days.


  13. Dianne Says:
  14. I love the image of your shoveling while everyone else waits for it to melt!!

    Tucker appears a little concerned :)


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