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Sparks Of Insanity By Vinny "Bond" Marini Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not sure I have mentioned here, but my beautiful bride has taken a new job.  She love working for Aflac, but ummm...well, she got a offer from a company in her old space Medical Records and she decided to take. it

Upside, it is a great job and Nancy will be back doing what she truly loves and knows.  Downside is her territory is three states and she will often be away from home during the week. Funny, in the past it was me traveling all the time.

I am also now responsible for Peter...ah, raising a teen again.  Not raising, but finding a good space for us to exist and enforcing the rules of the house.  Pray for me Argentina...


I have not watched that singing show


I don't really need to, they all know which show I am talking about






anyway, where was I? OH, yeah, so I am watching it as I began to put down some thoughts for y'all today and like I said I have not really watched it in 3-4 years, but dang, they have some good voices on this season.

Don't know their names, but dang - OH i said that already...HECK-A-DOODLE there is some talent there.

Now I think Steven Tyler sitting there is kind of silly and I would say as much as he adds, he took Pawler's place

Ms Lopez is still looking fine and is much easier to take than Pawler and actually does give some interesting suggestions, but also fawns quite often.

And, what Randy is now the tough guy? Getting the boos from the audience?  Not the DAWG?

Interesting. And having big time producers is certainly different. 

What sports are on TV... Baseball starts in just a few weeks..ah salvation!


Hey, have you heard Music On The Couch and my interviews with Lucy Hammond and J.P. Corwyn?


Lucy Hammond has this big bold personality and is funny as hell. Then J.P. Corwyncomes on and it was like my long lost red-headed stepchild brother had escaped the attic (ya gotta listen to understand) and was on the show with me. And Lucy stayed around and I popped her phone live and the three of us just got crazy while talking about their lives and their music.They bonded and will be talking about sharing resources.  And Dusty from Robodrum was in chat (as he always is, loyal fan that he is), and he had some things he and JP were going to talk about. will find out what happens when J.P., Lucy and Dusty have a hit record and are given a Grammy! OH the wonder of it all!

Hope you take the time to listen and let me know what you thought.

See y'all tomorrow with another FIVE ON FRIDAY!

6 Of Your Sparks

  1. There's a singing television? Huh. Who knew?

    Congrats to Nancy on the new job. As to the teen boy situation, all I can say is..............BWAHAHHAHA! (just kidding....*wink*)

  2. katherine. Says:
  3. just sayin' hey.

    I am actually watching Idol...Durbin is well known in my circle.

    I actually VOTED even.

    Yeah for Nancy on the new job, hope she enjoys it all.

  4. Travis Cody Says:
  5. You said the name.

    I agree there are some good voices this season. It's enough to keep me interested. Not enough to watch it live and vote, but enough to record it and watch on the weekend.

  6. Jay Says:
  7. Yeah for Nancy and the new job!!!

    I'm not watching this season, but I do turn it over to the show for a while each week just to get a little JLo action. I do love her so.

  8. Dianne Says:
  9. congrats Nancy on the new job :)

    there's a singing show?
    how long has this been happening?

    I finally gave up on the dancing show, just too cheesy

  10. TopChamp Says:
  11. Well done Nancy!

    I like the singing shows and the dancing shows. I work evenings so miss lots of them but have been watching our ice skating show on bbc iplayer (which I love!).


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